Best Car Seat Massagers For Back, Neck & Shoulders

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Best Car Seat Massagers For Back, Neck & ShouldersIn these reviews for the best car seat massagers for back, neck and shoulder pain relief, you can expect to find a variety of types of massaging seats. Not all seat covers can do the same thing and not everybody wants the same style of massage.

So choosing just one seat as the overall best is often a challenge to say the least. The most common styles of massage available to car fitted chairs are vibration, shiatsu and heat therapy. Shiatsu being more of a kneading and life like knuckles in the back feel is typically the more expensive type as well. For very good reason. It relieves a lot of stress and built up knots like its nobodies business. But vibration and heat therapy are just as important for stimulating blood flow which not only relieves muscle pain, but also encourages healing of injured muscles.

Whatever type of massage style you area after, I aim to bring you the best of the best. When it comes to massaging your neck, shoulders and back from inside the car. It’s important to look for a few things. While a massage on the way to work or on the way home sounds like the ideal way to travel. It can also lead to more stress if you have bought a dud of a massager. This is why it is important to look for:

  • Quick and easy to assemble/strap into the seat in your car. No point looking forward to a massage on the way home if it takes longer to set it up then the actual drive home takes.
  • Power source?. Is the car massager rechargeable, is it cordless or does it have 12v accessibility.
  • Thickness and quality of material is very important on these types of massagers. Because they cop a lot of use when you are driving, wear and tear becomes quite relevant. So thicker and better materials is ideal.

Best Car Seat Back Massager

Gideon 6 Program Shiatsu, Vibration, Heat & Rolling Massager Review

Top Rated Shiatsu Massager For The Car SeatThis particular Gideon is one of the top rated premium car seat massagers on the market. It boasts some serious power and has many options to keep even the fussiest driver satisfied (That’s me by the way). The first main point is that yes, you can actually feel the nodes performing a shiatsu massage. Unlike cheap rip offs, this Gideon is the real deal.

What makes it great for driving in the car is that it comes with a 12v cigarette lighter adapter. So no need to go out and try find a compatible adapter. Just plug it into your car and you’re good to go. The other thing is that it is like a car cushion. So very simple to set up, no messing about with straps and the likes. While it can be used as a standalone cushion, I would only use it when you get the desire for a massage. Remember, unnecessary wear and tear on an expensive massaging device.

So there’s 4 massaging nodes that rotate and go up and down the cushion. This runs up and down your back, kneading out any knots, constricted muscles and freeing up blood flow. This can be done with heat therapy on or off. I love using the heat in the cold early mornings!.  Whats great about this device is that say you have serious troubles in the lower back. You can set this car massager to work solely on your lower back. This is great for pinpointing pinched nerves, trigger points, sore muscles etc.

The seat has the vibration massage, which is quite a thrill while driving. People may look at you strangely, but it feels that good you simply won’t care. The last massage style is the rolling style where the balls are pressed firmly against your back and are rolled up and down and outwards.

Overall, this car massage cushion combines all of the best massage chair features and put them into this genius product. The massage is not light at all and really does penetrate deep withing the muscles. This cushion can do some serious relief while at the same time provide relaxation you may have never felt before. I highly recommend you check it out yourself.

Gideon Shiatsu Chair/Seat Massage Pad


Best Vibration Heat Massage For Car Seats

Naipo 8 Motor, 4 Nodes 3 Speed Heated Vibration Massager

Best Vibration Heat Massage For Car Seats
The above Gideon shiatsu massager is not going to be for everyone, I get that. Not everybody likes it rough right. Especially when driving. So this is why this Naipo is a great alternative. It still offers a very thorough massage in all the right spots without the rougher deep tissue massage often associated with the Shiatsu massage.

Again its a seat cushion and comes with a car adapter so you can very quickly and simply get this thing working on your back. The added benefit of this cushion is that it is thicker. As I mentioned earlier, thickness is something I consider when buying a car seat massager. So it ticks the box here.

What I like about this Naipo is the 4 different programs the cushion has pre installed. Each program offers a variety of vibration massages (pulse, percussion, wave etc), but in their own unique patterns and locations on the back . Out of the 4, I like program 2 as it is a bit more slower and has a gentle vibe about it. Great for relaxing. The first program is good for a more upbeat percussion massage.

Because it comes with a DC adapter as well, you can take this massage cushion anywhere you have access to power. I like to use this kind of seat massager on my office chair. I don’t overly like having the kneading feeling going on when I’m trying to concentrate, so I find the percussion vibration combination a nice touch.

Some things you should know. 1. This is not a rolling ball or kneading Shiatsu massage. If that is more your style, go with the Gideon cushion above. 2. There are no neck massage options with this Naipo which is a little disappointing. But for the thigh to upper shoulders, this massage cushion does the trick nicely. The remote it comes with is very simple to use and is attached to the cushion so you cant loose it.

