Does A Heating Pad Help Arthritis Pain

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Suffering from arthritis can feel like an uphill struggle each and every day. For people who have this painful and chronic condition, they will often try anything to get a little relief from the pain. Does a heating pad help arthritis pain is the question we seek to answer today. With so many available products and cures out there, it can become overwhelming to know what actually works.

In fact, the medical world is full of tablets, medicines, potions, and lotions that promise to ease arthritis pain. It is all too easy to spend a fortune on various products in the hope that you will stumble across the one that will really make a difference in your life.

However, one means of easing arthritis pain is inexpensive, easy to use and may often be overlooked. What are we referring to? Heating pads. Heat has long been known as a therapy for treating pain of various levels, in fact, used the right way heat may be able to make a real difference to the life of someone suffering from arthritic pain. Let’s take a look at why heat is such an effective therapy for pain relief.

Does Heat Help Arthritis Pain?Does A Heating Pad Help Arthritis Pain

Yes! – Heat Enhances Circulation

One impact that heat can have on the body is that of improving circulation. Poor circulation flow in the body means that nutrients which are fed to the joints and tissues can be slower in making their journey. It makes sense that a body where circulation is improved and nutrients are delivered in an efficient way could be a body that has a lower level pain and a better way of coping with pain.

By applying a high quality heat pad with infrared therapy the blood will flow and circulate much better. Infrared works in a different manner to a traditional heat pad. A traditional heat pad will heat up the surface (skin) and heat very little inside the body. Whereas a infrared heat pad will work through invisible infrared rays (Similar to how the suns UV works).

The infrared rays penetrate much deeper into the body. As far as several inches at a time. This is ideal for people with arthritis as it gets right into the painful joints where the pain is sever. The infrared will start heating inside of the body and not on the surface of the skin. So this is also preferred for people with arthritis as it won’t burn the skin.

Types Of Heating Pads For Arthritic Pain

Heating pads come in all sorts of styles shapes and sizes. Depending on the body part, you can buy a heat pad suitable to treat that one particular area. Below you can find links to some of the best heating pads to treat various ares of the body.


Heat Acts As A Soother For Painful Joints

Heat also has a very soothing effect on the body and mind. A body which feels cold can quickly tighten up, this often serves to intensify pain. Heat, on the other hand, can provide a calming and comforting effect, as well as bringing a measure of relief to the area of pain.


Makes Exercise More Possible

For a person suffering from arthritis, the idea of engaging in exercise can seem like a mission impossible. Granted, the doctor may have told you that it will be of much help, but even the thought of it may make you cringe in pain.

Again, this is where heat therapy can really come into its own. By applying a heating pad to the area of the body most affected by arthritis it is possible to prepare the body for exercise. The heat can make the body feel more limber and ready for a session of appropriate exercise.

Using heat in this way can provide a long-term benefit. As the heat therapy helps the person to exercise, their body can become stronger more flexible and ultimately, in less pain.

Tips On Using A Heating Pad For ArthritisTips On Using A Heating Pad For Arthritis

It certainly seems clear that people suffering from arthritis would do well to consider the option of using a heating pad to provide a measure of pain relief. However, how can they get the most of this form of therapy?

Firstly, it is important to make sure that you use the heating pad in a safe way. The last thing that you want to do is cause yourself a nasty burn to worry about! Be sure to protect your skin while using the heating pad, you can usually determine the best way to do this by closely following the instructions which come with your heating pad.

Because traditional heat pads heat from the skin inwards, be careful to not have the temperature too high and left on the skin for too long. This can cause the skin to dry out and burn. This is why a infrared or a heating pad with moisture is recommended.

In addition, get into the habit of using the heating pad on a regular basis. Your primary healthcare practitioner should be able to advise you on how often you should use the heating pad, as well as the duration of time for each use.

Other Forms Of Heat Treatment For Arthritis

Forms Of Heat Treatment For Arthritis

Paraffin wax treatment system available on Amazon.

While heating pads are just one of the better ways to treat pain in the joints cause from arthritis, there are some other ways to apply heat to loosen up your body and increase blood circulation.

  • If you have a bath, take a long warm bath to help circulate the blood all around the body. Alternatively, take a shower.
  • If arthritis is in the hands and feet, a paraffin wax treatment system is a great way soothing and relieving joint related pain. Also used for generally loosening up movement.
  • Coat your hands in mineral oil, put on some dish washing gloves and run them under hot water for 4-8 minutes.
  • A sauna is a popular way for treating arthritis with heat therapy. While it’s not a cure, it sure can be beneficial for the body.

Heating Pads Are Good For People With Arthritis

Certainly, for people suffering from arthritis the daily pain is a real challenge. Of course, there are many products available which may be able to provide a measure of relief for the pain associated with arthritis. However, using a heating pad is an inexpensive, often very effective, and enjoyable possibility for easing pain.

In addition, when used correctly, a heating pad does not come with any nasty side effects. If you, or someone you know, suffers from arthritis, why not see for yourself whether a heating pad could really make a difference in daily life? It may turn out to be the best thing you ever did!

  1. First off, I’d like to say I enjoyed reading your post.I too suffer from arthritis pain. So reading your site has helped give me an extra insight into some things I have missed. Very informative post, thanks for sharing it. I never considered using a heating pad to sooth the pain, but I’m game for giving it a try!

    • Thanks Marty. Absolutely you should use a heating pad to relieve arthritic pain. They are not expensive and will last for a long time. Which is a lot of pain relief for the dollar. I hope you get some much welcomed relief.

  2. I have Arthritis Pain and have wondered if the heating pad really helped. In my mind, it did but wasn’t sure if it was just relaxing me or really helping. After reading your page, I realized that it really does help. Never knew it improved circulation flow, which relieves the pain. I have always used moist heating pads but I will look into the infrared rays one now. Thanks for sharing this great information.

    • Hi Karden, yes heat therapy is a great method for circulating blood flow and distributing oxygen and the all important nutrients to troublesome areas. That is why a heating pad works so well. Especially the infrared varieties. Let me know how you go with the infrared heating pads and whether you think it has helped with your arthritis pain more or less than a traditional heat pad..

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