Best Battery Operated Heating Pads

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Best Battery Operated Heating PadsHeat pads are one of the best treatments for when heat is the essential ingredient required. In recent years, electric pads have grown in popularity. Mainly due to their consistent even heat. But with this comes a design flaw. That is, you are not mobile when plugged into the wall. In order to be portable and cordless, you need to look into buying one of the best battery operated heating pads.

With the kind of freedom a battery powered heat pad brings, treating sore bellies, sore muscles, back pain and joint pain becomes a lot easier to manage. Why should you be contained to the sofa or bed when you want to treat a tight muscle?.

The other alternative for going portable is to use a microwaveable heating pad. While these types of heating pads work a charm, they don’t maintain heat for a long enough period and it isn’t consistent heat. Which is what you want if you need your heating pad to go with you from home into the car and as you head into the office.

This is why a cordless battery operated heat pad is the best solution for a on the go portable heat source. Pain and discomfort doesn’t wait for anyone. So by having a cordless heat source on demand like this will prove beneficial now and in future emergencies.

The downside to buying a battery powered heat wrap is that they typically don’t produce as much heat as an electric version. This is due to the power source not being able to pump out as must energy. But when it comes to the crunch, any heat source is better than none. So having one on hand is always welcomed in my life.

Portable Far Infrared Heat Pad With Rechargeable Battery Pack

Portable Far Infrared Heat Pad With Rechargeable Battery PackThere’s no denying that Far Infrared heat is simply the best heat therapy available right now. So I was very surprised to find a heating pad that is portable and cordless that offers such a technology. That is what BrightLeafs are offering with this far infrared heating pad.

Infrared offers a much deeper heat treatment than traditional heat can provide. With a normal heat pad, you are are essentially heating up the skin and tissues just below. But with the infrared invisible heat rays, the benefits of heat therapy are felt much much deeper. Infrared is great for deep tissue damage and easing joint pain due to how deep these rays can reach.

It’s important to understand that as infrared heats up deeper inside the muscles and joints, it won’t feel as hot/warm on your skin compared to a traditional pad. This does not mean it isn’t working, it is just heating up the areas that need to be heated and not the skin.

So with the BightLeaf infrared pad, you can choose between two heat settings. The device is a wrap kind of pad with a length of 70 inches. So suitable for many waste sizes if you choose to use it on your stomach or lower back.

It comes with a built in rechargeable battery that last about 2-3 hours per charge depending on heat level. Which is quite sufficient for many tasks and as it is rechargeable it is easy to find an outlet to charge when not needed. Alternatively, BrightLeaf also has additional battery packs available so that you can have consistent heat for 4-6 hours if need be. This is really good for when you are out for the day and just know the back pain is going to play up. There’s a pouch for the battery to sit in which is on the outside of the pad and doesn’t dig into the body.

Due to the large heating surface, flexibility options of where to place the pad, rechargeable battery and far infrared heat therapy, I am completely sold on the BrightLeaf heating pad. It’s certainly one of if not the best portable infrared heating pad out there.

BrightLeaf Far Infrared Rechargeable Heat Pad


Best Portable Neck And Shoulder Heating Pad/Wrap

Thermedic have this brilliant compact heating pad that is just divine on the neck and shoulder regions. Due to its smaller size, it wraps around the neck perfectly. Having to drive a long way to and from work usually gives me a neck cramp. So having a neck heating pad for the car is relieving to say the least.

But can also be used to isolate one muscle pain and treat it with infrared heat therapy.

While this pad doesn’t come with batteries, it is powered by USB. So anywhere you have 5V/0.5A power outage you can have heat. But to be truly portable, I highly recommend grabbing yourself a 5V/0.5A power bank. One like the Jackery ThunderX which is about the size of a smart phone. So you can connect the heat pad to this power bank and you have consistent power for your neck and shoulder heating pad.

This heating pad is not quite what you may be expecting. It is compact, thin and very lightweight. So you can take it traveling in your handbag quite easily. It has three heat settings which I find is quite sufficient. It has a 30 minute shut off feature which may annoy some folks. But generally speaking, you shouldn’t use a heating pad for longer than 20-30 minutes per session. Have a break in between uses is the safest route to take.

Overall I’m very happy with the Thermedic Qpu50 Qi-point Heating Pad. It’s perfect size for my neck and pin pointing troublesome muscles and joints like the elbow and knee. Because it can connect to a power bank, I rate this highly as a portable heating pad that offers only the best infrared heat.

