Best Rechargeable Massager Handheld Devices

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Best Rechargeable Massager Handheld DevicesA cordless massage may not be as powerful or boast the same features that a electric device may, but they certainly do have there advantages. Deciding whether to buy a cordless or corded version can often go down to convenience on your lifestyle. Choosing from the best rechargeable massagers whether handheld or not can be a difficult task when there are many options.

Like anything that requires the use of a rechargeable battery, you are going to find some models that are superior to others in regards of lifespan, but lack certain features. Choosing a top rated rechargeable massager with a quality battery is in my opinion the best route to go. Due to being so portable, they can be used at many locations, not just for home use. So having a decent battery is going to make for a reliable experience, time after time.

Whereas if you go for the version with more bells and whistles, you may find that the battery life is not all that great. So my recommendation is to get a high quality electric massager for the home with all the bells and whistles, but when it comes to being portable. Look for one with the best built in rechargeable battery. With that said, lets look at just a few of the pros and cons of using a cordless hand held massager.

The Benefits Of Going Cord Free!

  • Portability is a big positive for choosing a rechargeable device over the corded versions. Especially if you suffer from symptoms such as Frozen Shoulder, or frequently get pinched nerves like myself. Having a massaging device in the car at all times gives me the confidence to undertake more activities.
  • Tangle Free – Just like anything that is corded, the leads or wires always end up a mess no matter how hard you try to keep them organized. No cords, no fuss. But with a massager, trying to reach over the shoulders with a cord dangling in your face and getting caught on something random, is not fun.

The Drawbacks

  • Batteries do eventually die off, so a new replacement battery will be required, or a new massager. This is the risk we all take when we take on a cord free lifestyle. So getting a quality battery in the first place is essential.
  • Lack of power – Often seen i the cheaper models, a lack of ommphh to really get deep into the muscle tissues. A higher quality massager will boast more RPM’s, or more pulses per minute for percussion massagers.
  • Restricted on features. Not all rechargeable hand held massagers will offer heat as a massage therapy due to the extra rain on the battery power required to use heat. Typically the neck and shoulder massagers can offer heat compared to handheld models. Infrared seems to be an impossible feature to find on a cordless massager  (Let me know in the comments if you know of a cordless infrared model).

 Overview Of Rechargeable Cordless Massagers

Hours Of Use

Battery Type

Massage Style

Read Review

#1. Pure Wave CM-07 3 Hours continuous 7.2V Lithium-ion Percussion, Vibration - Facial Pure Wave Review
#2. Styles II Cordless & Electric Built In 6 Nodes - Percussion Styles 11 Review
#3. The Elecitizon Up To 2 Hours Built In 1800 mAh Percussion, Vibration - 15 min cut off The Elecitizon Review
#4. Brookestone Max 2 Recommended 20 mins Built In Percussion, Relaxation, Soothing Brookstone Max 2 Review
#5. Bruntmor Neck & Shoulders Up To 3 Hours Built In/Electric Shiatsu/Reversible & Heated Bruntmor Review


Top 5 Cordless Handheld Massagers in 2017

#1. Pure Wave CM-07 Review

Top Rated Cordless Handheld Massagers in 2017
We an impressive 3700 rpm’s, the Pure Wave is one of the more powerful rechargeable massagers on the market. Rated one our personal favorites, gets our vote for the best wireless massager in 2017.

The types of massage the Pure Wave CM07 offers are; A thumping percussion and a gentle vibration (Amazing for facials). Great for deep tissue massage because of these two massage styles. Due to being a rechargeable battery operated device, there is no heat or infrared function.

This does not mean the Pure Wave is not a solid massaging tool. In fact, due to gearing the power to mainly the percussion massage, I find that the CM-07 is extremely good for attacking Trigger Points and as mentioned earlier awesome for getting deep into muscle territory. It’s the ‘point’ head attachment that makes this device stand out from the crowd. It’s amazing at pin pointing tricky areas that were once difficult to reach from a standard thumper style head.

What Areas The CM -07 Is Good For

Best Cordless Hand Held Massager 2017

Image From: Pure Wave CM-07 Manual

How Good Is The Battery?

In the user manual for the Pure Wave CM-07 you can learn more about the specs, but the important thing to know is that the CM-07 uses 7.2V Lithium-ion. While the manual states 3 hours of continuous use, this will be determined by the amount of pressure and force you put on the massager. When it comes to charging this device, allow about 2 hours for the first charge, then from then on 1 hour should be sufficient. I find the charge time to be quite short in comparison to other rechargeable devices.

Pure Wave CM-7 Cordless Dual Function Massager


Best Electric & Cordless Hand Held Massager

The Styles 2 Review

What makes the Styles II a great choice is the fact it can be used both as an electric massager and a cordless model. For other models, using the device while charging (Plugged into the wall) cannot be done. I find this to be a great feature, especially for people on the run.

You may have not heard of the model Styles II before, they area a company (Styles 2 Fitness) based in Pennsylvania that specialize in health and fitness with quite a nice range of massaging tools and machines.

