Best Body Massage Oils For Muscle Relaxation

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When you’re on the lookout for the best body massage oils for muscle relaxation whether it be for yourself, you partner or a client its important to understand a few things first. That is finding out if that person is sensitive to anything or perhaps allergic to any ingredients. For example, people that are allergic should steer clear of Almond oil. Scented oils can be overwhelming to some people. Especially if someone has a respiratory illness such as Asthma. I find strong smells can trigger my Asthma. If possible, try out the smell before engaging in a relaxing full body massage. Read the back of the label if necessary. Some people prefer pure essential oils with no perfumes.

Characteristics Of A Good Full Body Massage Oil

  • The oils consistency shouldn’t be dense. If the oil resembles honey like consistency, then avoid the oil. The oil is intended to flow and move with the skin. Not be thick and sticky.
  • For most types of massage and when using a handheld massager to perform a self massage, you don’t want the oil to be dry. It needs to hold its longevity when sitting on top of the skin. Some oils like Hemp oil tend to dry out much quicker. This not only makes the massage less enjoyable, but can also cause the skin to dry out.
  • I briefly touched on scented oils before, now is bad smelling oils. If the oil has a feral unwanted smell, don’t even bother with the oil. That is unless you have a strong scenting essential oil to add to it to cover up the bad smelling oil.
  • The oil acts as a moisturizer. This is determined by how well the oil traps the moisture under the skin for a softer smoother skin to touch.

Use Oil With Care At TimesBest Body Massage Oils For Muscle Relaxation

While there are numerous benefits to using oil in a body massage, there are also times when oil should not be used or used with caution. This is important to remember if massaging someone with heart disease for example. The peppermint oil should be avoided as it can increase heart rate. On the other end of the spectrum are reasons not to use oil for productivity. While oil acts as a great body lubricant when massaging the body, its not so great for a deep tissue foot massage. Oil restricts the amount of gripe and pressure that can be applied. These things are important to consider hen looking to buy the best massage oils for the body.

Top 5 Best Rated Body Massage Oils

Best Oil/Cream For Deep Tissue Massage

Best Oil Cream For Deep Tissue MassageCalled ‘Deep Prep’ for a very good reason. It’s a great preparation tool for deep tissue massage. Using the coconut oil, this cream is my #1 choice for giving those deep and intense massages. It’s also a popular rehabilitation massage cream for people recovering from a broken leg and using this non greasy cram on scar tissue.

So I am currently working this cream on my Partner. I bought this product to her with performing deep tissue massages after a broken ankle and torn calve muscle. All-in-all I’m pleased with the product. It’s a non-greasy formula, which is extremely important to me for quality, but it also doesn’t dry out the skin. Another thing I was looking for is something that is hypoallergenic, and this product fits the bill.

One thing that I don’t like about the product is the smell, it’s a strong distinct lanolin aroma. However, for a cream of this quality, the smell is not overpowering enough for me to sacrifice the immense relief my Partner receives when using this cream. Plus she doesn’t notice the smell anyways. Overall, its a nice balance between a gliding and friction type of cream. Ideal for deep tissue massaging.

Deep Prep By Rolyan


Our #1 Muscle Pain Relief Massage Oil

Muscle pain Relief Massage OilI’ve been on the look out for an aromatherapy oil that I could use every day. This product seems to be a good choice, although it doesn’t heat as well as other products I’ve used. That fact aside, I do agree that this is a much better oil to use than a traditional medical ointment for my aches and muscle pains.While Maple Holistics says this massage oil is intended for many conditions such as anti wrinkle, anti ageing, stress relief etc. Its the benefit of muscle pain relief that interests me the most. Using the right massage oil can make the need for pills and pain medication diminish. Which is my ultimate goal.

I’ve always been interested in natural products. I love the way this product smells, and I can tell that the essential oils used in the oil are pure and not mixed with chemicals. I’m not sure if the anti-cellulite claim is accurate, but I haven’t used the product long enough to see if it actually works in that area. The product absorbs well, which is important to me, and I’m not left with a greasy mess. Also, my skin is dry, and this oil has replaced my daily lotion.

