Infrared Light Therapy For Knee Pain

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Infrared light devices for home use are an increasingly popular way for people to treat various conditions including arthritis and joint pain. At home infrared devices (cold Laser) are convenient, affordable, and can be used on various parts of the body including legs, knees, arms, shoulders, chest, and back.

The devices work by delivering infrared light to the body to provide pain relief naturally. This is done by using photons that are generated by light. Regardless of the light source, infrared energy emitted uses the same wavelength of quantum energy.

So no matter the device used, near infrared can penetrate the body deeper that any other safe light source at just under 4 inches in depth. What does this mean and how can it help with you aching inflamed knee?. Read on to find out and then discover 4 suitable devices to provide almost instant relief.

How Infrared Light Therapy Works On JointsInfrared Light Therapy For Knee Pain

Infrared devices have diodes built into the devices which naturally help the healing process. So if your knee is sore, injured or you suffer from arthritis, the benefits can be amazing. Without being to scientific, the process works like this.

The blood cells in our bodies carry oxygen, glucose and nutrients. When you have injured a body part, or have Neuropathy, the blood flow is decreased. All cells including nerves are affected. When you have a problem in any area of your body, the nerves close by can sense the lack of blood flow and they send pain signals to your brain which in turn cause pain in the affected area. Lack of sensation in the knees or other body part is the chief symptom which is a major reason for falls.

Each cell within our bodies has a ‘power plant’ which is called the Mitochondria. The purpose of the Mitochondria  is to produce energy for the cells. Now these ‘power plants’ are very sensitive to light, infrared having the most depth of light sources can stimulate the oxygen, glucose and nutrients in the cells when the nerves receive increased blood flow. Remember, using infrared energy increases blood flow.

This is done by the infrared releasing nitric oxide from hemoglobin into muscle cells into the walls of the blood vessels. This causes the muscle cells to relax and then the blood vessel enlarges which allows blood to flow more freely.

How infrared light helps increase blood flow

Benefits Of Using Infrared Light On The Knees

As the nitric oxide increases the diameter of the blood vessels which carry blood cells which carry the healing elements of oxygen and nutrients, the body can repair itself quicker. Using infrared light therapy allows the body to release nitric oxide to encourage this. What this means is the following benefits can be achieved

  • Anti inflammation. Inflammation is caused when the area of your body has a reduced amount of oxygen. By using infrared in the inflamed areas like the knees, you are essentially feeding the area with oxygen and the healing nutrients of the body.
  • Regenerating Tissues. To regenerate skin tissue, the nutrients from extra blood flow help encourage faster healing.
  • Pain Reduction. Think about when you tie string around your finger. This is essentially stopping blood flow to your finger. When something is causing you pain, whether it be in your knee or any body part. The pain is caused from the same principal as string around your finger. There is lack of blood flow which carries oxygen to and from the areas. Increasing the blood flow by using infrared light therapy can improve healing times and also reduce pain.


My Top 4 Light Therapy Devices for Knee Pain

Tendlite Medical Grade

Tendlite is one of the most popular red light devices that lets you self-administer safe and painless infrared light therapy treatments. The device is loved by users since they can use it in the comfort of their homes or even while traveling and the sessions are quite short i.e. 1 minute twice or thrice daily.

Tendlite can treat joint pain including knee pain, help with muscle relaxation, provide anti-inflammatory action, as well as the repair and regeneration of ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. It is even safe for use on pets. It is FDA-approved and has a pretty decent money back guarantee.

Price Range?

I found the Tendlite to be priced accordingly considering you can use it pretty much anytime you like and on regular occasions. While it appears to be a little costly at first, when you think of the benefits and money saved on other treatments. It’s actually pretty good value. Check the price on Amazon and while you’re there read the many reviews.

How The Tendlite Works

So it’s a pretty simple design and is very effective as it utilizes the pain management mentioned above (increases blood flow to affected areas). It’s like a handheld torch that you use on your knees. The red light penetrates into the joints to essentially reduce pain and any swelling. If your Doctor has recommended anti inflammatory medicine for your knees, give the Tendlite a shot.

But don’t expect miracles. In most cases it can take days or even a week before you start seeing real results. If anyone tells you that it is a miracle cure, they are not telling the truth. But if you stick with the manufactures guidelines, you may find yourself riding a bike again like you were in your 20’s.

The key to making the Tendlite work for your bad knees is persistence. Understand that the human body is not like ‘Wolverines’ from the X-Men. Take the full course and never miss a session. It may end up being the best money you have ever spent.

