Best Foot Massagers For Peripheral Neuropathy

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Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that millions of people deal with and it can have a wide array of painful symptoms attached to it. While there are many home treatments, one of the more common approaches is massaging the foot and legs. Ideally from a professionally trained therapist. But in reality, we can’t all afford regular sessions. Which is why thousands of sufferers turn to massage devices. But what are the best foot massager machines for peripheral neuropathy?.

Within this page you can find what I am many others believe to be the best in the business when it comes to relieving the symptoms of neuropathy. When deciding on what massager to buy for your feet, it’s first important to understand how and why massage is a suitable treatment for the condition. Once you know how it all works, it becomes easier to narrow down your search on a potential foot massage machine.

So if the below 5 highly recommended massage devices aren’t suitable for your condition, you at least have the knowledge to make a more informed buying decision.

Why A Foot Massage Is Good For Peripheral NeuropathyBest Foot Massager Machines For Peripheral Neuropathy

Here is a look at massage therapy as a viable treatment and how much it can help with these symptoms in the long-term. For more information visit our guide to massage and neuropathy.

Improves Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is incredibly important for a healthy human being and doubly important when it comes to peripheral neuropathy. The pain is intensified if blood is not getting to where it needs to be. Keeping this in mind is of utmost importance. It is the only way to ensure the blood gets to where it needs to be as soon as possible.

Relieves Present Pain-Related Symptoms

Sometimes, the real value of a good treatment option is what happens right at that point.

Massage therapy is good for long-term results but it also has a noteworthy impact on how you feel at that point in time. It will ease the muscles and reduce the pain.

Pushes Oxygen Into Tissues

One of the most common issues people note when it comes to their peripheral neuropathy is the lack of oxygen that gets to the tissues. This might not be noticed at first but becomes evident after a while. Instead of looking into other solutions, it becomes important to pinpoint how to deal with this in advance. Massage therapy is ideal for such conditions because it is going to promote the spread of oxygen from one place to another. It is going to keep you safe and ease some of the stress that’s put on the body.

Peripheral Neuropathy comes with a range of symptoms and it can be distressing. However, with the help of massage therapy, it’s possible to regain control of the condition and alleviate some of the pain-related triggers that pop up from time to time.

Top 5 Rated Peripheral Neuropathy Foot Massagers

Foot & Calf Massager By Cloud Massage

Top 5 Rated Peripheral Neuropathy Foot MassagersThis Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager by CloudMassage is designed to act as a powerful treatment option for all foot-related conditions including peripheral neuropathy. It is noted for offering a wide array of advantages and being a seamless solution regardless of your symptoms.

This review will take a look at the pros, cons, and overall value of the Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager.

The Good Stuff

  • Targets multiple regions to stimulate greater blood flow; Feet, ankles and the calves. Classed asĀ  ‘Medical Grade’.
  • One of the best stand out features of the CloudMassage is that you don’t have to sit up vertical while receiving a massage. The machine adjusts so that you can sit back and have your legs angled into the machine. Adds an extra level of comfort and relief if you ask me.
  • Set it suit your current situation via the heat, rolling and compression massage features.
  • Others have claimed that it has helped to lower blood sugar.
  • It’s not a closed in massager, which means its suitable for any size feet. While still offering a air compression massage which is quite impressive.
  • Easy to use, efficient results that have been found safe to use.

Word Of Warning

Takes Time To Get Used To Intensity. After the initial shock of WOW my feet hurt, you realize this is a good thing as it’s pressing on your pain areas and doing what it should. Just like when you exercise for the first time in 6 months. The muscles feel the pain. But after a day on this thing, it gets much much better to the point where you probably will never want to turn it off.

But Boy, It’s Worth It!

Since the CloudMassage is designed to help treat foot-related conditions like Peripheral Neuropathy and provide meaningful relief, I feel it was built for a purpose. To actually provide long lasting results!.

This means it is going to take a bit getting used to but the effort will be worth it in the end. I feel this is one of the best foot massagers on the planet and is well-regarded for doing well as soon as it is put to use. The massager is easy to handle, offers incredible versatility, and is a joy to use with regards to pain relief. You are going to feel like a new you with the Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager and that’s what makes it such an incredible buy. It offers a great set of advantages and is affordable at the same time. Just the perfect balance between quality, consistency, and affordability.

