Best Back Massagers For Chairs

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Best Back Massagers For ChairsIt’s not often you can find a product that offers serious muscle pain from the comfort of your home or office, day in day out. Which is why I highly consider these devices to be the best back massagers for chairs. Being able to apply a Shiatsu massage to the troublesome areas of the back on demand is certainly a welcomed relief for anyone that suffers from back pain.

After hours in the office, sitting behind a car steering wheel or lifting heavy items for hours on end, the back muscles get their fare share of wear and tear. Chronic conditions and injuries can make the back muscles tighter and more stiff then ever before. Back pain can be relentless.

I never thought too much of these back massage cushions at first. I always thought they were a gimmick. Being younger, I thought my body was in great shape and how could one of these devices actually do me any good. Fast forward a few years and the old back is certainly taking its toll. Common daily tasks as getting in and out of the car, hanging out laundry and even standing on the spot for 5 minutes cause me to suffer mid and lower back pain.

It got to the point that my Partner suggested I try one of these massage and heat seats that attach to pretty much any chair. Begrudgingly I did and WOW!. Instant relief. It was like getting a paid massage, but for free. As it was one of those supermarket demonstration things. Since that day I have been on the hunt to find the best heated back massager chairs so I can have the best at home relief possible. Do note I have several of these as I do have a couple of jobs and one is in the office. So more than one seat is required. But from all this searching and researching, I can confidently say I have found the best of the best and want to share it with other back pain sufferers.

*Do note these are massaging pads for chairs, not vehicles. For pads with 12v car port connectivity, see the best car seat massagers here.

The Best Office Chair Back Massager

Naipo Back Massager Chair Full Body Massager Seat Cushion Pad with Heat, Shiatsu, Deep Kneading, Rolling, Vibration, Air Compression
The Good
  • Works In Just About Any Chair
  • Can Custom Fit Your Massage - Heat, Deep Knead/rolling/pin-point massage, Air Pillows And Vibration
  • Turn on or off the features as you please
  • Considerably Quite For Office Use
  • Most Life Like Massage Available In This Style
  • Material Can Be Removed & Washed
  • Way too many to mention here...
The Bad
  • No 12v Adapter For Auto Use
  • Expensive but worth it
  • Shorter folks wont experience as good of a neck massage due to size.


This padded chair by Naipo is seriously the best thing since sliced bread. It is the complete package wrapped up into a portable massage seat which also offers heat therapy. Unfortunately I didn’t discover this chair at first, so I went through a few other good (but not as good) chairs first. But I got here in the end!.

Don’t underestimate me when I say this chair offer the full package. It is the premium of premium chairs with all the bells and whistles to create the most comfortable and muscle relieving experience you can get sitting in a office chair.

The reason I consider this Naipo to be the best office chair back massager is because it does more than just your back and easily plugs into the wall for power. The handheld remote is conveniently placed so you can still be productive while receiving your favorite massage. I’ll elaborate more now.

Why This Is The Top Rated Massage Seat For A Chair

When you sit in your office chair for hours on end, you don’t move around very much. Besides the hands and the arms, the rest of the body stays relatively in the same position. They say being an office worker is like the new ‘smoker’. That’s how bad it is for your body.

The blood in your body doesn’t circulate very well and you become stiff, sore and all round worse off day by day. This is why hospital beds have special airbeds in place to reduce pressure ulcers and such. This chair acts in a similar way by circulating blood throughout the body due to it’s maximum amount of heat and massaging features. Lets take a look at the features of the Naipo full body massage seat.

The Amazing Features

The Best Office Chair Back MassagerThe most amazing feature of the Naipo is the fact you can control the 8 Shiatsu massaging nodes. On other models this is not always the case. Being able to widen the nodes and adjust how high they go up or down your neck or back is simply priceless. With other models you can choose between set patterns, but with the Naipo you can pin point your pain areas in your back and hit them hard with these powerful nodes. So for example if you have a knot in your right shoulder and a painful lower back you can set the nodes to target these specific regions. The naipo gives you a full custom massage from the comfort of your own home or office.

  • 8 Shiatsu Massaging nodes – 4 in the neck and shoulder region and 4 to focus on back pain. Custom options to treat your individual pain areas.
  • Heated nodes can be turned on or off.
  • Built in seat cushion massager with three vibration settings. This is very important for sitting in an office chair for hours as it helps circulate blood and increase overall health.
  • Padded neck support to hold your head in position as you let the 4 nodes go to town on your neck and shoulder muscles. Especially good for office workers as the head is often tilted forward for hours on end while typing.
  • Something I had never seen before on a massage chair like this is the air bags. Their are built in air bags around the waist and thigh area to give you a real massage chair compression massage. This also helps to circulate the blood through the lower half of your body. While also feeling incredible on the legs.
  • Temperature of the heated notes is quite effective. They can range from 95°F to 113°F.

