Does Massage Help With Pinched Nerves In The Shoulder & Neck

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Does Massage Help With Pinched Nerves In The Shoulder & NeckPinched nerves are a common yet painful experience. Many times they cannot be avoided which leaves us with the question of ‘Does massage help with pinched nerves’ in the shoulders, neck, back etc.

The simple answer is yes you can relieve a pinched nerve with massage fast if done right. If you’re looking for a at home treatment, the best massager for the job in my opinion is the Pure Wave CM-7. It’s able to pinpoint tight constricted muscles like no other massging device I have owned.

But unfortunately you cannot always just brush the condition off and get on with your day.

In fact there was one day in particular that will never leave my memory. I was driving to work and the pinched nerve I thought was moderate became extremely intense. So intense I could barely drive or breathe. I started to have a panic attack as well, which is never a good idea driving down the freeway. So I learned from that experience to always treat a pinched nerve first before under taking any serious activities.


Reasons For A Pinched Nerve

There are many reasons as to why people develop a pinched nerve. The most common cause is from sleeping in a awkward position. The brain doesn’t register that you are squeezing the nerve until the next morning when you wake up not being able to turn your neck or shoulders.  Another typical scenario is from when you use the wrong posture when sitting and bending which can easily aggravate the condition.

As a painter, I can pretty much guarantee a pinched nerve the day after working on scaffold work because it requires much twisting and turning in unnatural positions to get those hard to reach spots. A pinched nerve condition can interfere with the day to day life of many people all over the world. Which is why it is important that look after your body and consider therapeutic massage for your pinched nerve condition. This read offers information on how massage really helps with a pinched nerve condition

I Use A Handheld Heated Massager For Pinched Nerves

Masagers For Pinched Nerves

The Homedics HHP 350 – The Entry Level Massager For Reducing Pinched Nerves

The best way I found to relieve a pinched nerve fast, especially in my shoulders and neck is to use a heated massager. I combine the heat from this handheld massager with Tiger Balm and I get instant relief. It won’t cure the nerve immediately by it does bring fast relief for those really painful and restricting nerves. By the next day I usually find the pinched nerve has resided by 50-80% thanks to pin pointing the area and giving it a heated massage.

The reason this hand held massager is so good for pinched nerves is simple. Deep penetrating heat and being able to focus solely on the affected are of either the neck or shoulders.

The only drawback to a massager of this style is the attachment range is not so extravagant. But this is because of the 2 heated massaging balls.

Trigger Point Massager For Pinched Nerves

Pure Wave CM07

Another device I love for pin pointing nerves and trigger points is the Pure Wave CM7 Massager. This is a awesome portable/cordless massaging beast. Unfortunately it’s not heated, but with the addition of some Tiger Balm or Deep Heat you can achieve some amazing results. Mainly due to the incredible trigger point attachment which can get into the tightest areas to loosen up muscles and relieve the pinched nerve. If lack of heat is not a problem for you and you love the idea of customizing the massage to loosen up a pinched nerve then I highly encourage you to look further into this Pure Wave CM-7 Review.


Whats The Best Massage Treatment For A Pinched Nerve

Deep tissue massage is one of the most effective therapies to relieve the discomfort and pain you feel due to a pinched nerve condition. In fact, massage will directly address the affected area by relaxing the tight muscles in the region. This will help resolve the tight knots in the area. Trigger point massage therapy is also an effective treatment method for this condition. It will help relieve the condition by finding the source of the discomfort. Depending on the location of the condition, your healthcare provider will recommend the right massage therapy to treat it. This is where the services of a reputed and experienced massage therapist come in handy.

Tools That Can Help Relieve A Pinched Nerve

Treating a pinched nerve will be different for everyone. We don’t all get them in the exact locations and suffer then same pain levels. So in order to best prevent the longevity of a pinched nerve and to better assist in preventing the condition, these tools may be of assistance.

Preventing A Pinched Nerve – It All Starts Here

One of the most common reasons for ending up with a nerve that wants to give you hell is bad posture while sleeping. So how does one improve the posture while sleeping?. Sound impossible right. Well its not. Starting with an orthopedic pillow is the best option to take. What these pillows do is align the spine into the correct position while preventing the muscles from tangling up with nerves.