Thermedic Qpu50 Qi-point Heating Pad


Premium Rechargeable Heating Pad By Ikeepi

Premium Rechargeable Heating PadIkeepi is a strange name, but certainly not a stranger when it comes to producing a high quality heating device. I find the Ikeepi the most flexible option of all the heating pads listed here for a couple of reasons:

  1. This is probably the biggest selling point for me (and I assume many others). The Ikeepi can be used while being recharged. This is a rarity within rechargeable devices like this. So I am certainly much appreciative of this option.
  2. The Ikeepi is flexible in the areas of your body you can target. The adjustable strap is 44.9 inches long, but it also includes a 7.9 inch extended strap with Velcro, giving you a total of 52.8 inches of play room. So if you have wide hips or broad shoulders, you can still strap it around you for on the go heat therapy.

It’s A Cordless Heating Pad With Power Bank

Ikeepi takes the hard work of finding a suitable power bank for your cordless device by including one in the affordable price. For me this is a massive win as I like to buy what I need when I need it. I don’t want to go off later and research for hours about the type of power bank I may need. So this is a really cool bonus by Ikeepi.

Adjustable Heat Settings

I like that Ikeepi has allowed this heat pad to have adjustable heat settings. I know personally I don’t always need raging heat. Sometimes I just need a soothing lower gentle heat. So having three settings is a nice touch.

The three heat settings are also color coded making it easier to swap between temperatures. Blue being the coolest is 40°f, white is 50°f and red is the hottest at 60°f.

Overall I Can’t Fault The Ikeepi

From the moment I saw this cordless heating pad I knew it was for me. The sleek and attractive design of it meant I could comfortably wear it around the office without getting weird looks from co-workers. The pouch the included power bank sits in is conveniently located on the right side but not in front. So you can easily reach to it and it won’t be in the way if you wear the pad around your waist.

As a office worker I love the fact you can use this while it is recharging. It takes about 2 hours to be fully charged, but lasts almost as long once it’s unplugged from the mains. So if I get sent off for assignments or if I go down to the Gym I am always covered.

The soft fabric outer layer is rather comfortable on the skin. When it’s heating you barely feel it on your body as the temperature is hot enough to relieve the pain and distract you from the fact you’re wearing a heating belt. After a long day you can take it home and give it a wash ready for the next days adventures. Without a doubt one of the best cordless rechargeable battery heating pad on the current market.

Ikeepi Heating Pad Wrap Rechargeable


Mobile Heating Wrap For Knees, Lower Back, Shoulders..

Heating Wrap For KneesThis range of hot and cold pads from Perfect Prime is the perfect solution for athletes, sports players and Gym enthusiasts. Whatever your given title is, you are typically prone to injuring a select type of muscle. For me, its always my lower back and neck strain. For athletes it may be the knees after continuous running.

Either way Perfect Prime has got us covered with these USB powered heating pads. From neck to the knees, these pads are great for on the go heating treatment. They work in the same manner that the above Thermedic does. That is you plug the pad into a USB power bank and you have portable far infrared heating.

What I also like about the Perfect Prime range is the little sleeves or pockets. With these pockets you can put herbs packs or ice in them. Certain herbs are well known to assist in the healing process of muscle strain, so being able to add this to a far infrared heat treatment is a very good mix.

There are three heat levels which range from 20° on low to 60° on the highest setting with a 2 hour shut off timer. This will please the folks that don’t like to be told when to turn off their heating pad.

Do note: This does need an external power bank to power it. These are relatively affordable devices that can give power to just about anything that takes USB like these heating pads. But with that issue resolved, I think the Perfect Prime are great for on the go portable far infrared heat treatment. Because they can be used for different body parts, I think they will appeal to the greater community.

Perfect Prime Far Infrared Mobile USB Heating Pads


Cordless Heating Pads For Cars – Do They Work

Portable Heating Pads For CarsSo you may have heard of car seats covers with massagers, but you may be looking for portable heating pads for cars. Are they the same thing?. No not really. A massaging car seat focuses more on the massage side with less heat output. While yes, they do offer heat, from my experiences a heating pad for a car seat works much better.

The best portable car seat heater from my experience is by a brand called Snailax. I have tried some of the big name brands before only to be disappointed. But I must say, using this Snailax seat heater was a game changer.

The thing I love the most about this heating pad for the car over any other brand is the unique airflow technology used. I’m a big fan of mesh material as it helps distribute air better and reduce sweat. But this pad has multiple levels of breath ability, not just the mesh that I love.

So not only good for a heating pad, but also good for hot summer days. The product circulates air really well and even has a built in fan if you can believe that. Which is simply incredible in summer with the air con on as well. Greedy I know…

But because of the two level heating options, both 12 volt car charger and wall adapter, mesh breathable material and all round great seat warmer/cooler, I highly rate the Snailax over other brands I have tried.

