Can Lupus Cause Neck Pain

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A number of causes can be attributed to a certain ailment. In the subject matter at hand, neck pain can be attributed to a wide variety of causes. With this in mind, it is important to explore the possibility of whether lupus can cause neck pains. While on the surface, this may seem like a trivial matter to explore. Nonetheless, the answer to the question of can lupus cause neck pain is important especially for the people suffering from this particular ailment.

You can appreciate that for a proper understanding of the subject matter, an intricate understanding of lupus is paramount. Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the immune system. Once lupus occurs, the immune system attacks the body, affecting various systems and parts. The most vulnerable parts include body organs such as the skin, blood cells and vessels, kidneys, and lungs.

However, and in the interest of neck pains, you should note that lupus also affects other parts raising the possibility of lupus causing neck pain. The parts of the body that are susceptible to lupus inflammation are the body joints (affecting knees, elbows, shoulders, and wrists in what is known as lupus arthritis) the muscle tissue (such as the skeletal muscles, in what is known as myositis), and the tendon and bursa.

Neck Pain Caused By Lupus Attacks The MusclesCan Lupus Cause Neck Pain

The first possibility in which lupus can cause neck pain is through lupus myositis �” the inflammation of the skeletal muscles. Lupus myositis has a tendency of affecting the muscle groups around the neck (and the parts of the body surrounding the neck including the shoulders and the upper arms). The inflammation of the neck and other adjoining parts causes neck pain, making it difficult to carry out common tasks such as turning your neck and lifting objects. Additionally, the inflammation and the pain do cause loss of strength leading weakness of the neck.

Neck Pain Caused By Lupus Affecting The Synovial Membrane Of Tendons

The tendons across the body are lined with the synovial membrane. This includes the tendons that attach the neck muscles to the body. Unfortunately, the synovial membrane is a target for lupus attacks especially during lupus “induced inflammation flares. As such, attacks on this membrane can cause inflammation resulting in neck pains.

Drug-Induced Neck Pains

Some of the drugs used to treat lupus such as cholesterol reducing drugs, prednisone, and hydroxychloroquine can also cause numbness, soreness, and in some cases muscle pain which may affect the neck. It is thus important that the drugs that lupus patient consume do not induce adverse effects, such as muscle pain affecting the neck or any other part of the body.

Finally, you should note that when answering the question of can lupus cause neck pain, patients should also concede to the fact that lupus may be acting exacerbating factor. As we age, neck pain develops owing to general wear and tear caused by using the neck muscles and associated joints. Thus lupus may only act to exaggerate the effects of wear and tear-induced neck pain. It is, therefore, important that lupus patient keep tabs on neck pain occurrence with a particular interest in determining whether the occurrence of neck occurs along with other signs and symptoms of lupus.

Treating Neck Pain When You Have Lupus

As Lupus is a disease that basically attacks the body, the symptoms can vary from case to case. Lupus can affect people in all kinds of different areas such as the joints, muscles, Kidneys, skin etc. But as we are discussing neck pain as a result of having Lupus, there’s two main ways to help aid in pain relief. They are massage and heat therapy.

Using Massage To Treat Neck PainDoes Massage Help With Lupus

These two therapies can be done professionally at a high cost, or you can limit the pain at home by using easily accessible tools. To do it from home on your self, you can either manipulate your hand to give yourself a self massage or you can use a heated neck massager.

By using massage as a way to treat neck pain you are helping circulation of blood cells. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. So by giving your neck a gentle massage you are helping to heal affected muscles through the means of better flowing nutrient filled blood flow.

Using a massager on your neck will greatly depend on how Lupus has affected your skin. It’s always advisable to contact your Doctor first before undergoing any massage. This is a condition known as cutaneous lupus and contact with the skin may actually be worsening your condition.

Another tool that is great for the neck is a digital neck therapy device. This device is a neck brace like product that sits around the neck and has a number of massage therapies available. Including Infrared. Infrared is probably the best kind of heat therapy that can be used. It is invisible to the eye, yet it gets under the skin heating up the connective tissues, blood cells, muscles etc to increase oxygen, nutrients etc. This is a great way to relieve neck pain without enduring a grueling massage.

Do Heating Pads Help With Lupus?

Far Infrared Heating Pad Benefits Do They Even Work

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Just like massage, heat therapy is a common relief product for neck pain suffers that have Lupus. Heat works in a similar way to massage in that it increases blood flow to the affected areas. With more blood flow comes more of the bodies natural healing properties. So by using a heat pad on your neck, you are assisting in blood flow to a painful sore neck .

Electric heating pads for the neck and shoulders are a great tool to use when you are suffering neck stress. They have been around my household for a long time, simply becasue they work and are very convenient. They fit snug around the neck and shoulders so they don’t fall off. Making them great for getting a heated therapy while relaxing on the Sofa reading a book or watching TV.

Living With Neck Pain From Lupus

As you can appreciate, there are valid possibilities for lupus causing neck pain. Neck pain from lupus can result from the inflammation caused by the ailment or due to the side effects of the lupus medicine. So, can lupus cause neck pain? Yes, it can. If you are suffering from lupus and especially experience neck pains alongside other lupus signs and symptoms, you should consult your doctor with the matter. Your Doctor may even recommend the likes of a heating pad, or massage therapy to help aid in the pain relief treatment.

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