Cloud Massage Foot & Calf Massager


Miko The Complete Peripheral Neuropathy Foot Massage Experience

Peripheral Neuropathy Foot MassageThe Miko Foot Massager Reflexology Machine is one of those massagers that settles in nicely and has gained popularity over the years. Especially as it treats common foot conditions like Neuropathy. It has a robust set of features, unique handling qualities, and the ability to generate tremendous results based on general information about the product. It’s a pretty similar device in comparison to the above CloudMassage foot massager.

This review will take a look at whether those reports are true and what this massager brings to the table for foot-related conditions.

What I Love About The Miko

  • Beautiful Design. Much like the above CloudMassage, the Miko design gives you options to massage anywhere on your leg and foot. (within reason) Plus having the adjustable foot setting allows for greater comfort.
  • Incredibly efficient and effective. The whole experience will leave you feeling like anything less is a waste of your time. I personally hate when a massage device seems to focus on one area only. With the Miko Reflexology foot massager, you feel like your foot is Royalty and getting a 5 star treatment.
  • Multiple Massage Modes utilizing an incredible 45 massage nodes to really hit those pressure points.
  • Comprehensive Air Compression Bags for Improved Blood Circulation.Don’t fret when the air compression makes you feel like your foot is stuck. This is all part of the experience.
  • Price is very reasonable for the amount of relief if can offer. Find the latest price on amazon here. I’m pretty much certain it’s the same model as the much more expensive ‘Brand Names’ out there, but with the Miko name tag on it. Quality is certainly up there, yet a affordable price tag.
  • Excellent alternative to other reflexology foot massage machines on the market.

Sadly, It’s Not All Rainbows

Miko Doesn’t Memorize Your Settings

The con is a minor inconvenience when it comes to the Miko Foot Massager Reflexology Machine as it is one of a kind at what it does. You are going to have a smile on your face as soon as this is put to use because it has a wide array of settings. Whether you are looking for a light-hearted massage or something vigorous, it will be able to handle your demands to a tee.

This is the type of quality you’re going to need for peripheral neuropathy and it is going to do the job well. You can feel confident having this in your hands as you go over various parts of the feet. It is a power-packed solution that has been made with a purpose.

Miko 360 Degree Foot Massager


Best Vibrating Neuropathy Foot Massager

Best Vibrating Neuropathy Foot MassagerThe MEDMassager MMF06 11 is a top-tier foot massager and has been used by numerous patients dealing with peripheral neuropathy. Being a different style of massaging device, it’s important to understand the intricacies of this foot massager to get a read on what it does and what it has to offer. It’s unlike the above open foot style of devices.

This review will gauge some of the key pros, cons, and overall qualities of the foot massager before offering a concluding opinion.

Why The MEDMassager Is One Of The Top Rated

  • Incredible amount of speeds available as mentioned above. A word of warning, start out on the lowest speed as the top gear is extremely powerful. Probably too powerful for most people. I find around the 3-5 speed level to be quite effective without causing too much discomfort. This level of intensity can even be felt all the way up to the waist in cases.
  • Unique Oscillating pad which vibrates to stimulate circulation of blood. Great for peripheral neuropathy as the vibrating function gets blood flowing to those nerve endings in need of repair.
  • Great for tingling, numb and when you feel like your feet are frozen to the bone. The MedMassager really heats things up and gets things flowing again. Without actually boasting any heat source. The magic is in the stimulation from the vibration. Great effective machine.
  • Flexible in all situations and lightweight. I simply love the design of this massager. I can place it under my office desk, in the media room while watching a movie or even on the sofa while folding washing. I can get relief in tap now and I’ve never been happier.

My Only Concerns

  • A tad too noisy. So plan to make your phone calls before sitting back to get some pain relief.Only a small gripe, but worth noting.
  • If you have hardwood floors, the device can move a round a bit due to the vibration. Not a dramatic amount, but a non slip pad underneath would work a charm.
  • Additional cost for lifetime warranty (Maybe wishing for too much there)

In Conclusion

While this is a well-built machine, you are still going to look at the additional cost of lifetime warranty as a hurdle. However, when it comes to performance and its ability to tackle your peripheral neuropathy, it is as good as they come if you ask me.