  • Infrared Massaging Devices: Infrared is the best treatment for getting into deep muscle tissue. These massagers use such a technology.
  • Infrared Heating Pads: From neck and shoulder pads to complete body pads, these pads work on you while you relax. Not a massager as such, but a heat and infrared treatment to increase blood flow and deconstruct pinched nerves.
  • Percussion Massagers – Pound your way through the muscles to loosen and release pinched nerves. Percussion massagers are great for a hammer like massage. This can really loosen up tight muscles and unlock the nerve that’s causing havoc.
  • Trigger Point Tools: An assortment of tools used to target trigger points that can cause pinched nerves.
  • Cervical Neck Traction Devices: These devices help to re-align the spine from the neck down. What this does is frees up any nerves caught in the displacement of the spine. The combination of a neck traction device and a orthopedic pillow are great ways to keep the spine aligned and be pinched nerve free.


What Is  A Pinched NerveWhat Is A Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve is actually an injury to the nerve. This condition can result from a sports injury, workplace injury or a wrong posture when sitting or sleeping. Usually, the nerves in the body go through the spine before branching out to the legs, arms, and all other parts of the body. The nerve leaves the spine through small openings and could become pinched easily. When herniated disks expand and start pressing against the nerves, they can easily become pinched.

On the other hand, compressed vertebrae due to aging can pinch a nerve. Also, narrowing of the spine from where the nerves are located, which is called Spinal stenosis, can pinch and press the nerves. These are some common conditions where pinched nerves could be the result.

The Importance Of Posture For Preventing Pinched Nerves

People with bad postures can suffer from this condition more than those that pay particular attention to their posture. The other risk factors for this condition include weight gain, pregnancy, and water retention due to thyroid disease. When the nerve is pinched, it loses the ability to transmit electrical impulses from the brain.

This can lead to numerous symptoms such as tingling sensations in the shoulder or arm, muscle spasms, loss of sensations in the arm, burning sensations in the neck area, and numbness down the arm through to your thumb. Not all people will feel the discomfort immediately when they are affected with this condition. But people who are 50 years or older can feel the sensations more often.

Seek Medical Advice For Long Lasting Nerve DamageHow To Massage A Pinched Nerve

Most of the time, a pinched nerve condition can resolve on its own after a couple of days. But it is important that you consult a qualified healthcare provider if you feel these sensations on a long-term basis. A pinched nerve condition shouldn’t be ignored if it interferes with your day to day activities. In fact, this condition can result in permanent damage to the nerves if left untreated for a longer period of time. Under such circumstances, a surgery may be required to relieve the condition. But it will not guarantee that you become pain-free once again. That’s why it is important to see a qualified doctor if you suffer from such a condition for an extended period of time.

Therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments are the most effective to relieve the pain associated with the condition. With so many massage therapy centers across the country, how are you going to pick the right therapist for your condition? In fact, you need to do some research and check the qualifications and background of the therapist before choosing the right candidate to treat your pinched nerve condition.

Massaging Does Help Pinched Nerves

In conclusion, pinched nerve is a condition that affects millions of people across the globe. It affects older people and even the younger generation. This is because young people are often unaware of the dangers of sitting and sleeping in bad positions.

However life gets in the way for each and everyone of us, so a pinched nerve can never be 100% prevented in my opinion. Learning to undertake good posture and working in a ergonomic office is a great way to limit the amount of pinched nerves you get. But by having a suitable neck or shoulder massaging device on hand, you greatly increase your chances of a faster recovery time. So it’s a great way to prepare for the unwelcome event the next time you need to massage a pinched nerve.

Pinched nerves can run deep into the muscles. Pinpointing the affected nerves can be difficult with a traditional handheld massaging device. By using a deep tissue massager designed to penetrate deep into the muscles at the exact location will assist in relieving the pinched nerve much quicker. A ‘point’ type of head attachment is the best way of getting in deeply affected areas.




  1. Oh boy, I need my husband to read this article! I’m a dental hygienist, and I get pinched nerves all the time in my shoulders… it is sooo painful.. I really have to be mindful of the way that I sit, but it is so easy to slip up when I am slammed with patients. Lots of information here, I didn’t really understand the process of how it happens… but now I do. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Jen, pinched nerves are never fun, but they can range from acceptable to excruiating. I find getting in massaging them as soon as I deteck them a way to minimze the impact.

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