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The feet bear the entire weight of the body, which makes them some of the most abused body parts, yet greatly unappreciated. If you want to achieve overall body wellness, it is important to take good care of the feet. To do this, you can use a wide variety of foot massage techniques that provide relaxation and relief to sore feet.

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Types of Foot Massage Techniques10 Of The Best Foot Massage Techniques

Picking the right technique is the only struggle when it comes to enjoying all the benefits of foot massage. You can use one of many different types of techniques, which can make it somewhat overwhelming to try. However, its best to start with one, master it and see if you find it beneficial. If not, try the next style and repeat. By the end you should know what works for you and no longer need to learn more about the types of foot massages available.

Top Foot Massage Techniques for Beginners

1. Thumb Walking

It is a relatively simple technique that involves alternating thumbs with firm pressure along the sides of each foot. You can even slide the thumb along the side from top to bottom. You will notice the presence of tendons running along the outside edges of your foot once you apply pressure. The tendons can be tense and targeting them is a great approach for your foot massage.


2. Rubbing and Sweeping

Rubbing and sweeping is an excellent technique to warm up your feet. You should hold the foot with your hand and start massaging the foot’s surface. Move in one direction with medium pressure and pull the hand holding the foot towards your ankle, but this will depend on your direction.

You can work back in the direction opposite to the one you started with to establish a continuous flow. Be careful to use less pressure on the inner center of the foot as well as the toes. Repeat the massage technique several times to warm the foot by initiating a rhythm.

3. Kneading

Knead the sole of your feet back and forth using your feet. Kneading involves using the knuckles of your fist at the joints. It is important to be gentle to avoid hurting your feet. Make a fist using one of your hands and then repeatedly press the knuckles into the sole of your feet working your way from the heel to the toes. Advanced foot massage devices are capable of applying a kneading massage which is comparable to the real thing.

4. Toe Rotation

You can rotate the toes in several ways. You can pull the toes upward or rotate each toe gently in opposite directions. You can even grasp all your toes in one hand and then squeeze gently while you pull. However, use caution in this area because of sensitivity.

5. Cupping

You can cup your foot using your hands and then squeeze with just the right amount of pressure. You can then move up and down while holding your foot.

Advanced Foot Massage Techniques

The following are the advanced foot massage techniques to try out after you have mastered the beginner strategies. These types of foot massages can take a little time to master. But with the beginner styles mentioned above, you should have a good head start.

6. Thai Massage

It uses fingers, knuckles, thumbs, and a rounded wooden stick primarily to apply pressure to specific areas on the soles of the feet. It involves targeting specific pressure points, which coincide with the 10 major energy lines that run throughout the body.

It is an ancient therapeutic procedure in Thailand designed to unblock the numerous ‘sen’ lines in the body to achieve relaxation, balance, and overall wellness. It is somewhat tricky for beginners, but you can find a place that offers training for this type of foot massage.


7. Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology is very similar to Thai since it targets specific points in the soles of feet with an aim to improve the corresponding body parts connected to them. It is what makes reflexology foot massage a great way to address body issues and pains. When learning reflexology, the trickiest part of the process is knowing about the different points and their corresponding body parts. With a reflexology foot massager, the device is fit with massage nubs to pinpoint these pressure points to give maximum relief.

8. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popularly practiced and known type of foot massage. It is a gentle massage designed for those recovering from injuries who are looking to stretch muscles from time to time. Learning this skill is easy and is definitely worth having.

Benefits Of Swedish Massage

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Reduction in scar tissue by stimulating the tissues associated with the wound and increasing the healing nutrients in the blood.
  • Recent studies on LiveStrong found a link between Swedish massage and reducing the fatigue levels of people with cancer.
  • Great for pan relief for either targeted injuries or chronic conditions such as arthritis.
  • Complete relaxation is probably the main reason so many people opt for a 30 minute to 60 minute Swedish massage session.

9. Shiatsu

Shiatsu is very similar to reflexology since it targets the improvement of other parts of the body by making use of pressure points. The difference is that instead of simply pressing, it also rotates, pulls, and swivels the toes and foot in various directions to address all areas.

Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage

  • Can treat a wide variety of conditions such as musculoskeletal, emotional problems and stress
  • Stimulate the skin and reduce muscle stiffness
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • Neck and joint problems
  • Reduce anxiety and much much more.


10. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue foot massage is more intense, slower, and involves more forceful strokes to reach the deeper muscle tissues and layers. It is great for people suffering from joint problems and muscle damage. Learning how to do it requires basic knowledge of massaging, which is why it may not be ideal for beginners.

Choosing A Foot Massage Technique

A foot massage can be a great way to get relief from muscle pain and relax, but visiting a professional masseuse is not necessarily the easiest thing you can do. Fortunately, alternatives such as buying a home foot massager, a heated foot spa, and an ionic foot detox machine can get the job done quickly without ever leaving your house. Try the massage techniques discussed and experiment with what works best for you. There are many benefits of obtaining a foot massage, so the more you can the learn the better off your feet and overall well being will be.

  1. Thank you very much for this article on foot massage.
    It happens to hit home as I found from experience that foot massage affects my body more than any other massage. As I get older it feels to me that my feet need regular TLC and the fact that there are 10 different massages is an eye opener for me and I look forward to using the information and asking for the different massages.
    Thank you much

    • Glad you found the information useful Eli. The feet certainly need to be taken care off. With reflexology you can help relieve pain throughout the body and not just your feet. So they are very important in overall wellness. The more you can look after your feet the better off you will be.

  2. Hi! Josh,
    Your article is very informative. I got interested on the advance foot massage techniques. I did most of the beginners strategies. I am an office cleaner and I do obviously the long standing, walking and sometimes running in my job site. because that’s the nature of my work,right. While in motion, I cannot feel the tiredness of my feet, legs and hands as well but as soon as I am at rest like sitting down, there you go the pain in my feet and legs.So mostly, I do the Rotation of my feet and at least relieved the pain. I do that ,too to my hands. I am thinking of considering a home foot massager. I will visit your site again about it. Other than that, I enjoyed your article and learned a lot from it specially the advance techniques. All the best!

    • HI Shierly, I can absolutely relate to your pain. I’ve been in ‘on my feet’ jobs all my life. They take a beating and once the shoes come off. Immense pain strikes. I’m glad your experienced in giving yourself a foot rub to relieve some of the tension and pain. A foot massager can certainly assist you in a speedier recovery and overall better body wellness.

  3. I love how you break down each type of massage and what it can help with. the Swedish Massage is especially interesting as I have two athletes at home that are constantly coming home with injuries or soreness.

    My biggest question is since I’m the “In-home Massage Therapist” is how do I get my feet massaged since no one else will do it. My wife asks for me to massage her shoulders and back but I never get one in return.

    You answered my question though with the links to the different machine massage units, which is what I would have to rely on. This is great information though that my family will thank you for after I use these techniques on them.

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