Best Orthopedic Pillows For Neck And Shoulder Pain

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Best Orthopedic Pillows For Neck And Shoulder PainThe humble pillow is no longer considered ‘just’ a bed accessory. With an increase in modern technology, pillows are becoming more and more advanced to treat health conditions. In particular, orthopedic pillows, also known as cervical pillows. In this case study we will be analyzing and coming up with the best orthopedic pillows for neck and shoulder pain in 2017.

Orthopedic pillows are basically specially designed pillows to help align the body into the correct position to prevent potential injuries and help people with medical conditions. An orthopedic pillow is considered one of the best when it comes to recovering from many medical conditions.

Not just recovering and for healing purposes tho. A decent orthopedic pillow may assist in sleep apnea, Insomnia, breathing conditions, neck sprains and many many more.

There are quite a few varieties of orthopedic pillows available in 2017 such as, wedge, lumbar, knee, body, cervical, travel pillows and more. One pillow may be suitable for multiple situations of pain reduction. But the one’s we want to discuss are the ones suitable to help relieve neck and should pain in particular.

Which Pillow Suits Your Sleeping Style?

Best Pillow For Side Sleeping Position

Typically we all have a favorite sleeping position. For me, I’m a side sleeper. According to WebMD, a whopping 63% of Americans sleep on their side. Which is a good thing. Apparently by sleeping on your side you reduce snoring (Which I 100% agree with. When I sleep on my back I wake myself up with loud snoring, but no on my side), Sleep Apnea, helps the airways to breathe easier and reduces the pressure on pregnant Woman’s wombs.

But the negative to sleeping on your side can include a sore wrists, and neck and shoulder strain from the pressure applied to the ares during the night. This is why it’s important to buy a pillow (Below) that caters to side sleepers.

If you are a predominant back sleeper, ideally you will need 2 pillow supports to perfectly align your body. A soft yet firm orthopedic pillow with neck contour to support both the head and neck. While a wedge pillow is recommended for behind the knees.

Just from analyzing how we sleep, it’s easy to see that one pillow does not suit all people. So when it comes to treating neck and shoulder pain, you need to determine whether you need a pillow suited to side sleeping or back sleepers. With that in mind, lets look at our top 5 pillows for neck pain in 2017 from our thorough research.

Our #1. Best Orthopedic Pillow For Neck Pain 2017

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Combination Memory Foam Pillow Review

Best Orthopedic Pillow For Neck Pain 2017
A good pillow should support your head, neck, and shoulders alike. In fact, it plays an important role in creating an ideal sleep environment for you. The Snuggle-Pedic pillow helps you sleep sounder and wake up pain-free. This pillow is specially designed for side sleepers. The special Kool-Flow cover of the pillow is made from a proprietary blend of Lycra, bamboo, and polyester for a good night’s sleep. The micro-vent allows for better circulation which cuts down on the buildup of body heat.

On the other hand, bamboo consists of great absorption qualities. Hence, your sweat will not stick on the pillow and cause the growth of bacteria on the pillow. This foam pillow offers orthopedic support which prevents stress building on your hips, shoulders and lower back areas. Hence, the pillow is ideal for pregnant women.

What To Consider

The Snuggle-Pedic pillow takes a little time getting used to. Some people may find the pillow too thick and firm. On the other hand, the pillow needs a little preparation time. You should fluff it up and let the air out before you use the pillow for the first time. But overall, I really like this pillow, I’m a side sleeper that suffered much neck strain simply from sleeping awkward. This pillow has helped tremendously.

Snuggle Pedic Ultra Luxury Bamboo & Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


Best Orthopedic Neck Pillow For Side Sleepers

Tampor Contour Memory Foam Pillow Hypoallergenic Neck Pillow Review

Best Orthopedic Neck Pillow For Side Sleepers
If you are suffering from a chronic neck or back pain, this is the best pillow for you. The orthopedic design for neck and back support makes the Contour Memory Foam Pillow one of the highest rated on the market today. The pillow is made in the United States from organic and safe hypoallergenic materials and comes with a machine-washable, removable cover.

Your head, neck, and shoulders are evenly supported by the pillow so that you can have a good night’s sleep and wake up pain-free. Many consumers have said that the pillow helped them get rid of back/neck/shoulder pain, overheating, and allergy symptoms at night.

What To Watch Out For

Some people have complained that the pillow is too firm for them. On the other hand, this pillow i,uses premium memory foam and is therefor a bit pricier compared to other brands on the market.

Tempor Memory Foam Contour Neck Pillow


Best Orthopedic Support Pillow For All Rounders

Cr Sleep Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Review

Best Orthopedic Support Pillow
This is another orthopedic pillow that is made of premium shredded memory foam. It is specially designed to offer optimal spinal alignment so that you can have a sound sleep at night. The shredded memory foam helps create the perfect support for your head, shoulders, and neck. Your head will slowly sink into the pillow as soon as you lay down on it. This helps hold your head in the best place possible so that you can have a good night’s sleep and wake up pain-free the next morning.

The cover can’t be removed and washed like with other pillows. It is smooth and ultra-soft and made of compounded jacquard velour. The antimicrobial properties of the pillow help resist mold, dust mites, and bacteria. The pillow is well-made, and the stitching is quite sound. Because of its orthopedic support, this pillow is a modest choice for any neck and shoulder pain sufferers. Side and back sleeper should benefit from such a pillow.

Keep An Eye Out For

While the orthopedic support pillow is meant to cater to all types of sleepers, it naturally will benefit some more than others. Some people have said the pillow is not the best for someone who sleeps on his/her side as it will not support your head.

