Best Infrared Heating Pads For Neck And Shoulders

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Best Infrared Heating Pads For Neck And ShouldersThere’s literally thousands of reasons as to why you would need far infrared heating pads for neck and shoulders, but which ones are the best and why?. I’ve been relentlessly trying to talk my good friend into buying one of these what I like to call miracle pads for several months now. After being in a car crash, his neck has never been the same. ‘Always tight and painful’ he would complain to me. It got to the point where I ended up buying him what I consider to be the best drug free pain relief for his chronic neck and shoulder pain.

There’s many of ways you can use heat therapy to reduce pain in affected areas, but there’s none better than utilizing the new technology that is infrared. These invisible yet safe infrared rays penetrate deep within the muscles and joints. It heats you up on the inside, rather than on the skin like a traditional heating pad.

What this does is increases the blood flow to the affected areas. In this case the neck and shoulders. With the increased blood flow comes oxygen and nutrients that heal tired, sore painful muscles and fast. Unlike a traditional heat pad, the infrared versions get straight to business, they don’t need to warm up the skin first. So you can be pain free and feel so much better very quickly with the use of a pad like this. Normal heating pads don’t get any where near as deep as what a infrared therapy can. Which means greater pain relief and quicker healing. All without using medications.

The Absolute Best Neck And Shoulder Infrared Heating Pad Uses Jade Stones

Neck And Shoulder Infrared Heating Pad Uses Jade Stones
What can possibly be better than infrared therapy fore quick drug free pain relief?. A heating paid which incorporates the use of healing gems such as the UTK Infrared Jade Stone Heating Pad.  The gemstone Jade has a few claimed benefits such as detoxing the body, supporting the immune system, improving organs like the heart but there’s one scientifically proven benefit that you may not be aware of.

Jade stones are used in this heating pad to conduct the far infrared rays. The infrared rays transfer through the jade stone and provide a more even and deeper heat treatment. The invisible to the human eye rays can go 2 to 3 inches deep. Which as you can imagine can offer some serious pain relief for knots, pinched nerves, aching muscles, joint pain etc.

When centralized onto one area like the neck and shoulders, you can get greater relief over the entire area. With the healing benefits of the Jade stone combined with the conducting powers of this gem, it’s no wonder many professionals use and recommend this new form of pain relief. Full body heating pads that use these gems are common for athletes and sports players as they can begin healing all over while relaxing on the couch.

The best thing about the UTK neck and shoulder Jade far infrared pad is that the pain relief lasts much longer than that of a traditional heating pad. While it will vary from person to person, it’s not unheard of to get many hours of pain relief from using this pad once. This is again down to it being a ‘far’ infrared with ‘jade stone’ as it penetrated further into the pain areas for quicker and more satisfying relief.

The pad itself sits very nicely on the shoulders. I’ve used many heat pads over the years that just don’t sit right. But the UTK is spot on with it’s design. It comes with a little digital controller that is basic to operate. No complications here and works like a charm. One thing I do like is the memory function. This allows you to keep the preferred settings enables for next time. Comes with a autoshut off time up to 4 hours. But I would not recommend using any heat pad for that long. Keep it to short 20-30 minute sessions over and over. The timer on this heat pad is good for making sure you don’t stay on it too long as you can choose the shut off time by 15 minute intervals.

Overall its a pretty simple to use, but very effective infrared heat pad designed for the neck and shoulder muscles. While it’s a little pricey compared to a traditional pad, you certainly get what you pay for. If there’s one pain relief investment you make this year, make it this UTK heat pad.

Neck & Shoulder Far Infrared Heating Pad By UTK


Far Infrared Heating Pad With Tourmaline panels For The Neck & Shoulders

Far Infrared Heating Pad With Tourmaline panels For The Neck & Shoulders
This is a softer more plush type of heating pad with therapeutic benefits. Moving away from the jade stones, this Durherm/Frisby heating pad utilizes ‘Tourmaline’. While the tourmaline mineral is popular for its detoxification of the body benefits, it also emits far infrared and negative ion. Another great combination for soothing painful stiff neck pain and shoulder cramps.

Negative Ions are a natural energy that not too many people are aware off. Without getting into the science of things, negative ions help balance out the positive ions the world is filled with. The positive ions are emitted from things like computers, lights, air con, electronics etc. These ions can cause depression and a ill state of health.

Do you feel more refreshed and alive when you are by a river, mountain stream, forest, after a storm etc?. These are neutral ions which the negative ions in this heating pad emit to provide such a relaxing and detoxing feeling. They help clear out the junk and revive the body.

About The Pad

Very therapeutic becasue becasue it emits negative ions and has Tourmaline panels which encourage infrared rays to go to work while leaving you feel like you have just been on a holiday. The extra plush material used on this pad also adds to the therapeutic feel.

The Durherm far infrared heat pad uses magnetic clasps to hold in place around your shoulders. So if you have a pace maker you should not use this pad. The auto shut off time for this pad is lower at one hour. Which is more than sufficient in my opinion. A 3o minute session with this pad several times a day will work wonders. No need to keep it on consistently and burn out the pad.

The hand controller again is very easy to use. Has temperature control which is kind of not required in my opinion. As infrared heat doesn’t heat up the surface (your skin) you don’t feel as hot as a traditional heating pad anyways. But you surely do feel the difference. Overall, it’s a second place to the UTK but still a very good heating pad for the neck and shoulders.

Frisby Therapeutic FIR Far Infrared Shoulder Neck Wrap


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