Whats Not So Good About This Naipo

  • Being a premium (from another planet) back massager for a chair, it does cost more than basic chair massagers. So don’t be shocked when you check the price on amazon. But it is worth every dime in my opinion.
  • The 2o minute auto shut off time does get a tad annoying. But I understand that it’s implemented for our safety and to prolong the life of the product. Plus it’s not recommended to receive such intense heat and massage for long periods anyway.

Should You Buy The Naipo Massage Topper?

If you can afford the investment in your bodies well being, then absolutely. This chair is pretty much as close as you could get to a realistic hands on massage that you could pay hundreds for at a therapist anyways. So while expensive, it pays for itself time and time again. Just the shear amount of massage option you have at the tip of your fingers via the handheld remote is incredible. Being able to massage the thighs, waist, back, shoulder and neck while working away on the computer is hands down the best feeling ever. The best massaging padded seat cushion money can buy in my opinion.

Naipo Back Massager Chair Full Body Massager Seat Cushion Pad with Heat, Shiatsu, Deep Kneading, Rolling, Vibration, Air Compression


Top Rated Back And Neck Chair Massager

SABLE Back Massager Shiatsu Seat Cushion with Heat and Vibration
The Good
  • Very well priced for what you get:
  • 6 Shiatsu Massaging nodes
  • Infrared heat
  • Seat vibration massage. 3 options
  • Custom control your neck and back massage
  • Handy side pocket for remote.
  • Can be easily placed on just about any chair
The Bad
  • Doesn't Offer Air Bag Pressure Massage
  • Two Less Shiatsu Nodes Compared To Naipo
  • Shorter folks may also have troubles with neck adjustments.
  • PU Leather - I'm just not a fan


Stepping down from the ultra premium model that was the above Naipo, welcome to the therapeutic benefits of the Sable. I would still classify the Sable as premium massaging topper as it it offers much more control and features over your standard chair massager (found below). While it doesn’t have the air compression bags like the Naipo, the Sable is still great value for money when you compare the two.

What The Sable Massager Offers

  • Neck & Back Shiatsu massaging nodes. Four in the back region and 2 nodes in the neck and shoulder area.
  • Optional heating therapy up to 113°F. Exact same level of hotness as the above Naipo model.
  • Neck and back nodes can be custom controlled to pin point muscles. The Naipo does a slightly better job here.
  • The Sable is FDA approved which hasn’t been confirmed for the Naipo.
  • Choice of 3 vibration massaging modes for the seat (buttocks).
  • 15 minute auto shut off feature. 5 minutes less than the Naipo.
  • Uses PU Leather rather than fabric like the Naipo. I prefer fabric, especially with the heat turned on.
  • Has a very cool side pocket to put the controller in.

How The Sable Massaging Chair Pad Works

Massaging The Neck

Top Rated Back And Neck Chair MassagerStarting up at the neck, you have 2 Shiatsu style nodes. These are controlled using 3 buttons on the remote. One button determines which way the nodes turn. So you can choose to have the nodes turn inside out or massage from the outside in. This creates a squeezing sensation around your neck. The other two buttons control whether the nodes go up or down. This is more to position the nodes perfectly on your neck. This is good for catering to shorter and taller people so that the nodes actually massage their necks. One of the better features of the Sable is that you can turn the heat on for the neck massaging nodes. Not all chairs have this feature.

Using The Sable Chair Massager For Your Back Pain

The Sable has four Shiatsu nodes which can be used to pin point trouble areas in your back, or use the preset modes. Like going up and down your back. Using the directional buttons on the controller you can pin point where you want to target with the deep kneading massage. When you find ‘yes that’s the spot’ location, hit the ‘Target’ button on the controller. This will get the nodes working to relieve the knots, pinched nerves, tissue damage etc. Really good feature as you can just keep hitting the same spot over and over with these intense massaging nodes. Like the neck nodes, you can easily turn on and off the infrared lights to provide heat to your massage.

Vibration Mode

Like the Naipo, the Sable massaging chair cushion also has three levels of vibration. Which to be honest is not that intense. The Naipo gets my vote here. However, the vibration is still extremely effective at circulating the blood better around your body. It also gets the back of your legs, so while not as intense as the back and neck nodes, the vibration feature still plays a important role in relieving pain and improving health.

Is The Sable Back Massager Chair The Best For You?

If you’re deciding between the Sable and the Naipo models but can’t choose which one is right for you. This is the easiest way to decide. First one costs more than the other. If you can’t afford the Naipo, go with the Sable. You are still getting a very good massage for the money.

The other consideration is how much do you want to feel the relieving air bags apply pressure into your waists and thighs. Giving you a pressurized massage?. If these areas are of no concern to you, then the Sable is the better choice. More affordable and offers just as good of a back and neck massage from the Shiatsu nodes. However, the Naipo does a better job on the shoulders due to having 2 extra nodes. Either two of these back massagers for the chair will provide great service, that I am sure of.