Cr Sleep Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


Best Cervical Neck Pillow For Pain Relief

Natures Guest Cervical Support Pillow

This is another quality orthopedic pillow that is ideal for side and back sleepers. The design is fully supported by both chiropractic and orthopedic doctors. The built-in neck roll cushion offers optimal cervical support. The pillow has a denser and heavier filling to provide adequate support to the neck while sleeping on your back. Hence, the product is not recommended for individuals who are searching for a soft pillow.

You can easily adjust the level of firmness of the pillow to support your personal requirements. It includes a superior cotton fabric cover that promotes air circulation to offer a more comfortable sleep at night. What I like about this pillow is that it does cater to back sleepers rather well. But it is also a superior choice for people that transition from side sleeping into back sleeping during the night. The pillows design allows for an easy transition for a pain free nights sleep.

What Others Say

Some clients have said the pillow is too stiff for them. There are others who say the middle area of the pillow is too wide for them. Keep this in mind, but also note that too firm for one may be just right for another. The wider central space may be considered wide if you have a thin neck compared to a thicker neck person. However, the pillow is designed to cater to both large and small necks. Either end of the pillow has different size openings. So just switch ends if the pillow is too big etc.

Natures Guest Cervical Support Pillow


Orthopedic Pillow To Manage Painful Neck & Shoulders

Queen Rose Slow Rebound Memory Foam Contoured Pillow

This is a great orthopedic pillow that helps alleviate the pain in the neck, back, and shoulders while sleeping at night. The product is ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers. It is made of high-density memory foam and includes a removable cover for washing purposes. The pillow lets you breathe smoothly in order to reduce snoring problems at night.

The way the pillow is designed forces your spine to be straight. When sleeping on a traditional pillow, the neck is tilted upwards and the spine is never straight. But with this pillow, the hump that sits behind your neck lowers your head down onto a soft foam pillow while keeping your spine perfectly aligned. This alone can help to reduce stiff sore necks from sleeping on a traditional style pillow.

Queen Rose Slow Rebound Memory Foam Contoured Pillow


The Best Cervical Neck Pillow According To The Doctors

This short 3 minute video taken from the hit TV show The Doctors will demonstrate how cervical orthopedic pillows should be used to correctly align the spine and create a better nights sleep. The pillow used in this episode is the PILLO1. It is quite expensive compared to our list, but worth it nonetheless.


Should You But A Orthopedic Pillow?

The aforementioned are 5 of the best orthopedic pillows for the neck, back, and shoulder support in our opinion. But should you really buy one and do they actually work to relieve pain?.

These are some questions you should bring up with your Doctor or Therapist if pain, especially in the neck is unbearable. There may be an underlying issue at work here causing more sever pain. Orthopedic support pillows absolutely do work. There is far too many positive stories floating around to think that it’s some kind of money making scheme. At the end of the day, you must try one yourself to be the judge once and for all.  The pillows listed here are both affordable and of high quality. So now is the best time to test one out and start sleeping better.



  1. I know that orthopedic pillows are supposed to be really good for your neck, and I am therefore now looking into what the options are. Had no idea there are so many different kinds of orthopedic pillows.

    So far I have been using a buckwheat pillow and have really liked that for a long time. But time to change pillow now, so maybe will go for a new kind of pillow. Do you have any knowledge about buckwheat pillows and why it might be better to choose a memory foam pillow instead?


    • Hi Mikael, memory foam and buck wheat pillows are completely different, yet similar in the way they provide great neck support. Buckwheat may have the slight advantage of being able to add buckwheat hulls to the pillow to make it thicker if need be. With memory foam, the air is pushed out of the cells which lets your head sink and contour to the shape of your head. While the buckwheat hulls adjust to the situation by spreading around your head to create a supportive platform.

  2. As I’m reading this, I’m looking to my right – and see a pillow I’ve got that is almost identical to the Tampor Contour memory foam pillow you mentioned. It’s funny because I’m realizing right now, this pillow is not one I really need. I borrowed it from my parents’ house a few years back and it’s just been here since then. For me, the Sleep Shredded or Snuggle-Pedic seem more what I would need…I wake up more times than I’d like to at night, and if these truly are designed to improve sleep, then I will definitely consider buying one of them, most likely the sleep shredded pillow. It sounds amazing.

    • Hi Paul, what didn’t you like about the design of the Tempor?. While the Sleep Shredded is a very comfortable pillow, I find it a tad difficult to manage as I am predominately a side sleeper. Have you considered the Pillo1 as seen in the above video shown on the The Doctors. Quite impressive too.

  3. ahhhh the quest for the perfect pillow…its one ive been on for a while.

    I have a trusty memory foam that I love but it is getting to the end of its life and I haven’t been able to find one quite like it.

    I think you might have hit the nail of the head. I’m now tossing up between a Queen Rose Slow Rebound Memory Foam Contoured Pillow and Tampor Contour Memory Foam Pillow Hypoallergenic Neck Pillow…help!

    • It’s unfortunate that all pillows must come to an end. Especially when you find the ‘perfect’ pillow, but only to find out years later they no longer make it. Oh well, time to move onto something new and exciting right.

      For me personally, I like the Queen Rose pillow better. I like how it has the section to support the neck when laying on your back without having to have the shoulders interfered with. This is also good for me as I often find myself laying on my stomach in the middle of the night. So it allows me to breathe better having the little dip in the center for the head. I’m currently working on ways to stop myself from sleeping on my belly as it’s not the best sleeping position.

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