Best Infrared Heating Pad For Knee Arthritis

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Many claim that light heat therapy such as Infrared is the best and fastest way to relieve the discomfort that is arthritis from the comfort of your own home. Arthritis in the knees can literally be crippling, so any relief we can obtain from home is a welcomed gift. Combine the two and you have a recipe made to suit. The best infrared heating pads for knee arthritis are the result and which is the subject of todays writing.

Why Infrared And How Does It Help Arthritis PainBest Infrared Heating Pad For Knee Arthritis

When looking to buy an arthritis knee heating pad, the first thing you should look for is whether it is infrared or just plain heat. An infrared heating pad has many more benefits over a conventional heating pad, especially for arthritis pain sufferers.

The main benefit is deeper penetration. Infrared therapy is an invisible wavelength that the human eye cant see. Unlike a traditional heating pad, the Infrared versions can get up to 1.5 inches deep under the skin reaching nerves, muscles and bones. A heating pad without infrared only heats the surface and doesn’t penetrate deep enough to really help chronic pain sufferers.

How it works is like this. The invisible waves on infrared travel into your skin and go as deep as possible.While entering the body they are automatically raising the body temperature. As we know, heat therapy increase blood flow which helps to heal the body naturally. So using infrared therapy on the knee is a great natural way to relieve arthritis pain.

Note: Infrared doesn’t heat the surface of the skin like a traditional heating pad. The magic happens within the muscles, joints etc. So don’t be alarmed if you think the device is not working as your skin doesn’t feel like its getting as warm as normal form the heating pad. Learn more about heating pads for arthritis here.

The Best Infrared Heating Pad For Knees With Arthritis

DPL Flex Pad For Knees & Back – 880nm Infrared and 660nm Red LED Review

The Best Infrared Heating Pad For Knees With Arthritis
With all the heating pads out there, unfortunately there isn’t too many great infrared pads suitable for the knee area. But through all the poor performing products I found the DPL Flex Pad and what a an amazing find it was indeed. This is without a doubt the best infrared heating pad for the knee region in my opinion.

First of all the DPL is great becasue it can actually fit to the knee. Many heating pads aren’t designed to do this and some are simply too small. The pad is 5″ x 9.5″ so it’s plenty big enough to fit over larger knees as well. There is a strap which you use to tighten the pad into position. This works well on the knee as well as getting in and loosing up the lower back muscles for almost instant relief.

Once you attach the heating pad to your knee via the Velcro straps, you plug it into the wall using the 24″ cord. This is probably the only negative about the DPL. I wish the cord was longer so that you didn’t need to sit right next to a power outlet for this to work. However, a extension lead can always be used if you need to use this knee heating pad further away. I like to have it on while sitting out back looking at the gardens.

Next you simply switch the device on and spend the next 20 minutes receiving the best infrared treatment. What I like about this device is that it has 60 lights in total, 12 of them are red LED lights and the other 48 are infrared invisible lights. This is a lot of infrared waves being send directly into the affected knee area. Do this a couple times a day and the relief you fell may just surprise you. Remember, you don’t feel the heat of infrared, the magic happens underneath the skin via the heat waves.

DPL Flex Infrared Heating Pad For Knees


Budget Minded Infrared Heat Pad For Arthritis

TherMedic Pro Wrap 150L Multi Function Review

Budget Minded Infrared Heat Pad For Arthritis
TherMedic have a great range of heating pads suitable for different areas of the body, even one directly aimed at the knees. But what I found to be the best option is to buy this multi function model. It can be used in a number of pain hot spots including the knee but won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy.

This heating pad is a different type compared to the DPL. Besides costing less, the TherMedic Pro Wrap is a dual function device. Primarily it has the far infrared therapy treatment while also doubling up as a knee support brace. This makes it a popular choice for athletes and runners that have cause injuries to their knees. Arthritis sufferers can also enjoy the bonus benefit as well.

So the TherMedic works by encasing the far infrared heating pad inside the knee support brace. Simply unfold the Velco straps and wrap around the knee. Adjust the pad to fit your knee and put Velcro straps back to lock the pad into position.

Plug the device into the power supply and wall. From there you have 3 heat settings to choose from. I recommend starting in the middle setting at first to test if too warm for your body. There is a 30 minute safety cut off which means the device will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. This can be seen as agood thing or a bd thing depends on who you ask. But for me, safety first!.

Finally the TherMedic is FDA approved which is not as common as you may think. When it comes to connecting products to electricity and then putting them on my body, I want to know it’s safe. This is why it needs to have a FDA approval like the TherMedic does. Overall, it a great buy for the price. Much cheaper than other infrared heating pads, but as a result it doesn’t have the same impact.

TherMedic Infrared Pro Wrap


Medical Grade Amethyst Infrared Heating Pad For The Knee

The best kind of infrared therapy includes the use of crystals such as Amethyst and Tourmaline. But this is a costly experience which is in my opinion the best natural pain reliever out there. This knee heating pad by Bio Relief is one of these devices.

It’s considerably more expensive than those cheaper models you may have seen in the past. So its important to understand the benefits of infrared therapy fully so that you can justify spending a large amount of money on a pad. Once you understand how much a device like this can improve the quality of life, you will see this device as a long term investment that has many benefits.

While used frequently for knee replacement recovery, the Bio Relief pad is also ideal for arthritis sufferers among other conditions. The reason being the crystals inside this heating pad. Amethyst and Tourmaline are know for their healing properties. In particular joint pain relief which arthritis sufferers are drastically seeking.

The bottom line is this. The Bio Relief is a high end medical grade heating wrap. If we could all afford one, we would all have one. It’s simply that good of an investment into pain relief. Unfortunately we cant all afford to throw a couple hundred bucks at this amazing device up front. Depending on the level of pain and the desire to relieve pain will determine whether this pad is for you. If it’s simply out of your league, the above 2 alternatives will do a pretty darn good job as well.

Bio Relief Medical Grade Infrared Knee Heating Pad

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