Naipo Percussion Vibration Car Seat Cushion


Best Neck Massager For The Car

Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager Review

Best Neck Massager For The Car
Do not underestimate how downright awesome this small device is. I suffer many stiff necks from my job as I am either hunched over all day, or I am looking up at the sky. So my neck takes a fair bit of abuse. So it’s nice to be able to reward it from time to time in the car, office chair and even at home with the Zyllion. It’s one of the best Shiatsu neck massagers going around/

The Zyllion is so versatile, which is why I love it so much. It comes with both a car adapter and a Velcro strap. So you can use the adjustable strap to go on the head rest of the driver or passenger seat, or you can take it home and use it on your office chair.

So the Zyllion provides a 3 dimension Shiatsu massage on the back of your neck. It rotates in one direction and automatically changes direction after about 60 seconds. This is to make it feel like a real therapist is sitting behind you giving you an intense neck massage. You can even use it on your shoulders for a pin point accurate deep tissue massage. Just need to find something at the right height to strap the Zyllion to.

There is a heating option which can be turned on or off, which works rather well. I will always go with heat as well as the massage as it increases blood circulation which is good for distributing oxygen and nutrients to those muscles. Which speeds up healing time form stiff sore neck muscles.

Overall, I would recommend this neck massager for folks that need a good intense massage. This doesn’t have a softer vibration massage, but it does have heat which has its own benefits. A great powerful and accurate massaging tool to help eliminate neck stiffness while sitting in your car.

Zyllion Neck Shiatsu Car Massager


Car Back Massager Seat Cover – Vibration

Car Back Massager Seat CoverThe cream of the crop boasting an impressive 10 motor 4 massage function car back massager is by Five S. The model FS8812 is certainly one of the best value for money car back massagers on the market. How much does it cost exactly?. You may be surprised when you check the price on amazon. It’s quite affordable in terms of a full back and thigh massager.

Where the Five S differs from the Naipo mentioned above is that this Five S has an additional 2 massage zones. The extra 2 are located on the back of the head. Which is perfect for truck drivers or anyone that go on long drives. The back of the neck can get really stiff when looking down at the road. So by having these additional massagers is an incredible feature of the Five S.

Whats awesome about this model is that it can be used both as a car back massager via the car charger and also as a regular chair massager via the power AC adapter.

The Five S also comes with a handy remote which can be tucked down the side of your car seat or in the center console. What this remote allows you to do is set the location of the vibration and or heat, choose from the four massage programs and lastly adjust the speed of the vibration pulses. This is great as it allows you to keep your eyes on the road while switching between massage modes. Just may take a bit of time to memorize where the button are so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

The Four Massage Zones This Car Back Massager Targets

With the 10 motors and 3 speed variations you can pretty much custom fit your massage to suit your current condition. If you have a lower back problem, then simply choose this option. However if you want to choose any number of positions you can custom control the settings to target these areas. It’s very adaptable to your needs.

  1. The top button control makes the massage target your upper back, neck and shoulders. Great for long haul drivers as the neck is quite prone to getting stiff and sore from looking down at the road for hours on end.
  2. The 2nd button targets your mid back region.
  3. The 3rd button targets your lower back muscles. This is a popular massage as many of us suffer lower back pain. Especially when remaining seated for a long time.
  4. The last button is for targeting the back of your thighs and backside. This is extremely important for long haul drivers. What this massage does is helps circulate blood in the legs which can prevent blood clotting and cramping up in the legs. If you suffer regular cramps in the legs do to driving for a living,  in addition to this chair a stick on heat pad makes a great solution for circulating blood, oxygen and nutrients down to the feet and back up to the heart.

Five S Car Back Massager FAQ’s

Some common questions people have when deciding on which is the best car seat massager for their needs.

  1. Does The Five S have a auto shut off time? Yes, it shuts off after 30 minutes of use. This is a safety precaution for both you and the product. Heat treatment is typically recommended for use in 20 minute bursts only.
  2. Heat is optional if you only want the soothing sensation of a massage.
  3. Works fine in sub zero temperatures. No better way to warm up during the colder months.
  4. AC cord is 6 foot long.
  5. Works for tall people too as it’s a large full size back massager.
  6. Relatively quite hum compared to a loud buzzing sound some models make.
Five S 10 Motor Vibration & Heat Back Massager


Choosing A Seat Massager For Your Car

There are typically three types of massaging devices suitable for use in your car. Each style will be suitable to different people with different needs. The most common types are vibration, shaitsu and the pillow style massager.

The pillow usually utilizes shiatsu massage which can be quite intense. For this reason many people opt for the smoothing vibration massage. Especially when driving as an intense massage while on the road may be cause for too much distraction.

While some newer cars even come with built in car seat massage, not everyone can afford such luxuries. So by opting for a portable device like listed on this page you are getting an affordable option for massage on the go.

