Best Rice Heating Pads With Reviews

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Best Rice Heating Pads With ReviewsChoosing a rice filled heating pad is not always the first option for many consumers. While it may be considered a little old fashioned compared to the new modern infused microwavable pads these days, it’s certainly still a highly valuable heat therapy tool to have in your tool belt. Choosing the best rice heating pads is often decided based on consumer reviews and personal experience.

With the rice filled heat pads found below, I have tried to choose the best for a certain need. For example, the neck and shoulders are commonly prone to muscle stress or injury. So having a rice heating pad that’s suitable for the neck and shoulder muscles would be the best fit.

When buying a heating pad with rice filling, you don’t have too many restrictions. Bar needing a microwave, you can pretty much use a rice heating pad safely without any concern. Compared to that of an electrical heating pad, which is best practice to not use while sleeping. Many people, myself included use a heating pad while going to sleep. So this rules out the electric variety.

The rice inside can burn if left in the microwave for too long. Try to avoid this and always follow the manufacturers heating guidelines. Another important tip is to add a glass of water inside the microwave every now and then to add a bit of moisture to the rice and prevent them from burning. The slight moist heat therapy is a nice touch too.

Our Best Heating Pads With Rice Recommendations

Largest Rice Heating Pad – Sunny Bay Body Wrap Review

Largest Rice Heating PadIf you are looking for a large rice heating pad, I found the Sunny Bay Body Wrap to be a marvelous choice. Thanks to the 10 x 24-inch dimensions, it can cover your entire back without leaving open spaces. While really good for people with lower back pain, it also works just as well for large muscles of the body.

The material is 100% polyester, and you don’t need to worry about the filling inside the pad shifting around. This is because individual chambers exist to keep the filling and pad even at all times. This is a feature not too many pads have which also indicates the higher quality of this make.

The rice heating pad can bring relief pain to several different muscle groups while maintaining a good even heat. I found that I can expect it stay warm for about half an hour. The larger size of this heating pad allows it to retain heat better, and therefor a longer duration before needing to change it over.

What I truly appreciate about the Sunny Bay Body Wrap is the size and easy-to-clean cover that comes with the pad. This is especially important because of the size. Having the ability to clean the material is a huge advantage in my household.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Sunny Bay Body Wrap for such a large microwavable rice pad. Being larger does have the disadvantage of taking longer to heat, but for me the benefits far outweigh the negative. Having the ability to soothe sore muscles in multiple muscle groups at one time combined with the ability to distribute heat evenly is a huge plus for me. Retaining heat for that long on a big surface really is impressive and I give a big thumbs up to the designers of this unique wrap.

Sunny Bay Body Wrap Large


Best Rice Filled Heat Pad For The Neck, Lower Back & Period Pain

Sunny Bay Extra Long Review

Best Rice Filled Heat Pad For The Neck, Lower Back & Period PainThe Sunny Bay Extra Long Neck Heating Wrap is a targeted rice heating pad. Just wrap it around your neck and leave it there to bring some necessary relief. While advertised as a neck heating pad, I find it works very well in the lower back region. Also, flip over and it hits the right spots for period pain due to extra long design.

It measures 26 inches in length, and 5 inches in width, making it the perfect size to comfortably wear for long periods of time and reach multiple zones at once. The all natural rice is filled inside a fleece cover, which prevents excessive heating or the chance of getting burnt. The fleece is really soft on the skin and works well under heat.

Alternatively, you can use this rice heating pad as a cold pack if you need to, and in terms of washing, spot cleaning is the recommended method as with many heating pads.

This wrap is a popular choice for my partner and kids as well. Because of how convenient the wrap is, along with how it effectively brings relief to the shoulders and neck area. My partner works behind a computer all day and uses this device for the back and side off the neck a lot. Again, being a tad longer and wider than many other heating pads, you will have to wait a fraction longer to get the desired heat. Allow 3 minutes in the microwave for optimum results.

But sadly, due to the ling narrow design, this Sunny Bay pad looses its heat quicker than the large rectangular design. But that being sad, you can get a good 8 – 15 minutes of heat from it depending on circumstances like how cold it is around the pad.

Sunny Bay Extra Long Heating Pad


Neck And Shoulders Top Choice For Rice

My Heating Pad Review

Best Rice Heating Pad For Neck And ShouldersFind a combination of fine aroma and soothing heat with the My Heating Pad Neck & Shoulder Wrap. From start to finish, it’s an all-natural product that features a lavender flower aroma when heated. In addition to the rice, a blend of lavender flowers have been added, creating a two-dimensional rice heating pad.

Firstly, one side of the pad is a soft fleece material, and on the other side, you’ll find cotton fabric. It is also an Eco-friendly product based on a tubular pattern, which easily wraps around the shoulders and stays in place. The tubular effect helps keep the rice in place, so no more do you have to worry about rice sliding to one end of the pad. This is a genius idea by My Heating Pad.

This is one of the heavier pads on the market, and with good reason. The three pounds of weight is specifically for those who want a little extra pressure. And while the heat relieves the pain, I found the aroma can bring comfort from migraines and headaches.

While I know that this hits the spot if you are into relieving the shoulder muscles in particular. The downside is the extra weight. This can be a little too much if you have a small frame. So this is worth considering.

Apart from the heavier weight, there aren’t many complaints, I like how it incorporates the aroma of lavender (Who doesn’t love this smell). But the thing I love most is that is highly targeted to the neck and shoulders and boasts the unique tubular design.  It gets the job done and there is no shifting of rice, ensuring the heat stays evenly distributed.

My Heating Pad - Neck & Shoulders

Want A Versatile Cute Heating Pad?

Hot Pockets Heat Pack Review

4. The Heat Pack- 3Pockets Hot & Cold Pack is all about relaxation and pain relief. As the name suggests, it consists of three pockets, and each pocket takes a bag of rice. When you need to wash the cover, simply take out the rice bags and get it clean any way you like.

This is one of the really versatile rice heating pads because when placed in the freezer it can serve as a cold compression bag. Or, it can be used for moist heat treatment. Whether you simply want to relax or have an effective answer for joint and muscle pain, it won’t hurt to consider this option.

I found many reviews speak highly of the quality of the bags and the cover, which is great attribute to boast about. The bags don’t have a problem heating up, and they retain their heat long enough to stimulate blood circulation. Which is how the oxygen and healing factors of blood can be distributed to pain areas of the muscles. The only real complaint I feel may impact your decision is the material has a sort of roughness about it. So it’s not as smooth as other heating pads, but is certainly the most unique and versatile one.

Hot Pockets Heat Pack

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