Does A Heating Pad Help Constipation

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Proper digestion is essential to your health and comfort. However, the modern diet consumed by most people creates issues with that, including bouts of constipation and/or diarrhea. Even those who eat a relatively good diet can still experience painful constipation which makes it difficult to do practically anything. So, you might be wondering does heating pad help constipation, like some folks have suggested?

The Short Answer

The answer is yes, heat pads will certainly help with relieving constipation. However, with a bit of extra outside influences and common sense as well.

Lack of exercise and too much time sitting down are the leading causes for constipation. Sometimes it’s unavoidable as it is your job to be seated. Which is why many therapists and nutritionists recommend a full body vibration heating pad. Which you can do form home using a product like the Snailex Vibration Heating Pad.

How They Help

What products like these do is prevent the build up in the colon from toxins and deposits. The vibration effect keeps the muscles that were previously not in use active while increasing bowel movements to reduce constipation. The best part is they can be used at home, in privacy while also relieving other aches and pains you may be facing.

Smaller vibration heat pads are also available that treat specific areas. So in the case of constipation you could get a smaller one to target the intestinal region and your lower to mid back region. But overall, your goal should be to be more active which will increase muscle stimulation.

The heating pad will help to relieve some of your discomfort and can even promote bowel movements. However, you should only depend on it as part of a comprehensive program designed to relieve your symptoms. Especially if constipation is a regular battle for you. Otherwise, it could take significantly longer than necessary for you to find the relief that you are seeking in regards to your constipation.

But First, Are You Causing Constipation To YourselfUnusual Causes Of Constipation

Most of us are aware that a low fiber diet can contribute to indigestion among other obvious bad habits. Such as putting off the ‘urge to go’ too often. But there are some very common foods and behaviors most of us will endure on a daily occasion that can actually cause constipation without you knowing.

So by limiting these thing in combination with regular heat pad therapy, you should be able to reduce the frequency of constipation. Here are just a few of these interesting causes for constipation also found here.

  • Chocolate – I was a little surprised when I discovered this, I always thought it would have the opposite effect.
  • Vitamins – Some certain ingredients found in vitamins like iron and calcium can cause constipation.
  • Antidepressants – Such as Prozac and Elavil apparently can cause constipation but with no clear reason as to why.
  • Antacids – Which was another surprise to me. This is due to the high levels of calcium and aluminum.

So by following a healthy diet and cutting down where possible on some things in life, we can limit the amount of constipation. With that said, we will always manage to get constipation at some point in time, so lets look at how a heating pad can help.

Will Heating Pads Relieve Constipation ContinuedDoes A Heating Pad Help Constipation

You see, the heating pad will help your issues by warming up the tissues in the area that it is being applied. For most folks who are experiencing constipation, wrapping it around the left side of the abdomen can be very useful. Alternatively, it can be used on the front or back of the belly area in order to warm the entire region. However, your elimination tract runs down the left side of your body, so that is the region of your colon that must have movement before the rest of it can.

So depending how effective your heat pad is, the amount of heat that is transmitted into the tissues can have a positive effect. To greater increase your chances of reaching the tissues around the digestive track, a infrared heat pad similar to what people use for chronic back pain is the best solution. This is because infrared energy is the most effective at penetrating deeper into the body and apply heat therapy to tissues, muscles, joints or whatever the case may be.

Another way that you can use a heating pad to help relieve constipation is through relieving pain in the affected area. The warmth can promote circulation of blood which carries oxygen and healing nutrients in red blood cells which might be hampered by the constipation that you are experiencing. By using it off and on during the course of the constipation, you will be able to keep blood flowing to the area and minimize the amount of pain that you are having.

What About For Mild Constipation

Simple Electric Heat Pad

Heating Pads For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

For very mild constipation, this might be sufficient to promote a bowel movement and allow you to go on about your regular life. However, most folks will need to use additional methods to support these efforts. If you are taking any type of laxative or other oral medication, the heating pad will help your body to get the medication to the needed areas faster. The improvement in circulation along with heightened delivery of the medicine should help to alleviate your symptoms more quickly than you would if you opted to use just one of these forms of treatment. This is the same principle for relieving cramps with a heat pad.

Alternative To Using Heat Therapy For Constipation

You can also use a suppository if necessary to promote a bowel movement. These are inserted into the rectum and dissolve, making it easier for the excrement in your colon to pass. Like with the oral medications, the warmth of a heating pad can make these forms of treatment more effective. However, you should still follow the directions that are on the package and wait for the required time before you go to the bathroom. If the suppository has not had sufficient time to dissolve and do the work it is intended for, you will be wasting part of the medication and likely have to repeat the process. Always consult your Doctor is symptoms persist and you are generally worried about the situation at hand. Don’t let it get out of control over a simple visit to get checked out. There could be a more serious issue at hand such as irritable bowel syndrome.

So, you can see the answer to does heating pad help constipation is yes. However, it is best used as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. You should also consume plenty of water to help the process along the way. Avoid adding more food to your digestive tract until you have a bowel movement to avoid further discomfort. If you follow these suggestions and are still having troubles, make an appointment with your primary care doctor. Otherwise, you should be good to go by following these suggestions!

  1. You will never hear an establishment AMA physician tell you to apply heat to the bowel area when it is in pain. Why? They can’t make money from your malady, because you as the patient can do everything yourself. I have had several bouts with painful bowel blockage, the first two times resulting in hospital stays for several days to a week only because I trusted a doctor to do the right thing, when the right thing was simply applying a hot, as hot as you can stand, compress to your midsection until the pain subsides, usually in 30 minutes or less. There is one particular food that causes this distress in me, coconut meat, The hospital stays were grueling with a tube stuck through my nose into my stomach. How utterly unnecessary when a simple hot compress will do the trick. I am 84 and have developed a cynical, but healthy regard towards the medical “banking” entities which the average person relies on. I do not allow a doctor to dictate any course of action before I have researched it At 84 I take no pharms, relying on holistic medicine to guide me. I notice that GOOGLEhas removed many of the guides for using heat as a therapy. Interesting.

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