Before You Buy

It’s always a good idea to measure the dimensions of your car seat. This will ensure the seat cover you buy is an exact match. While most car seats are similar in size and most car seat massagers are pretty flexible, it’s still a good idea to measure anyways.

Buying online is a very good option as it allows you to gain reviews and opinions from hundreds of other users that have experienced these car seat massagers first hand. When you read the reviews, look for ‘verified purchase’ labels. This ensures the person writing the review is legitimate.

Benefits Of Using A Car Seat Massaging Cover Or Pillow Seat Massager WIth Heat For Trucks

You may be tossing up whether or not to buy one of these portable massaging devices for your vehicle. While they are not super expensive, I understand your concerns. “Do they actually work and what benefits do I get”.

The quick answer is yes, these seat cover massagers certainly do work. It’s best to stick with a recognized brand in the health product industry like the models listed above.

The benefits of using a seat cover massager for your back, shoulders and neck resemble the benefits of using any massaging device. They help stimulate and circulate blood. Massage is a natural treatment for many conditions ranging from simple muscle cramps through to relieving arthritic pain.

As massage and heat relaxes tight and constricted muscles, it allows more red blood cells to carry oxygen and nutrients to the areas that need relief. The car seat massagers that have thigh massage are very important for drivers that may have lymph drainage issues or peripheral neuropathy. As well as truck drivers that work very long hours. The heat and massage helps to circulate blood down to the feet inst of blood pooling in your feet which can cause numbness, tingling and pain.

A car seat massager with heat can benefit just about any driver on the roads today. The numerous health benefits far outweigh the initial cost of buying one of these products. With that being said, it’s important that you operate your vehicle safely while using a seat cover like this. Always pay attention to the road and enjoy the smooth subtly massage on your next road trip.

  1. I really liked Zyllion Shiatsu but as you said it looks really small and after my bodybuilding sessions I drive a lot. It is around 45 minutes. And I really wonder whether it will make my neck muscles relaxed or not. Or should I go for bigger one? What do you think?

    • Hi Furkan, yes the Zyllion shiatsu neck massager will do the trick. However, after your gym sessions your whole body may be feeling it. So perhaps the Five S model might be best suited as it also does the legs.

  2. You have given me a dilemma here. They all sound great. I do a lot of driving and I do think that the shiatsu would be a little intense especially on my busy rush hour drives.
    I think that the vibration would probablly best for my needs.
    How long is it advised that you have them working for ?

    • Hi Karen, each model will have their own unique shut off times. For heat it’s usually recommended to only apply in 20 minute sessions. Vibration massage can typically go for longer. So you could set the vibration on for 10 minutes and apply heat heat. After the heat feature switches off, slow down the vibration massage and take a break.

  3. Wow! These look amazing! I didn’t know these existed.
    Are there certain safety rules that have to be followed in using these while driving?
    I was surprised at the low cost of each of these. I would have guessed it’d be at least double what they are but at $40-$50 they’re very affordable to anybody that could benefit from them!

    • I think it’s just common sense really. Plus the usual driving rules of course. These car seat massaging devices for the back certainly are much more affordable than what I first ever thought. I really great investment in your body.

  4. Hi there,
    This is very informative when health issues are concern.
    I’d love to have one of this so anytime no need setting an appointment anymore to any massage clinic. This way I can have my own and enjoy the benefits that this massager while I drive to and from work everyday. I drive about 45 minutes each way to work. So which car massager do you recommend for me?.

    Very helpful and affordable price items.

    Love this!


    • Hi Helen, I would recommend the Five S back massager. This is because it has a 30 minute auto shut off time. Because you drive about 45 minutes each way, you can get a full session in each way to work. Plus it’s a great massager overall. Hope you find this helpful.

  5. Great review on massagers. I watched one of the videos on Amazon and was sold. It looks like the Gideon GD-MSG-CS2 is the best…would you agree?
    I’m thinking of getting this for my husband for Fathers’ Day as we’ll be taking a 16hr car trip this summer and I think it would be perfect.

    • Hi Karen, the Gideon back massager is certainly a good choice. It is a shiatsu style of massage whereas the Five S model is a vibration massager with more options. So I would go with either of those models. It would depend on what type of massage your Husband likes?. Either way I think that your onto a really great fathers day gift!

  6. A car seat massager can definitely benefit you, especially if you’re traveling long distances. III always dream of a massage seat when I’m traveling for hours.

    Gideon Shiatsu, Naipo, and Five S massage chairs are seeming pretty satisfaction-offering and they’re targeting pretty much every spot of the spine where it needs attention.

    • Hi Tyler, a car seat back massager is certainly helpful. I tend to wake up in the morning with pain. Whether its from a cramp, pinched nerve (most often) or crooked neck. So having relief while driving to work is an incredible feeling. I highly recommend them to anyone that drives further than 15 minutes each way to work.

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