Heating Pads For Achilles Tendonitis

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Heating Pads For Achilles TendonitisWhen using heating pads for Achilles Tendonitis, it’s best to ensure the swelling has gone down first. Treat the affected area with cold therapy before applying the healing attributes that heat therapy offers. When it comes to choosing a heat pad for treating Achilles Tendonitis, it’s important to understand that some pads will be better suited to some people, over the next person.

A microwaveable heat pad rested under the foot while kicking back watching TV maybe all you need. While someone else may live a very busy live and need a portable heating pad for ankles so that they can carry on working. However, rest is recommended and you shouldn’t run the risk of rupturing your tendon. So take it easy for the first couple of days after injury.

Athletes and sports stars frequently experience Achilles Tendonitis, but they are not the only ones. Anyone of us could start feeling the affects of Tendinosis which is small tears in the tissues surrounding the tendon. This is a result of wear and tear which is usually from repetitive use. Hence why runners and sports stars suffer this injury frequently.

But it can happen to anyone, even if you don’t run a mile all year long. But you walk up and down 5 flights of stairs everyday on your way to work. That’s pretty repetitive and can cause Achilles Tendonitis. So don’t be fooled into thinking that becasue you are not an athlete you can’t suffer this injury. So with that said, here are some of the best heating pads for treating Achilles Tendonitis.

Best Far Infrared Heating Pad For Achilles Tendonitis

Best Far Infrared Heating Pad For Achilles TendonitisFor this pad to be effective, you need to be sitting down with access to power. So if you work in an office or want to apply heat therapy on the sofa, this is a great choice. It’s called the 3 in 1 ankle wrap by TherMedic whom make awesome heat pads/wrap targeted to all sorts of areas like the ankles and even the knees.

What it does is wraps around your ankle and covers the bottom of your foot as well as the top. So it not only helps with Achilles Tendonitis, it can also heat other areas of the foot and be useful for conditions like arthritis.

The reason is is good for applying heat therapy for Achilles Tendonitis is that the internal heating device runs directly inline with the tendons. The cabric inside the wrap is a unique material to TherMedic. The 3 in 1 cabric heat pad offers far infrared heat.

The far infrared heat is not your traditional heat from a heating pad. It is similar to the rays from the sun. Invisible to the eye, yet very powerful as they hone in much deeper into painful muscles and tissues. So infrared doesn’t heat up the surface (Skin) so much, it works by heating up inside the foot. So don’t expect this heat wrap to feel like a fire on the back of your ankle. It’s a more subtle heat.

This is a much more effective method of increasing the healing time as it is circulating blood right at the source. So the invisible infrared rays will be right in where the small tears are in the tissues and will be circulating the blood to produce more nutrients and oxygen to the tendon. Effectively increasing healing time.

As this is modern age technology at it’s current best, you do need to be plugged into the wall to get this infrared treatment. So being portable or on the go is not this heat pads strong point. But as it stands, there’s not too much better on the market in terms of treating Achilles Tendonitis with heat therapy then the 3 in 11 by TherMedic.

TherMedic 3 In1 Infrared Heat Pad For The Foot


Best Microwavable Heating Pad For Ankles

Best Microwavable Heating Pad For AnklesWith Achilles Tendonitis you want something that is not only effective, but also comfortable. That is why this heating pad for the ankle and foot is my number one choice. Made in the USA, the Elasto Gel hot and cold foot therapy is a great choice when you tear a Achilles tendon.

The reason I like this pad more than the others comes down to the soft squishy glycerine substance used inside the stretchy materials. It not only provides comfort, but it also offers a even and balanced heat treatment. But becasue it can be used for cold therapy as well, it makes a all round solution for Achilles Tendonitis. Use the cold therapy immediately after injury to reduce swelling and then apply the heat for improved healing times.

I like how the Elasto Gel pad can contour to just about any foot shape or size. This comes down to the adjustable strap which is one of the key features to making this pad work. You can pretty much strap this pad on however you see fit to make it benefit your affected area. In this instance, the back of the foot. So it heats the Achilles tendon tissues and muscles surrounding it for increased blood flow and better healing times.