SABLE Back Massager Shiatsu Seat Cushion with Heat and Vibration


Best Budget Chair Massager For Back Pain

Best Budget Chair Massager For Back Pain

Check Price On Amazon

Back when I first experienced a padded chair massaging device it was with the HoMedics MCS-125H-THPB model. Now in comparison to the above Naipo and Sable massaging chair pads, this HoMedics looks pretty boring right?. Well, to be honest it is in comparison.

But the HoMedics budget model has one important thing going for it. That is it is very affordable. Hence why it was my first back massaging chair.Then later when I could afford it, I naturally upgraded once I felt how powerful and effective these massage chair toppers really are.

So if you are on a tight budget, but still want very effective relief from back pain. Look no further then the HoMedics basic Shiatsu back massager chair. This was the chair I started with and perhaps you will too.

About The HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion With HeatHoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat

So this model has four Shiatsu massaging nodes. Two of which put off heat. The larger nodes produce the heat which can be turned off if you choose. With this model you can choose between three settings. Lower back, Upper back and shoulders or full back massage. I prefer the lower back as it is my most troublesome area.

Unfortunately because this is a budget version, you can’t pinpoint a specific location. You have to choose between the 3 settings. But in saying that, the nodes do a very good job for all the settings. Had I known about pin-pointing certain areas, I probably would have upgraded before buying this model.

The HoMedics back massager chair has a pretty decent power lead length, which I liked. This was useful for getting around office furniture and not being to restricted to a power point.

See The HoMedics Back Massagers Chair Video Review


Choosing The Best Massage Chair Cushions For Back Pain

So in conclusion, I’m glad I discovered the HoMedics as it lead me down this path of finding even better back massaging chair pads. It was a very good price and it was very effective at relieving back pain. However, I knew more could be done. But at a cost.

So that was pretty much my journey to discovering back pain relief while being able to still sit in any chair and work, watch TV, play games etc. My advice to you would be to save up the extra money and buy the best you can afford. Having the extra massage nodes and being able to pin-point pain areas in the back has been the best feature for helping with my day to day activities. I hope it can help with yours too.

  1. Hi there:)
    I really liked Naipo back massager but as you said, it’s too expensive. I too have back pain and my hour long online job make this worse. However, I’ve never used back massager before. I think my best bet is to go with HoMedics one and later upgrade to Naipo.

    I’ve a question though, Can I use these on recliner chairs?

    • The Naipo is certainly more expensive, but offers such a better massage. Anyone with serious back problems would truly see the benefits the Naipo offers. Absolutely you can use these back massagers in a recliner chair. Provided you have access to power, just slip then on and go for it. The backing doesn’t need to be a hard wooden chair.

  2. Wow!!! The Naipo Back Massager Chair looks amazing! I would have laughed at the desire to have one of these 10 years ago. But… since I’ve hit my forties, its products like this that I now find so desirable. I love the fact that you can adjust the certain areas that you really need to focus on. I get a lot of neck tension as I look down for work a large portion of the day. How relaxing that would be to return to my chair and have a massage waiting on me. I am very cold natured and so the heat component is also very attractive to me! I will definitely be coming back for an update after I give this a try.

    Thanks for this information!

    • I hear you. The body certainly starts feeling ‘everything’ a lot more once you hit your 40’s. I’m so glad I first tried the HoMedics which I loved. But once I sat on the Naipo, it was a whole different ball game. Amazing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  3. Hi Josh!
    The Naipo massager seems to be superior. When you compare the money you spend on message center, the cost of Naipo Should be reasonable. But how is the durability of this product? Is it available globally? The 30 days money back guarantee and the 2-year warranty is fine.I suffer from shoulder pain and my wife has lower back pain as well.I think It should be wise to buy this back pain massager instead of going to useless massage therapies.
    Thanks for a great review.

    • Hi Prabakaran, great questions and yes the warranty is pretty nice indeed. As for durability, I’ve owned it less than a year, but hasn’t shown any sign of wear and tear yet. Both my partner and myself use this massager chair seat daily or at least 5 times a week. So it has held up rather well considering the amount of work its taken on. If it did happen to fail after the 2 years warranty, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one immediately. Like you mentioned, the amount of money you can save with less therapist visits is incredible. Is it available worldwide?. I know the Naipo brand are available in several countries, but I am unsure as to what country in particular you need to know?.

  4. Hi, Very interesting product. Didn’t even know something like this was available. I have a lot of pain in my right shoulder, would the massage chair help? Like you, don’t want to spend a lot of time at a therapist office. Like the idea of being able to use it at home at my convenience. Very informative and enlightening article. Thanks, Deanna

    • Hi Deanna, absolutely. The top 2 seat/chair massagers above allow targeting. So you can set the Shiatsu massage to focus on your right shoulder blade. They are very thorough so you might end up surprising yourself at just how well these things work.

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