Best Treatment For Muscle Pain - Proven Quick Relief Options

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Muscle pains are part and parcel of everyday life for millions of people across the globe. This condition affects the support structures that allow you to move about in your daily life such as muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Muscle pain can be caused by repetitive motions, poor posture, overuse, injury, and wear and tear. You might have a pain in a specific spot in the body, or your entire body can ache at times. But there are many treatment methods to heal musculoskeletal pain. This article provides information on the best treatment for muscle pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders and general pains.

Massage Is A Great Method In Treating Back PainBest Treatment For Muscle Pain - Proven Quick Relief Options

Depending on your current condition, massage has the possibilities to reduce muscle pain immediately. There are many massage tools available that can work wonders on removing knots, relieving pinched nerves and soothing constricted muscles.

Depending where you are suffering, you can start massaging your tender areas right now if you have a hard ball like a tennis ball. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. Find a kids small ball if need be. Put the ball between your painful area and a wall. Push your body into the ball and do squats or move side to side. The hard outer shell of the tennis ball will unlock the sore muscles like you wouldn’t believe.

Massage Tools For Painful Muscles In The Back, Shoulders, Quads Etc.

Massage therapy can be one of the most effective muscle pain relievers available. But not everybody can afford to seek a massage therapist. Even so, many therapists recommend a good massager to use at home anyways. So its good practice to have a massage device within reach at all times if you are a chronic pain sufferer.

But with so many different kinds of massagers that do this and that, how is anyone meant to know which device is right for them?. To start with, narrow down the body parts that are troubling you. Some devices are better suited to one area than another. For example, a neck and shoulder massaging device which sits on your shoulders will not be the best choice for a leg massage.  Another is the type of massage the device gives. A shiatsu, vibration, percussion or infra red?. Learn the benefits of each type and you can narrow down the amount of choices you have to just a handful.

Massage Tools To Treat Neck And Shoulder PainThe Best Deep Tissue Massager Handheld Machines

Treating the muscle pain in the neck and shoulder regions can be quite an effort. The neck being a fragile area, while the shoulder being in an inconvenient area to self massage. Fortunately, there are some pretty good massaging tools out there that make reaching the sensitive spots all that much easier. Here area a few of the common pain relief products for the neck and back region.

Percussion Massagers: Percussion is a more of a hammer type of massage. One that is great for trigger points and focusing on deep tissue massage.

Shiatsu Neck/Shoulder Massagers: These are generally wraps that hug your neck and shoulder. There are large heated nodes that massage in a way that it feels like fingers getting in and relieving constricted nerves, knots etc. These work in a similar fashion to the massage chairs you may seen at the mall.

Heating Pads For Neck & Shoulders: Not massage, but heat therapy is used with these devices. They are specifically made to treat painful muscle in the neck and shoulder areas. I find them excellent especially useful when snugged up on the sofa watching a movie.

Cervical Neck Traction Devices: Something you may have never considered before. A cervical neck traction device, which is the best way to relieve neck pain fast in my opinion. They basically unlock pinched nerves which can cause all sorts of pain and re-align the spine. If neck pain is giving you serious problems, check out one of these devices.

Treating Muscle Pain In The BackHow To Massage With A Foam Roller

Who hasn’t suffered back pain at some point in their life. It can be quite a debilitating pain that can change the course of your life in an instant. For some people it’s far worse than just treating it with massaging devices. But for many chronic lower back pain sufferers, it’s these kinds of devices that get us through the day.

Foam Rollers: The latest fitness therapy craze that has stood the test of time. These foam rollers have been around since the 1990’s and have been growing in popularity ever since. Many people use them as a warm up routine in their fitness course. While others like myself use them for pain relief. In particular the back region. Reaching the back with a foam roller is very easily and the relief these things can offer is amazing.

Trigger Point Therapy: Learning how to pin point trigger points and massage them areas effectively can have some welcome side effects. You see trigger points often cause pain elsewhere in the body, like head aches. So getting in and releasing these trigger points can offer great relief for pain sufferers.

Infrared Heating Pads: These are not your typical heating pads that you throw in the microwave. Forget that!. Infrared therapy is another new technology taking the massage world by storm. Why?. Because of the huge amount of health benefits they offer and the ability to perform deep tissue massage/heat therapy like never before. These pads come in full body sizes to small sizes to wrap around your lower back. What ever size you get, prepare to feel the true power of heat therapy.

Other Ways To Treat Painful Muscles

NSAIDs or Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are considered some of the most effective pain relievers available today. These drugs include over the counter medications and prescription medications. NSAIDs can relieve the pain as well as reduce inflammation in the area. Hence, NSAIDs are considered the first-line treatment for most types of muscle pains. Topical analgesics are considered one of the best treatment for muscle pains. They are available in creams, ointments, lotions, and gels to be rubbed directly into the skin at the site of the pain. In fact, Capsaicin and Icy Hot are two products that work as counter-irritants to stimulate the nerve endings in the skin and distract the brain from the source of the pain.

Occupational and physical therapy are also very effective in treating muscle pains. If the pain is severe, physical therapy can help the patient regain much of his/her mobility. This therapy is very effective in treating a wide variety of pains that can impair an individual’s ability to function effectively. Occupational and physical therapy exercises will help restore the patient’s range of motions.

Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy For Muscle Pain

OMT or Osteopathic manipulation therapy is another effective therapy for muscle pains. In fact, it is considered a hands-on therapy for most of the common muscle pains. It helps relieve pain, improve one’s range of motions, and promote healing in the process. The technique uses resistance, stretching, and gentle pressure to calm muscle spasms and improve the condition. The treatment method is proven quite effective in relieving neck and back pains.

Strengthening and stretching exercises are also important in relieving muscle pains. You are more likely to get muscle pains when your muscles are not strong enough to withstand the daily pressures. Exercises will help better prepare your muscles to handle the daily pressures of life. It will keep your muscles strong and flexible while releasing muscles tension and soreness quite effectively. As mentioned earlier, foam rollers are becoming a popular stretching and relieving tool used world wide. When first starting out, its best to use a foam roller for beginners.


Chiropractic care is another effective treatment method that helps relieve musculoskeletal pain. This is also a hands-on therapy similar to OMT. But chiropractic care mostly focuses on spinal manipulation. In fact, the chiropractor will apply a controlled amount of force to the joints of the spine of the patient. This will activate the muscles that have been restricted in their movements due to injury or damage. The most important thing is to go to a qualified and experienced chiropractor in the area when availing yourself for chiropractic treatments. Make sure you do the necessary research when finding the best chiropractor in your area. That way you can easily find a reputable and experienced health care provider in the area.

In conclusion, muscle pains and aches are quite common in our day to day lives. In fact, the condition affects millions of people across the globe. There are many effective treatment methods out there to heal this condition. You need to pick the right treatment method that matches your lifestyle and budget. Chiropractic care is considered one of the best treatment for muscle pains and aches. It’s also advisable to consult your Doctor before making any drastic changes to your situation.

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