Tendlite Medical Grade Portable Light Therapy


DPL FlexPad Infrared Light Therapy For Back & Knee PainInfrared Light Therapy for Back Pain

The DPL FlexPad is a device that provides pain relief in the form of neoprene therapy that is attached to the area being treated such as the arms, knees, shoulders, lower back  and just about anywhere you can think of. But wear googles over the eyes.

The pad has infrared LEDS 880nm that produce heat and red light energy 660nm that penetrates deep into the tissue and helps repair cells and improve circulation.

The device can be used for treating trauma, strains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, bursitis, and tendonitis. The device includes Velcro straps for easy adjustment and is about 9.75 inches by 5 inches in size. The straps make it good for treating a old knee injury as the pad can work while you don’t have to worry about it falling off and such.

How This Infrared Light Therapy Device Works

The DPL FlexPad is quite a versitile product. As mentioned above, it does just bout any part of your body. It uses both Infrared and red light LED lights. The red lights create the warmth, while the infrared does most of the relieving and healing. So don’t be shocked or think the pad is broken if only 20 of the LED lights shine red. This is because the 40 infrared lights are invisible as it emits an invisible energy deep into the knees.

The pad can be powered by either the wall or any USB port. Which makes this pad quite portable, especially if you have the likes of a power bank. It’s relatively simple to use, far from technical. Plug it in and turn it on and let light therapy go to work. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Using heat therapy as well as light is highly recommedned to use in 20 minute stints.

Price Wise?

Similar to the above red light torch, the DPL Flex Pad is of similar value. I found it to be quite a good price on amazon. Overall, I think the DPL Flex Pad is better value than the Tendlite purely for the fact it has both infrared and red light. Also being able to strap it to the knees is wonderful.

DPL FlexPad Infrared Light Therapy


Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp Review

Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp ReviewBeurer Infrared Heat Lamp is an excellent option for those looking to treat larger parts of the body such as the back and thighs. It can also be used for treating bronchial congestion caused by colds.

The lamp’s heat helps improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and can heal muscle pain. The lamp can be tilted to target other areas of the body including, shoulders, knees, legs, and arms. The tilt function is one that I certainly love as it helps to reach those ‘hard to reach’ areas.

In comparison to the Tendlite and the DPL Flex Pad, the Beurer infrared heat lamp is quite different.

The Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp’s heat zone is quite large with dimensions of 11.8 inches by 15.7 inches. To use it simply position the lamp in the direction of the target area. You can set the treatment duration from 1 minute to 15 minutes depending on the area being treated. You should use the device on the target area several times a day.

Is the heat lamp near or far infrared?. If you don’t even know what they mean, it’s just basically a measurement 1n nano-meters (NM). Near infrared having a nm frequency of 800 to 1400nm. Far is from 3000nm onwards. This device has a maximum of 2500nm. So it’s mid range. What this means is that it pentetrates deeper into the body than near infrared, but not quite as far as far infrared.

Whats The Price Like

I found the Beurer to be quite affordable. In comparison to the Beurer heating pad that I bought (Which isn’t infrared), this heat lamp was quite cheap. I’d buy more than one in a heart beat. You can check the current price on Amazon if you are interested.

Overall, I find it to be a good source of instant infrared energy. Turn it on and set the time to up to 15 minutes and angle it into position. I found it quite good at relieving bronchial congestion by aiming it at the chest and sitting between 12 and 16 inches away. A very handy portable device any pain sufferer should think about in buying.

Beurer Mid Infrared Light Lamp


Budget Friendly Infrared Light Therapy Option

RubyLux NIR-A Infrared Bulb

Budget Friendly Infrared Light Therapy OptionRubyLux NIR-A Infrared Bulb is an excellent option for those looking for a budget-friendly option. It has been designed to fit the standard US light and lamp socket sizes. It is only a bulb, which means that you need the right lamp to use with it such as a metal brooder lamp or a gooseneck clip lamp.

The bulb is used for various types of treatments, but it works particularly well when it comes to treating knee joint and arthritis pain. This is becasue you can hook it up to a lamp and directly hit the knees for a close and effective treatment.

If you plan to use the bulb for treatment, you will also need to buy protective googles if you have it anywhere near your eyes in particular. It’s heating dimensions are 5.5 inches by 6.5 inches and shouldn’t be closer than 18 inches from your body as the lamp gets very hot to touch.

Should You Buy A Infrared Light Therapy Device For Your Knees?

The ability to treat knee pain, arthritis and injury pain using an effective at home device is an excellent alternative to surgery or other expensive professional treatments. The 4 highly convenient infrared light devices discussed here can be used in the comfort of your home, office, or even while traveling.

Infrared light devices are an excellent option since they don’t require the use of chemicals and you thus never have to worry about developing any kind of dependency, which can become an issue when it comes to pain management.

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