The MedMassager MMF06 11 is a powerhouse and is an absolute joy to use. You are able to rotate through the various settings (11 different speeds up to 3700 RPM!) and make the most of it based on what you think is ideal. This is unique because too many foot massagers enter the market with 1-3 speeds and that just doesn’t cut it. How are you going to hit the right sweet spot when it comes to your pain-related requirements? The MedMassager MMF06 11 is able to handle those rigorous demands without breaking a sweat.

I can’t recommend this foot massager enough due to its incredible vibration functionality and ability to relief the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

MEDmassager MMFO6


Time Tested Highly Popular Circulation Booster

Revitive Foot Massager & PulseWhen it comes to well-researched and powerful foot massagers on the market, you are always going to hear about the REVITIVE Circulation Booster. This is one of those foot massagers that has continued to grow from strength to strength with time which therefor you owe it to yourself to give it a proper look.

This review will assess what it has to offer and whether or not it is worth a buy on your end.

Whats To Love About The Revitive Machine

First and foremost, I simply love the fact the Revitive comes with a remote control. Far too often you have to bend over to touch your toes to adjust the settings. With this machine, you get a very simple and straight forward controller to do the hard work for you.

  • As a little bonus, Revitive comes with 2 electrode pads which can be placed pretty much anywhere on your body to relieve pain. So it’s more than just a foot massager.
  • Incredible amount of settings to suit different family members. Once you get use to the pulse and how strong of a pulse you can handle, this thing is just WOW. If only all foot pain relieving devices were this good. Having the large amount of settings allows you to pin point excatly what you need for your feet. So no guessing with the revitive. I like to be around the 55-60 mark while my Partner prefers it a bit lower at 30ish.
  • FDA Tested and Approved. I mention this because not enough products, especially massagers and heating pads are FDA approved. Which basically means they have been deemed safe to use.
  • Power-Packed Wide-Pulse Technology


It’s Not For Everyone!

  1. As mentioned on the product description, DON’T use this machine if you have a “cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or other implanted electronic device”. Adhere to the warnings.
  2. Takes Time To Get Used To
  3. A little pricey but for the relief it can offer, it’s worth its weight in gold.

The Bottom Line Is…

It is a wonderful product and has a wide array of benefits but you are going to need to learn all of the settings. This is important and you will want to take time out of your schedule to see what the Wide-Pulse Technology has to offer. It is different compared to other products and has a great list of settings based on intensity, speed, and power. You are going to love it as soon as you get a hang of it.

When it comes to desirable foot massagers, there is nothing wrong with this one and it deserves a spot among the giants in the industry. It is truly a great buy for those looking to tackle their feet-related troubles and want to do it the right way.

REVITIVE Circulation Booster


Powerful Shiatsu Style Foot Massager

Powerful Shiatsu Style Foot MassagerThe Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager is a massager that has entered the market and made people look twice for various reasons. If you are entering the market for the purpose of maximizing results and getting real value out of the experience then this is an interesting fit.

Does it do enough to interest you? Does it have the quality needed to see long-term results? Let’s take a look at this review.

A Little About The Miko Shiatsu

  • Robust Set of Settings
  • Very well priced. Another diamond in the rough when it comes to finding an affordable foot massager. Check Latest Price On Amazon Here.
  • Fun to Use(as in works well and brings relief)
  • Air pressure settings are quite accurate. Put it on 1 and you barley notice it, but crank it to 5 and you sure know your feet are getting squeezed.
  • Lightweight and Balanced (Doesn’t focus solely on one area alone)
  • Fast Results offering deep and intense foot massagers.

The Pitfalls

  • Can Only Fit Up To Size 13-14due to being an enclosed unit.
  • A little noisy, but acceptable given what it does.
  • Not really suited to people that want a soft gentle type of massage.

For anyone that has larger feet and might want to use the machine for their peripheral neuropathy, you will want to account for this. The feet slide into the massager so you are not going to reap the rewards if you are a size 15+. Think about this before making a purchase but anyone with smaller feet will adore this massager.One of the above open foot designs would be better suited to people with larger feet.

It is a great feeling to slide your feet in and watch the various settings go to work based on what you want. This is the type of power that is necessary while dealing with things such as numbness, tingling, and general pain. Your feet are going to thank you as soon as the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager is put to use. It is truly exceptional at what it has to offer.