Because this is a glycerine gel infused pad, you can reuse it as much as you like. Unfortunately the product is machine washable for this reason. But a quick wipe over after use will keep it in good condition. Heating the pad is very simple. Like other microwavable heat pads, you just zap it for a couple minutes to get 10-20 minutes of warmth on the troublesome foot.

Walking while wearing this pad can be a little tricky. This is because the underneath side of your foot is also receiving the heat from the glycerine gel. So while you can tip toe around the house with it on, it’s best to kick back and rest while wearing the pad. Which I don’t have a problem with at all.

Elasto Gel Hot & Cold Therapy For Feet


Best Portable Heat Pad For Achilles Tendonitis

Best Portable Heat Pad For Achilles TendonitisWhen you need to be on the go and want to assist in the treatment of Achilles Tendonitis at the same time, there’s none better than the TheraPAQ portable heat pad for Achilles Tendonitis. This unique pad has two slots in which you place a heat pack into. One which is in the ideal location to help stimulate blood flow for Achilles Tendonitis and the other slot which is under the foot for when you suffer from foot arch or Plantar Fasciitis.

Because you have the option to put these heat pads into either location of the included foot wrap, walking around on your feet is a lot easier than the above two products mentioned. When treating Achilles Tendonitis you only need to put the one heat pad into the slot at the back of the wrap. So walking on your flat feet shouldn’t be an issue.

When you have injured the achilles tendon, this pack can also work as cold therapy which is best for initial injuries to reduce the swelling. The two packs included can be frozen. Simply put then into the slots and you can have a nice cool feeling on your foot without having dripping water everywhere and dealing with ice. The cold packs are also awesome treatments for the war on plantar fasciitis.

While the wrap is one size fits all, the included Velcro straps can only go so far. So if you consider yourself to have oversized calves, it may be a tight squeeze. That would be this wraps only negative as far as I can see. Otherwise it’s a terrific heat and cool pack for treating Achilles Tendonitis.

TheraPAQ Hot & Cold Therapy For Achilles Tendonitis


Preventing Achilles TendonitisPreventing Achilles Tendonitis

While Achilles Tendonitis may be unavoidable and almost impossible to prevent, there are a few things you can do to limit the frequency and or impact on your body. These include:

  1. Don’t overdo exercise, walking, running if you are just starting a fitness plan.
  2. Avoid situations that can bring on Achilles Tendonitis such as hill running. Warm up slowly and if you experience pain whilst undertaking such activities, stop and rethink your plan of attack.
  3. Wear appropriate fitting shoes. Old and worn down shoes may not provide the correct heal and arch support needed causing extra stress on the tendons. Of your current shoes don’t support your feet, think about investing in new ones.
  4. Stretch and strengthen you tendons and calf muscles daily if possible. Stretching before and after a workout or repetitive exercise can have great impact on how well your tendons perform. Building stronger calf muscles will help ease the stress on the Achilles tendons and may reduce the frequency and severity of Achilles Tendonitis.
  5. Watch the below video and how massage therapy can help with the treatment of Achilles Tendonitis.

  1. raymond@myglitzgirl

    Thats pretty interesting that such a device exist. I dont have any achilles issues yet. Thank God. But the fact that everyone will go through this, glad to know you introduced this review about this hot and cold therapy. Unfortunately, Im from asia so I will have to hunt it down when the need arise.

  2. Hey Josh,
    Really great post from an ex-footy player who is suffering in a few of the old joints, and although my Achilles is fine I have some drama going on with my knees and a bit of tennis elbow happening as I write. I was a sports trainer years ago and am amazed how technology has improved with all the different types of products available in today’s markets, and your website has opened my eyes to the fact I can do something to ease the pain.
    Great job mate, i’ll be doing some more reading up

    • Thanks for the comment Paul. Must have been a interesting job as a sports trainer. I’m sure you have seen many cases of Achilles Tendonitis over the years.

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