Snailax Cool and Heating Pad for Car Truck Home Office


Best Battery Powered Heating Pad For Back Pain

I’m a bigger than normal guy, so I know all to well the pains associated with the back region. Especially with simple tasks as walking on the treadmill. The amount of lower back pain I get is enough to deter you from exercising. But that would just be too easy right. So instead, I opt for this portable battery powered Sun Beam heating pad.

First of all, this pad is capable of suiting different sized people. Not just the bigger folks like myself. It has a very strong Velcro attachment which allows you to tighten it to your body size. That is if you are wearing it on your lower back. But because of this attachment, it allows you to put the heating pad around your neck or wear it like a sling over the shoulder. As well as around the thighs etc. So it’s very universal in where it can treat.

In regards to being portable, it uses 4 x AA batteries. Sun Beam include 4 rechargeable batteries and a charger. So it’s very good value. There are 4 heating levels and on maximum heat you can expect to get about 1-1.5 hours out the batteries. On the lowest setting you can get up to 4 hours of heat. Which is not bad for a battery operated heating source.

The pad is designed so that sweat runs off it and doesn’t absorb into the material. Which is good to a degree. But unfortunately means that moist heating is not an option with this pad. In terms of heat, I found the max heat to be hot enough. Considering it’s reliant on batteries it heats quite well. Overall, I found the Sun Beam battery operated heat pad to be one of the best on the market.

Sunbeam Heat To Go Rechargeable Cordless Heat Back Wrap


The Three Types Of Portable Heating Pads

There are three main types of heating pads currently on the market that offer portability and a cordless experience. As technology evolves as it is doing at a rapid pace, we are likely to see further advancements in the portable heating pad industry. The most recent innovation and the best type of cordless heating pad in my opinion uses USB ports to heat the device.

Does this mean you need to be next to your computer every time you want to turn the device on?. Absolutely not. Some of you may have noticed the increase in ‘Power Banks’ over the last couple years. These power banks are portable energy sources that offer USB connectivity.

So essentially they are battery storage devices. You charge these power banks like you would do a rechargeable device. Then once charged you plug the portable heating pad via a USB cable into the power bank. Now you are free to roam wherever you like with a heat pad attached to your body. These kinds of pads often have a pouch in the pad to cater for a power bank.

Rechargeable Heating Pads & External Batteries

The next two types of heat pads that can be taken anywhere use rechargeable built in batteries, or external batteries. This is not new to the scene as we have been using these kinds of devices for many years. These batteries were the best available until power banks came onto the scene.

So finding a heating pad that uses external batteries is quite rare. Rechargeable built in batteries are more commonly found, but are winding down in my experiences. USB power banks are the way forward for any kind of potable heating device if you ask me.

Why Go Cordless?

A cordless heating pad has many benefits as well as the obvious negative. That being a lack of intense heating power where you won’t get to the same depths as an electrical device will. As well as the battery running out of juice mid way through your heat therapy session.

But with the two negatives aside, there are some superior benefits to using a cordless heat wrap. The main one being mobility.

Can Adapt To Any SituationHeating Pad Types

Because these heating pads are cordless and are either operated by a battery or temporary heat, they can be used practically anywhere. If you are someone that suffers from on and off daily muscle strains or aches, it’s wise to have a portable heat wrap with you. Regardless of where you are, there is some form of heat treatment available.

Or perhaps your child plays sport like soccer or football. Injuries are fairly common and having a bulky electric heat pad is not always easily accessible. By having a battery operated or stick on heating pad in your bag or glove box means you can treat your childs strained muscles quicker than ever.

Period Pain & Cramps

You don’t get a say in the matter when those nasty cramps want to strike out and attack. It can be while you’re at school, or at the mall shopping with friends. Menstrual pain can be debilitating and quickly ruin the day.

It’s long known that heat is a brilliant way to naturally relieve menstrual cramps. Women having been using the humble heat rice bags for centuries. But when pain strikes when you don’t have access to a microwave, it can be devastating.

So by having the option to grab a battery powered cordless heat pad out of your bag is priceless. But being prepared in advance with stick on heating pads for your cramps is the icing on the cake. These things can relieve pain for 8 hours and take some of the burden of the cycle out of day to day life.

Reach Trigger Points & Obscure Locations

Another benefit of using a cordless heating pad over a wired device is that you get greater control of where you need to apply the heat. Electric devices are usually shaped to suit the neck, shoulders, back or too bulky to work on obscure locations.

As these battery operated devices are typically smaller for portability, you can pin point trigger points and smaller crevices with greater ease. For example, the Sunbeam mentioned above is ideal for lower back pain. But it can also be used to relieve hip pain associated with arthritis and general pains associated in the region. While not interrupting your day.

At the end of the day, we all need a cordless heating pad of some kind. Everyone of us will experience cramps, pinched nerves, swollen joints etc. So the question isn’t which one to buy, it’s how many should I buy.


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