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Best Far Infrared Heating Pads ReviewsAs we review the best far infrared heating pads, it became apparent that some sort of order was needed. While one may be great for the knees, it may not be suitable for the lower back. So to define just one as the best of the best was near impossible. So instead we categorized a whole heap of devices and hand picked the best model for each area of the body.

While many can be universal and treat large areas of the body, it’s important to buy a heating pad specific to your individual needs. Infrared heating pads can come with various stones like Jade and Amethyst (Typically more expensive), so be sure to pay attention to the type of stone included. Jade stones typically heat up and distribute heat far into the muscles while amethyst have additional health benefits by giving off negative ions.

Our Top Rated Full Body Infrared With Jade Heating Pad

UTK H10030L Leather Review

Top Rated Full Body Infrared With Jade Heating Pad
A full body pad may not be for everybody as they are a tad expensive. But boy do they do some serious work on pain relief. What I love about them are how versatile they can be. After a workout, a sports match and even just a long day at work, my whole body can cramp up. At times it’s almost impossible to walk the cramping pain is that full on.

Which is why I do like full body heating pads, especially the Infrared versions with Jade stones as they get deep into the problem areas to untangle and loosen up the stiff muscles. The UTK is the brand of choice for me and my household. One of the biggest reasons we went with UTK is because it is FDA approved, which is a big thing for a medium level risk item.

Why I Think The UTK Is The Best Far Infrared (FIR) Heating Mat

  • Easy To Use Controller -Heating pads are all about their controllers, which is why the UTK UTK-H10030L does well. It is meticulously well-made in this regard. I love the memory feature which allows me to simply turn it on and it has saved my preferred temperature settings. The auto shut off is great as well for when you fall asleep on the couch.
  • The controller has large buttons that are tactile and easy to use in all situations. No need to turn the lights on to see these buttons like I do for a typical TV remote. Lastly, the controller never gets in the way, which is perfect for me.
  • Comfortable – It’s sizing is ideal and fits well for most people. The dimensions are 24″ x 70″, similar to a twin size air mattress. It’s good enough to lie down on and rest without using the infrared treatment. The pad can be folded and shaped into the positions you want. It’s not just a pad to lay on. It can follow the contour of a sofa so that it can treat your neck and head at the same time. This is the value of a resolute option such as this.
  • The overall touch on your skin is quite nice, not tough and rubbing like some cheaper pads. It actually feels really nice snugged up to the body.


The Biggest Drawback – Requires Time To “Settle”

Just like most heating pads out of the box, it’ll take time to settle, and this is a cause for concern with those who might want it “ready to go.” It will take a few uses to get going, but when it hits it stride, you’ll enjoy the heating pad to the fullest.

It’s one of those well-made heating pads that has been put through rigorous testing before being released. This makes it a noteworthy option on the market.

My Overall Verdict

In the end, the UTK UTK-H10030L is a resolute solution made with a high level of care and provides tremendous value for all users. It’s a refined option that has been made with the requisite attention to detail. It’s an ideal fit for those who want a meaningful heating pad with some of the best heating technology available. Highly recommended simply for the FDA approval.

UTK- Full Body Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad


Top Rated Full Body Length Heating Pads

HealthyLine Natural Jade & Tourmaline Review
FDA registered as well, the HealthyLine Jade and Tourmaline heating mat is another superb choice for the full body length heating pads. Slightly bigger than the UTK, the HealthyLine measure in at 72″ x 24″. The controller is not digital and doesn’t have a memory setting like the UTK.

However, it does boast the addition of tourmaline stones which are known to reduce health risks and ease aching muscles extremely well. This is from the negative ions that other heating pads don’t offer.

Whats To Love About This Far Infrared Electric Heating Pad

  • Durable: The main benefit beyond its performance has to do with durability. When put to the test, this is always going to do well even if you’re a heavy user. This is why many Therapists prefer it for their massage clients. It can take a pounding and still look great. The HealthyLine is one super heavy duty heating mat.
  • Brilliant Heat Production & Retention: This is one of the biggest benefits you’re going to see with this heating pad. It does it’s job well, and the heating production will win you over in seconds. The design is well-rounded and is going to do wonders for you and your body.
  • It’s not an intense heat where it becomes uncomfortable, and you’ll have full control of it at all times due to the knob style temperature meter. This ensures you feel secure with the heating pad without discomfort. But Infrared isn’t about heat so much as it is internal heating that your skin doesn’t really feel the great high temperatures associated with heat therapy.

Biggest Con

Firm Against the Body – For some, this might be a cause for concern as it can get firm at times. If you’re someone who will require a bit of extra cushioning, it is an idea to use additional layers on top of the pad. It will help reduce the firmness and still let you enjoy the incredible heat production.

