Beurer Heat Pad Review

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In this Beurer heat pad review I will explain why I chose the ‘Super Cosy Deluxe’ HK 42 heating pad over other brands and models. While this is not a comparison review, I will tell you why I chose this brand and why this type of heating pads out of the various types.

I’ve always suffered lower back pain in some shape or form. Mainly from repetitive motions like bending up and down for work. As I work as a painter, you can understand how a wall has both a top and a bottom. So it requires a lot of up and down motion. This alone is enough to get the odd jar in the back.

But in this instance, I injured my back from unexpectedly slipping down on sloped land while working. As my body was relaxed and not prepared for what happened, muscles got pulled. Instantly, and I mean the minute I slipped I got this intense pain in just one side of my lower back. Around the lilac Crest and the Thoracolumbar fascia region (lower left side above the buttocks).

I knew this was not just a lower back pain that would pass with time, the pain was relentless and didn’t stop. But I knew pain relief was in sight. My trusty heating pad, which was currently out of state. So I had to buy a new one, and the heating pad of choice was the Beurer Super Cosy Deluxe HK 42.

My Review Of The Beurer Super Cosy Deluxe Beurer Heat Pad ReviewHK 42

Why I Bought This Model

Choosing a heating pad for me always starts with the brand name. How reputable it is and does it pass certain guidelines. Such as the Oeko Tex Standard 100. For those unaware, this guideline means the final product has been tested for over 300 harmful chemicals and substances. With this tick of approval, I knew it was a safe heating pad to use for the whole family.

Secondly, the brand name Beurer has been around for what seems like forever (Founded in 1919) and have thousands of products in existence. Beurer is a global brand which was originally based in Germany. Beurer also specialize in self wellness products, so I was confident in choosing them over some other no name brands for such an important pain relief product.



Beurer Super Cozy Deluxe HK 42 Review


What Is The HK 42 Heat Pad All About

There are a few types of heating pads one can buy, such as microwavable pads, moist pads, electric and a few more. The HK 42 is a dry heat electric heating pad. This means it only offers dry heat and is powered by the mains. Moist heating pads offer the ability to add a slight steam into the heat therapy. Moist heating pads are better than just dry, which is one of the few downfalls about this pad. Along with the pad not offering Infrared like the best of the best infrared heating pads offer.

The Super Cozy Deluxe Features

  1. Electronic. I went for a electric heating pad over a microwavable becasue of the constant and consistent heat a quality electric pad can offer.
  2. Fast. This heating pad heats up faster than any other I have tried. While it’s not instantaneous, I would say within the first 5 to 10 seconds. Which is quite fast when you think about how long you have to wait for a microwavable heat pad.
  3. Simple and convenient 3 temperature level control. Nothing over the top fancy here which I like. A three temperature and off switch. For the fastest heating up, chose the hottest level (3). I am a larger person and I find the hottest temperature to be quite appropriate. So someone smaller may find the medium level the best choice.
  4. Super Cozy is an understatement. While the product manual doesn’t state what materials are used, all I can say it is the softest and smoothest heating pad I’ve owned. I would guess by saying it’s a plush micro fiber material.
  5. Machine washable. This is a huge plus, especially when you have multiple family members using the pad. All you have to do is remove the controller from the port on the heat pad.

Beurer Heating Pad Used To Lay On


Is This Beurer Heating Pad Good For The Lower Back

This is not a portable heating pad. So don’t expect to be walking around with it attached to your back. However, it comes with a rather long power cord so you do have some freedom in where you choose to use the pad. For example, I have it set up both in the office chair and on the sofa. The cord is long enough that you can plug it into the wall and then sit in a chair or on the sofa.

Due to the size 17″ x 13″ (44cm x 33cm), it makes a great size for the lower back. I mainly use the HK 42 on my lower back and the back of my shoulders. Its a great size and even fits well on my larger body. Slide the pad in behind your lower back while in the chair or sofa, turn it on and let the magic happen.

Can You Lay On This Heating Pad

Some heating pads specifically state that you can’t lay on the device. This is due to the sensitive heating elements inside the pad. The manual states that you shouldn’t put a suitcase or washing basket. I have used it underneath my body in the arch of my back. So do try not sit on the device as you may damage the internal features. But for using between the sofa/office chair and my back, I’ve had no problems.

How Long Can You Use A Heating Pad ForSimple To Use 3 Temperature Control

The Beurer Super Cozy Deluxe has a 90 minute safety cut off time. Which is quite generous considering many others are either 30 or 60 minutes. However, I don’t recommend using the heating pad for 90 minutes straight. A good rule of thumb is 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off. This will prevent your skin from burning. Trust me when I say your back will be hot after a 20 minute session on the Beurer heating pad.

Does The Beurer Super Cozy Deluxe Actually Work?

The last remaining piece of the puzzle is whether this heating pad is any good or not. I can state from my own personal experience that this heating pad certainly works. It’s one of the best dry heat pads on the market in my opinion. To make this pad even better, would be to include infrared technology. The very best heating pads are infrared without a doubt. But as this is not a option here, I still find it quite a good pad.

My lower back injury was one of the worst work related injuries I have endured and this is the tool I used to help relieve the chronic pain and help speed up recovery. On the day of the injury,  I used the Beurer heat pad for approximately 2 hours before bed. Following the 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off pattern.

I’m not going to lie and say it was a miracle cure, becasue quite frankly, nothing is. But what it did do is temporarily relieve my non stop aching back pain. The very next morning, my lower back pain had decreased largely. After a few more 20 minute sessions, the pain had subsided quite a lot.

What heating pads do for tired, sore and tight muscles is use heat therapy to help relieve pain and also heal injuries. By heating up the affected area, in my case the lower back. Blood can flow more freely in and around the pulled muscles. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen which assist in healing the muscles quicker.

So I can definitively say that yes, the Beurer Super Cozy Deluxe HK 42 worked wonders on my very painful lower back. If you are suffering from muscle or joint pain, I highly recommend this product by Beurer. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below if you are stuck on deciding whether this is the right heating pad for you.

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