Maple Holistics Aromatherapy Muscle Pain Massage Oil


Best Oil For Therapeutic Massage

Relax By Brookethorne Naturals – Made In USA

First, let me say that I love the bottle. It’s so pretty that I can just sit it right on my dresser. But this is kind of irrelevant to how well it performs now isn’t it. This is one of the best body massage oils I can find, and I’ve used a lot of them.The reason this ‘Relax’ is so good for massage is that it incorporates the best massage oils into one ultimate formula: The Relax!. The oils used to make this ‘Relax’ oil are Lavender, Marjoram and peppermint.

I’m not a professional massage therapist, but my Partner and I routinely give each other massages. We find that this oil heats up well and does not leave an undesirable residue. We love the smell of the product, and it is appropriate for not only women but also men. This product really is a natural way to assist in relaxation and healing, and we’ve even found that the look of our skin has improved with the use of this product and its all natural ingredients.

My only complaint with the product is that I sometimes have to apply a little bit more than usual to get the effect I want. This product is not drying, but sometimes it absorbs quickly, which means I need to apply a little bit more to continue with the massage. But considering the size of the bottle and the price of this oil. I can overlook the fast absorbing negative to a degree. In the perfect world it would hold its form a little longer, but with any luck Brookethorne Naturals adjust the formula to rectify this concern.

Relax By Brookethorne Naturals

Best Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

Best Anti-Cellulite Massage OilWow! I love this product! Over the years I gained 40 pounds, but thankfully I lost it. However, as a result of gaining and losing weight, I developed cellulite on my thighs. I didn’t know what to do, and I was not interested in surgery. I knew I wanted to try something natural. This anti-cellulite oil made my cellulite look less noticeable and seemed to heal my skin as a result. I can’t say that the oil cures cellulite, but it certainly made what was on my skin less noticeable.

The ingredients in the oil is all natural. So I didn’t have to worry about chemicals. The lemony type smell is a bit overpowering at times, but this oil works so well that I can deal with that. AS for the actual oils used in this cellulite reducing massage oil, they are:

  • Grape Seed Oil – This oil works on the cellulite by tightening the skin and moisturizing at the same time. A little lighter than most oils and this is beneficial to targeting cellulite areas as it can sit on top of the areas quite nicely
  • Eucalyptus – More of a pain soother addition to this oil mix. However, th Eucalyptus also affects the subcutaneous fats which reside just below the skin.
  • Lemon & Grapefruit – While the grape fruit addition helps with cellulite with its water retention and fat burning properties, the lemon is a powerful circulation additive. Great for treating varicose veins and the likes.
Best Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

Best Arnica Massage Oil

As a dancer, I’ve known the benefits of Arnica for a long time. However, this is the best product I’ve used that contains Arnica. According to the ‘Seller’, this oil contains 2.5% Arnica. The ingredients are all natural, and the oil has been great for my skin. Made by the reputable brand Brookestone Naturals which we mentioned earlier.

The purpose of an Arnica oil is for healing, and that’s what this product does. Immediately after my dance classes, I apply the oil to the parts of my skin that are sore and bruised. Almost immediately I get relief. The consistency of the product is smooth, not greasy. It blends into my skin perfectly. The one complaint I have about this product is the smell. I’ve used products that contain Arnica that smell much better than this one. But the benefits of this particular product outweigh the smell. This product has not been tested on animals, which is a huge consideration for me as an animal rights activist. Great on the skin and hands while managing to penetrate deep into inflamed muscles. Top product in my opinion.

Active Ingredients In This Arnica Oil & Massage Types

  • Thyme, Rosemary & Lemongrass essential oils are used for reducing muscle pain, aches and inflammation while also soothing benefits for joint pain like arthritis.
  • A great all purpose massage oile that is commonly used for treating athletes and sports people. Also commonly used for deep tissue, Swedish and Aromatherapy massaging.
Relief Arnica Massage Oil By Brookestone Naturals



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