Do Infrared Body Wraps Work

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If you’re interested in taking care of your health and wellness needs, then you have probably heard about infrared therapies and body wrap therapies. Which has left you pondering the idea of buying your own portable infrared wrap, or visiting your local clinic to book an appointment. But first you need to know ‘do infrared body wraps work?’.

While you may have heard of infrared therapy and body wraps previously, you might not have been told that these two types of therapy have been combined to make one super therapy session. Whether you already knew, or are just beginning to study them, you are probably wondering how do infrared body wraps work, and are the claims credible.

So Do Infrared Body Wraps Actually Work To Relieve Pain, Loose Weight & Detox The Body?

The simple answer is yes, provided you are getting the real deal and not some knock off $5 session. A genuine infrared body wrap for commercial use can cost over $10,000. So you can see that the real dealĀ  therapies available in clinics will cost you more than some dodgy home corner ‘fake’ version.

As mentioned earlier in this post here, you can now buy products which offer a infrared body wrap experience that you can use at home. These are of course much cheaper than a commercial outfit as they are only intended for one person to use.

How they work is by utilizing infrared energy which is invisible to the human eye. Yet is absorbed by the body better than any other heat wave. This is 100% safe as we receive infrared energy from the Sun each and everyday. The only dangers are of course in the man made electrical devices. This is the same with any product you buy whether it is a hazardous heat pad to a potential dangerous iPhone.

Infrared energy penetrates about 2 inches deep inside your body, which raises the core temperature. This makes you sweat, which in comparison to a steam sauna has 4 to 5 times more toxin cleansing and fat toxin removal.

About Heat Wraps And Infrared Light Therapy

First of all, an introduction to each aspect of the infrared body wraps is in order. Body wraps have been used in the health and wellness industry for several decades. Wraps are used in conjunction with herbs and other healing therapies to promote detoxification and to help purify the skin. Spas worldwide have received raving reviews about how well some of these products and techniques have helped them.

At the same time, other researchers have been studying light and how it impacts the body. Think back to science class and how a prism can break up light to reveal all of the colors in the rainbow. In addition to these visible colors are a multitude of other light waves that are outside of the scope of human vision.

While you need full spectrum light from the sun each day to maintain your health, different wave lengths can be used to create a specified effect in your body. Light therapies are already in use for a wide range of wellness challenges. The infrared light falls within the same category as a microwave because both fall into the spectrum of thermal radiation.


Health Benefits From A Infrared Body Wrap

Heat therapies have been used in cultures throughout the world to treat various conditions, especially for muscle pain and joint relief. Infrared heat therapy is especially good for arthritis sufferers as the energy is sent directly into the joints to stimulate tissue growth and blood circulation. From soaking in hot springs to using a state-of-the-art heating pads, these heat treatments are an important aspect of many types of healing processes.

Today, you can obtain the benefits of heat therapies with special wraps designed to treat your ailments. Some ask themselves do infrared body wraps work well or should the therapies be used separately. However, the synergistic effects and time-saving benefits make these infrared body wrap sessions an ideal non-invasive treatment solution.

How It Works

The session will raise the core temperature of your body, which promotes toxin release and sweating. The light penetrates more than an inch into your body, which is great for helping heat fatty deposits in the treatment area. In turn, the extra heat can aid in breaking down the tissues and purging toxins. Of course, that means that you will need to keep up your hydration efforts to ensure you don’t become parched afterwards.

As briefly mentioned earlier, the infrared can penetrate to about 2 inches into muscles and joints. Besides the detoxing and weight loss benefits of a body wrap, muscle pain and joint pain can be eased. When a muscle in your body is in pain, this is nerves sending signals to your brain. The reason this is happening is because of the decreased amount of oxygen and glucose in the area. So the nerves are telling the brain ‘hey we need more blood flow down here’.

When you apply infrared light to the muscles, it widens the blood vessels through Hemoglobin. This then allows extra blood cells to flow through and increase blood circulation. With the increased blood comes more oxygen and the healing nutrients the body naturally produces. So this is how infrared heat and light therapy is good for body pain such as sore muscles and joint pain.

How Do Body Wraps Fair To Saunas

In lieu of body wraps some people opt to use an infrared sauna. Many spas offer both services so clients can have flexibility to their treatments. However, it is important to recognize that the two are not entirely interchangeable. For instance, an infrared sauna session heats the whole room, which means that you can’t stay in it as long. With the body wraps only the treatment area is being heated; your lungs can enjoy the fresh room-temperature air. Additionally, the light is closer with the wrap and the extended time can help to cleanse your body more than a sauna.

Several companies manufacturer these heating wraps, so you will need to investigate them before you buy anything. If you are going to a spa for your infrared wrap treatments, you can ask about the brand and products that the business uses. This information could be useful when you are scheduling a spa visit.

How do infrared body wraps work in a therapeutic setting?

First of all, the pain relieving qualities are incredible. Imagine the relief of a heating pad magnified. The treatment boosts circulation and promotes absorption of nutrients. Increased tissue oxygenation and soothed nerve endings can cause a significant drop in pain levels.

While pain relief is a great benefit, it is not the only one that you will get from using infrared body wraps. For instance, the heat is great for promoting weight loss and the process can help to balance your metabolic rates. Additionally, some manufacturers claim that the heat is useful to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

We live in a toxic world, no matter how much you attempt to reduce your exposure. Fortunately, treatments like infrared can be used to help purge pollutants from your body. For people who indulge in nicotine, alcohol or any type of drug (legal or not), this benefit is crucial. Not only can the treatment reduce these toxins in your body, but it is also useful to get rid of heavy metals, sulfuric acid and other damaging toxins lurking in your body. As you cleanse your body, your skin will look better too!

Now that you understand a bit more about infrared therapies and the benefits it can have for you, make sure that you find a qualified professional spa for your treatments or invest in your own at home treatment devices. You can experience these benefits and many more!

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