The knowledge in this niche, shows from the quality of the design and applicable features. The handle is not only comfortable, but long enough so you can grip it and reach to areas like the lower back without the assistance of someone else. The 6 massage head attachments are all uniquely designed to perform a specific job. The pointy head normally used for breaking down knots has a nipple like tip. The little point on the end is designed to accurately get to the areas that larger heads can;t reach.

While great for the neck and shoulders, the Styles 2 has enough attachment heads to target just about anywhere on the body. But like the Pure Wave mentioned above, heat is not a feature of this device.

Styles II Handheld Massager


Heavy Duty Rechargeable Battery Operated Device

#3. The Elecitizon Vibration & Percussion With 6 Speeds/Heads

The Elecitizon is a very powerful rechargeable massager which can pump out 4000 pulses per minute or 4000 rpm’s. Which makes it slightly more powerful than the Pure Wave model. Unfortunately it cannot be used while being charged like the Styles 2 model. But it can last a good 80 minutes once fully charged.

There is however a safety switch installed that shuts down the device after 15 minutes to cool down the high density copper rotor. After about 15 minutes its back up and ready for round 2. I guess some folks may find this irritating, but its a measure to help prevent motor burnout and increase the longevity of the product.

The Elecitizon is rather quite to use and has a ergonomic long handle like the Styles 2 to reach the mid back region. You can tell its a quality product when you hold it. While not too heavy it certainly isn’t light and fragile like some of the ‘disposable’ massaging devices.

Boasting a battery capacity 1800 mAh, on the lowest speed it could potentially run for 2 hours without charge and about 80 minutes on the higher intensity levels. So it’s a quality battery with a quality motor. Just what we want from a rechargeable handheld massager.

Elecitizon Vibration & Percussion Massager


For Larger Mass Tissue Massaging

#4. Brookestone Max 2 Dual Node Percussion

Most powerful cordless massager
The Max 2 by Brookestone could have easily been the best handheld wireless massaging device except for the lack of pin point location feature. But in saying this, the Max 2 is designed differently. It’s designed to be a work horse on the larger muscle groups.

With two big nodes that can pump out up to 2.5k RMS, the Max 2 is one heck of a powerful cordless massager (Check Manual Here). While not as powerful as it’s corded friend, the Max 2 certainly does impress. This machine operates on a Lithium-Ion battery, so you know you are getting the best. No need to worry about discharging the battery when not in use. However, it does need to be charged to work, you can’t use the device when it is charging.

Quite incredibly the Max 2 has 5 different intensity levels (I like the hardest setting). Which is very good for a battery operated device. There is also 3 different styles of massage you can get. My favorite being the ‘Pulsing’. This is a percussion massage that you can really feel going up and down into your muscles. Great for the legs and back!.

But for the more calming massage, there are 2 more styles; ‘Energizing’ and ‘Soothing’. The Soothing being the more relaxed of the two creates a rolling type of deep massage. Great for recovering from a workout or after sport.

I don’t personally think you can get a better 2 node rechargeable massager, especially at the price it is. If a more broader massage is what you are after, then the Max 2 may be a great fit. Only downsides are the not being able to use while charging and not having the finer detail massages. But heck, there;s nothing wrong with having more than one massaging device.

Brookstone Max 2

The Best Neck And Shoulder Cordless Massager

#5. Bruntmor Rechargeable Neck & Shoulder Heated Massaging Device

There’s not too many neck and shoulder massaging devices that are corded/rechargeable and this one by Bruntmor is our #1 pick. These types of equipment typically offer a Shiatsu style of massage. They are not really what you would call handheld, but because this model is cordless, it can be used just about anywhere. The more common corded versions are restrictive to the length of their cords. Which can sometimes make it difficult or impossible to use the massage on their thighs, lower back, legs and even the bottom of your feet.

I do love how you can use the Bruntmor while it is charging, this is a great way to sit down and get a massage while watching TV. Not having to worry about if there is battery power left. Then when you want to go to the office, or even in the car. You can take the fully charged device with you for further massage.

Do You Love A Heated Massage?

Heat. Some love it, some don’t need it. Which is what makes the Bruntmore another good choice. If you don’t like heated therapy, simply don’t turn the heat on. But if you do  (Yes please), then it’s as simple as pushing the button that looks like 3 little wavy lines and you can get your heat on.

Massage Styles?

The Bruntmor offers 2 styles of massage, but both being the Shiatsu form. There are 8 round nodes which act as a kneading type of massage. They go in a circular motion rather than in and out like the above percussion massage tools. I more relaxing type of massage for relieving stress in the neck and shoulders, but can be applied to the whole body as well.

To mix up the massage you can reverse the direction of the kneading nodes. This will create a more ‘Human’ like feel. Turn on the heat for the second massage style for a more deeper tissue therapy.

With the heated massage going, the Bruntmor can last about 2 hours without needing to be recharged. Which is a considerable long time. But it goes for even longer without the heat on, which is about 3 hours. The total recharge time takes about 1.3-2 hours. Overall, it’s hard to find defects n the Bruntmor and being wireless just makes it even better.

Bruntmor Rechargeable Neck & Shoulder Massager With Heat








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