7 Effective Frozen Shoulder Massage Techniques

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7 Effective Frozen Shoulder Massage TechniquesFrozen shoulder is a condition characterized by pain and stiffness experienced in the shoulder joints. The condition is referred to as frozen shoulder since those that suffer from it are unable to move their shoulders.

The stiffness of the shoulders is actually a result of the inflammation of the shoulder area. Which are accompanied by tremendous amounts of pain. So using effective frozen shoulder massage techniques can assist in reducing this excruciating pain.

In fact, the pain is usually so intense that the individual cannot move the shoulders and cannot even touch the back or reach above the head. Many times the arm can’t be raised above shoulder height due to the degree of stiffness.

Frozen shoulder massage techniques are always of great help in treating the condition. As with any serious injury that needs ongoing treatment, consult with your Doctor before undertaking any serious treatment.

Using Massage As Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Regular massage treatments help in alleviating shoulder pain as well as the relaxing or loosening of stiff shoulder muscles. Other frozen shoulder treatments include steroid injections, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, home massaging devices, and heat therapy.

Immediate treatment translates to shorter recovery periods but it usually takes between 12 and 18 months to restore the shoulder range of motion completely. In some cases it can take 2 to 3 years to fully recover form Frozen shoulder. Each person will have a varying length of pain, amount of stiffness and even period where it starts to feel better, but months later the Frozen Shoulder can come back stronger than ever.

While 2 years is a good average amount of time needed to fully recover, it’s best to realize that there is no determined time frame. Conservative treatments are usually enough to treat frozen shoulder but surgery may be required in some cases to release the contracted shoulder joint capsule.

Why Use Frozen Shoulder Massage Techniques?

Massage therapy is quite beneficial in treating the condition since it increases the flow of blood to the injured area and reduces the formation of scar tissue. Regular massage sessions are important for reducing muscle stiffness. The stiffness and pain is usually relieved after several massage treatments.

7 Effective Frozen Shoulder Massage Techniques

1. Natural Treatment For Frozen Shoulder – Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that involves the steady application of pressure on the shoulder muscles resulting in the breakage of adhesion’s which are generally scar tissues considered as being unhealthy.

Once the adhesion’s have been treated there is restoration of movement in the shoulder and the pain due to the frozen shoulder is relieved. Deep tissue massage also stimulates the flow of blood in the body thus promoting movement of the shoulder.

Shoulder massaging devices can be a great home treatment for frozen shoulder. Textured foam rollers can achieve very good results when used correctly.

The video below will demonstrate how to use a foam roller with Frozen Shoulder. The foam Roller Used is by TriggerPoint Therapy.

2. Static Compression Massage

The static compression massage is regarded as one of the most useful of all the frozen shoulder massage techniques since it focuses on trigger points that are responsible for the inflammation and pain in the shoulder area.

The static compression massage technique involves the application of a huge amount of pressure on the trigger points of the shoulder while simultaneously rotating the shoulder externally as well as internally.

3. Engagement Massage Technique

The engagement massage technique for frozen shoulder is mainly used in cases where the shoulders are unable to move and the individual experiences tremendous pain that accompanies the frozen shoulder.

The engagement massage technique requires the person to hold a horizontal adduction on the pectorals which should be lifted slowly. The massage therapist then performs the longitudinal stripping massage to strengthen the muscle fibers and lengthen the elasticity in the shoulder.

4. Shoulder Muscle ReleaseFrozen Shoulder Massage Methods

The muscle release massage technique is very good for eliminating the vicious pain that accompanies frozen shoulder. The technique involves the application of pressure on the spams responsible for the pain in the shoulder.

The muscle release massage technique can help to dramatically improve joint motion in the shoulder while at the same time relieving pain that accompanies frozen shoulder to a great extent. The technique is among the most effective massage techniques for frozen shoulder since it delivers great results within a short time.

5. Stretching Out The Muscle Technique

The stretching massage technique is believed to bring about significant changes in the condition of the frozen shoulder since it encourages the elongation of the capsular tissues located around the shoulder area.

The stretching massage technique involves allowing the shoulder to rotate slowly while stretching the arms. The technique may not produce quick results but it does deliver amazing results in the effective treatment of the condition.

6. Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is an effective massage therapy technique in the treatment of frozen shoulder. Trigger point therapy involves the application of steady pressure on particular targeted points within the shoulder muscles that helps to relieve the muscle spasms. Many people practice shoulder trigger point therapy from the comfort of their own home using various massage tools designed for trigger point release.

7. Swedish Massage For Frozen Shoulder

Swedish massage is yet another effective massage therapy technique in the treatment of frozen shoulder. Swedish massage involves long strokes and gently kneading the surface muscle tissues to reduce stress and tension in the muscles.


Final Thoughts

Massage therapy techniques play an important role in preventing frozen shoulder as well as aiding in rehabilitation once the condition occurs to promote pain free and complete shoulder motion. Massage achieves this by getting rid of any restrictions and helping to re-balance the muscle tone of the shoulder.

Massage therapy releases the chronically tight patterns that the muscles and fascia have developed to help speed up the recovery from the condition and greatly increase the range of motion while you heal. The 7 massage techniques discussed here are very effective in the prevention and treatment of frozen shoulder.

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