MIKO Shiatsu Foot Massager


Infrared & Red Light Therapy AlternativeInfrared Light Therapy Devices For Neuropathy Reviews

In some cases, the neuropathy can be so bad that the slightest touch on the skin can activate the burning, numbness, tingling sensations. In times like this a foot massager may be too intense.

Which is why you should also use infrared and red light therapy devices as a way to circulate pooled up blood without any physical contact to your body like a massager would do.

These devices utilize infrared wavelengths to penetrate into your feet and hands. The infrared conducts with the body and produces Nitric Oxide. This is the special ingredient needed to start the healing process on the nerve endings. There is no better light therapy than infrared. So if massage sounds too painful for you, I would certainly have a further look into light therapy.

Benefits Of Using A Foot Massage Machine Compared To A TherapistBenefits Of Using A Foot Massage Machine

There are many benefits of a foot massage machine. If you don’t own a machine that can massage your feet, then you are surely missing out. Especially if you suffer from neuropathy. Let’s discuss a few of the top benefits of foot massage machines you can use from home instead of visiting a massage therapist.

Cost Effective

While the initial cost of some of the foot massagers may quickly shut down you decision to buy one and treat yourself from home. In the long run, they are a great investment on your body. Depending on where you go and your situation, visiting a professional therapist can outweigh the upfront cost of a foot massager you can use as often as you like everyday. While a professional therapist is always going to obtain better results compared to a machine, it’s simply not affordable for everyone. This is one of the main benefits of owning a device like this and having it on hand from the comfort of your own home.

Relieve Aches

One of the best things about a foot massage machine is it can help relieve aches and pains. Think about this, you walk a lot and this can leave your legs and feet feeling sore and stiff. If you use a foot massage machine on your feet, then this will make them feel better and before you know it, your feet will feel less achy. If you want to experience this potential benefit, then make sure you use the machine on a regular basis.

Improves Circulation

Massage Stimulates Blood Flow

Massage Stimulates Blood Circulation

A lot of people sit while they work and don’t spend a lot of time on their feet or they weight tight shoes, heels and footwear in general. This can lead to poor circulation of the feet, but foot massages are a good way to improve circulation of the feet. A good way to do this is by using a foot massage machine on a daily basis. All you need is a good 10-15 minutes per day and before you know it the circulation to your feet will improve.

As mentioned at the top of this page, circulation increases blood-flow which is extremely important if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Nerve endings are basically dead. Without increased oxygen and nutrients the blood provides, these nerves will continue to die. As a foot massage can stimulate more blood cells to flow, neuropathy can be reduced. This is the major reason massage is good for people whom suffer from this condition.


After a long day of running errands or working, many people find it difficult to unwind and relax. Well, if you buy and use a foot massage machine you will feel much more relaxed. After about 10 minutes of using it, you should feel less stressed and more relaxed. This is why it’s a good idea to use it right before you’re ready to head to bed.

Regardless of whether you have tingling numb feet, obtaining relaxation everyday is important for the bodies overall well being. The less stress you force onto your body the greater it can benefit. So take time out of the day to spend 10 or 20 minutes getting a good foot rub. If the partner won’t do it, turn to the machines which are almost as good anyways.

Use Whenever

You can use a foot massage machine whenever you want and it is easy. It’s far easier and less strenuous to use a machine than it is to massage your own feet with your hands. If you want to enjoy a foot massage whenever you’d like one, then get a foot massage machine.

Those are only a handful of benefits that a foot massage machine has to offer and there are many others that weren’t discussed. If you want to experience all of the potential benefits of these machines, then buy one today. Make sure to compare a few foot massage machines because they are priced differently and have various features. Choose the machine you think will provide you with the best foot massage.

Other Ways To Treat Peripheral Neuropathy From Home


Peripheral Neuropathy is damage to the nerves of your extremities often caused by other medical conditions. For example, diabetes and alcoholism are two conditions notorious for causing this type of nerve damage. While you will be working closely with your doctor in regards to treatment, you’re also going to want to know what natural steps you can take at home to help fight against the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. These at home remedies that really do help can coincide with using a foot massager to amplify results from your treatment. When in doubt, always consult your Doctor.