For most, this isn’t a real concern, but it is one to mention nonetheless.

Still A Great Pad To Have

If there is one heating pad that can power through and produce a robust amount of heat, it has to be this one. This is one of those world-class options that clicks as soon as you use it. The heating is incredible when it gets going and is super heavy duty to handle any body shape.

HealthyLine Natural Jade & Tourmaline


Best Heating Pad For Lower Back Pain

TherMedic Pro Wrap ReviewBest Heating Pad For Lower Back

While the Pro Wrap can cater to many parts of the body, I found that it’s ability to help relieve lower back pain to be outstanding. It comes with a Velcro strap which makes this heating pad very versatile. While it is one size fits all, I don’t believe a really big person could fit it around the lower back region. On many other places it sure would, but for the back, probably not unfortunately.

Whats Good Abut The Infrared Pro Wrap

  • Incredible Health Benefits -The health benefits you could expect to see will be enormous. The heating pad has been tested by researchers, and it has illustrated success with removing toxins from the body and alleviating back pain plus much much more. They say that noticeable results can be witnessed after 2-3 weeks of continuous use. This all depends on the shear amount of pain, how sever the injury is etc. But for simple muscle stiffness, after one session the pain feels numb for almost an hour afterwards. Which is quite a natural and effective pain reliever.
  • Controlled Heat – The three different heat settings are good and consistent with what you’re hoping to get. The heating pad works well in most ‘pain’ situations and is nice against the back when it’s aching after standing for a long time, or from a long days work.
  • Can be worn while working in the office which is simply amazing news for fellow office workers. It doesn’t take long for my lower back to start aching after a session on the computer. So any relief I can get I’m all up for. You will enjoy having it there when you need it the most, and that is what matters. Take advantage of this benefit!

My Gripe With The Pro Wrap

For those who want it to hug the area, you’re going to be a tad disappointed. This is a con for the heating pad when it is placed in unusual positions. It doesn’t hug the area as much as I would like it too, and it can feel a tad loose.

My Verdict

In the end, the TherMedic Pro Wrap is one of those options that works well and will jive with specific location needs. It’s much more affordable in the long-term than frequent therapy sessions etc. The heating production is consistent, and the three levels of heat are enjoyable. I believe you’ll enjoy using this heating pad, but just be mindful of the loose fit at times.

TherMedic Infrared Pro Wrap


Infrared Heating Wrap For Neck And Shoulders

When writing up a review on the best heating pad for neck and shoulders, the UTK brand again took the title as the best. Similar to the above full body mat, this device boasts far infrared heat, jade stones (Negative Ions) and a digital controller.

But unlike the mat version, this one is specific to treating the neck and shoulders. It can also be put around the waist and upper back, but primarily it’s for the upper body.

The temperatures this wrap can produce range from 103 to 159°c which is very sufficient for treating these areas. It’s a one size fits all device which comes with a longer strap that can cater to both larger people and smaller people.

Infrared combined with natural healing gem stones is a combination that is being recommended more an d more by professionals the world over. No longer is it considered as something only Asian people do. It’s real, and it’s here. These infrared neck and shoulder heat pads combine the powers with one of the best heat sources possible.

Neck & Shoulder Far Infrared Heating Pad By UTK


Best Infrared Heating Pad For Knees

Xcellent Global Infrared Magnetic Therapy

Best Infrared Heating Pad For Knees


  • Very portable and can be worn anywhere. The magnets inside the device cause the heat to penetrate within the skin deep into the muscles.
  • It’s comfortable. You are getting a heating pad that is cozy when it is put on. You will never feel as if it is holding you back or makes it hard to move. This is one of the biggest benefits of this heating pad. You won’t be constrained when wearing the Xcellent Global heating knee pad. You can stay active if that’s what you want from a pad.
  • Safe To Use. This is another positive with the Xcellent Global. It is safe to use and has been tested.
  • Easy to use. It goes around the knee and settles in nicely.


Takes Time To Heat. For those who are not as patient as others, you’ll want to think about how long it takes to heat. The heating pad goes around the knees, and it will take time to heat once you put it on. This can be frustrating for some, but you will get used to it.

**Want more options?. Check out the Infrared Heat Wraps For Arthritic Knees.

Final Verdict – Budget Pain Relief Device

As long as you are okay with the heat production and how long it takes to get going, the results are going to be good for you as long as you keep the wrap snug to your knee. Some of these heating pads listed above got voted the top rated in 2018. So by no means are they your typical pads that you see at the local convenience store.


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