It is important to note that symptoms do vary based on the individual nerves that are damaged. If you’re not yet familiar, there are three types of nerves that can end up damaged by this condition. Now let’s get to looking at those natural treatments that can end up being quite important. These are treatments that you can handle at home.

Vitamins & Supplements

Start with the vitamins that are essential, and there are two of them. The first is vitamin B, and the other is vitamin D. It is important for you to understand that a vitamin B deficiency can be directly tied to nerve damage. If you aren’t getting enough of these two vitamins from your daily diet, then it’s time to start looking into supplementation.

Do you smoke cigarettes? If you do, then you’re going to want to cut back and start working on a plan to quit. Smoking is only going to worsen your symptoms. Peripheral neuropathy can be painful, and not just numbing, on top of complicating your overall health and putting you at increased risk of having a stroke and developing other conditions.

Essential Oils

Other natural remedies for peripheral neuropathy symptoms include taking a nice warm bath and using certain essential oils. Lavender oil and chamomile oil are two of the natural organic essential oils that are supposed to be of help. Exercise is also important because you have to get that blood flowing. And do you like spicy foods? Cayenne pepper is a great ingredient to cook with to help fight naturally against the symptoms you are experiencing.

Some people even recommend acupuncture. Just like exercise is recommended, so is ensuring you are following a healthy diet. There are other natural remedies as well. If you have diabetes or another medical condition that is the cause of the neuropathy, then you will want to address those underlying symptoms as well. Do everything you can to handle your condition naturally so that you get good reports from your doctor and don’t have to opt for more invasive treatments.

Stretching & Exercise For Peripheral Neuropathy

Does Stretching Help Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy?

Dealing with a condition such as peripheral neuropathy means you’re going to try a wide array of treatment options. Stretches for neuropathy are a good one to add because it has a range of benefits that are going to bring short and long-term relief to your body. Stretching before using a foot massager or getting a professional foot massage is also recommended for the following reasons.

Eases the Muscles

Being able to ease the muscles and make sure things are working as well as you want them to, it is going to come back to stretching. It is going to relax the areas that are causing you stress.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Getting the blood to all the right areas of your body is essential. It is the only way you are going to feel healthy and a lot of people don’t get this advantage when they’re dealing with peripheral neuropathy. It is going to ensure the blood circulation is consistent, safe, and as fast as possible.

Relieves Tingling/Numbness

Some people tend to experience this sensation and it refuses to go away with time. Instead of letting the tingling get the better of you, stretching can be a good way to keep things at bay. You are able to initiate this solution and find relief quickly.

The idea is to get the oxygen flowing towards these areas of your body and make sure the tingling sensation disappears. It will take time but stretching is highly recommended for those with these types of concerns.

Add A Foot Massager For Peripheral Neuropathy Into Your Daily Treatment Plan

Peripheral neuropathy is not going to be the same for everyone and the most important thing a person can do is customize their regimen. It is going to take time to learn what works but stretching/exercise, massage and vitamins are high on the list when it comes to overall success. You are going to feel good about how well it works and the value it has to add.

There is no one miracle cure suits all with this condition. So by doing as much as you can alongside the assistance of your Doctor, you can better combat those peripheral nerves that need attention. Blood flow is certainly the key element to take away form this article and using one of the best foot massagers for this condition is certainly going to aid in your treatment.

  1. I found the article to be very informative. It made me think about the massage devices I have bought in the past. I love that you can link into your pictures to take a closer look after reading your article. It a little long but I enjoyed all of it. It was very detailed and specific.

  2. Oh wow! Even if I don’t have neuropathy, I’d probably buy one for myself. This is an extremely helpful post for people who suffer from it. Some people just don’t have the time and money for massage appointments and the likes. A self-owned massager is of course one great investment!

    • They certainly are a great investment into anyones health. Many people get Neuropathy later on in life, so while you can enjoy the massage now, you may reap the rewards as you age.

  3. Very informative post, peripheal neuropathy is often the unwelcome outcome of chemotherapy, as the chemo drugs gets deposited on the vital organs like kidney and liver makes it ever worse. Drinking lots of water during and after the chemotherapy is important to remove the toxins in the body and also regular massage is also important in removing the toxins from the body.

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