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Health and wellness clinics have been using infrared body wraps for many years now with great customer satisfaction and success. But what about people that want this kind of treatment from the comfort of their own homes. Well in these home infrared body wrap reviews you will discover that you don’t need to buy a $10,000 commercial use body wrap. For a fraction of the cost, you can grab your very own infrared body wrap to use at home.

Why Go With A Infrared Heat Wrap?Home Infrared Body Wrap Reviews

Infrared is an invisible heat source that we experience everyday naturally form the sun. However, with the sun’s warmth also come UV rays which an be harmful as we know. By utilizing the infrared benefits in a body wrap like this, you are receiving all the health benefits without having to worry about skin burning and cancer.

Infrared works differently to a typical heat source. That is because it penetrates and heats from within. So you don’t feel the burning sensation as much, but the invisible heat is doing wonders on the inside. When you apply infrared to the whole body like this and also from full body heating pads, the internal core of your body heats up.

Much like a good workout at the Gym or simply a day sweating it out at work. But with these forms of sweating, while you re-hydrate, you don’t replace the lost toxins, fats and cholesterol as well compared to infrared heat. This is one of the nine misconceptions about infrared body wraps found on fitbodywrap.com. With infrared heat, the body can release up to 4-5 times the amount of fats and toxins. This is the main reason for people wanting to use a infrared body wrap at home. To loose weight and also detoxify their body. Both very good reasons to buy a infrared body wrap if you have the chance.

If you are on the fence about this kind of technology, find out whether infrared body wraps actually work here.

Best Far Infrared Body Wrap For Home Use

Best Far Infrared Body Wrap For Home UseWhile many of us try and avoid the harmful toxins and maintain a healthy life, unfortunately it’s impossible to eliminate them. This is why a body wrap like this from ‘New Spa’ is especially handy. Conventional saunas typically make you sweat mostly water. Recent studies have shown that infrared treatments can make you sweat out less water and more of the bad stuff like toxic heavy metals, fat and cholesterol. So moving forward, it’s easy to see why Infrared is here to stay.

As this body suit is far infrared it can penetrate slightly further than normal infrared. Far infrared is slightly further away on the visible human eye color spectrum. This basically means you can reach further in and heat up greater for maximum toxin release. For those experiencing full body pain, far infrared means that greater blood circulation can be formed which increases the oxygen and nutrients to the whole body.

The body suit its self is a little constricting. But you can move in it. When compared to a infrared blanket for example. You will need to check the sizes available as I don’t think it is one size fits all. As for temperatures, it is meant to regulate between 86 and 140F. Which I don’t think reaches the full temperature but found it to be quite sufficient.

As it does make you sweat a heck of a lot, it hasn’t had too many ‘hot spots’ like when you can get from a professional body wrap treatment. So this is very good for a product at this price.

Far-Infrared Slimming Suit. Anti Cellulite and Weight Loss Body Wrap


Best Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

The nest best infrared treatment you can do at home is by using one of these sauna blankets by Gizmo Supply. What I love about this blanket is that it doesn’t take up much room at all. Portable saunas can be quite expensive, and I find that these blankets do such a good job anyways.

So this infrared heat blanket is made from a strong PU material that is waterproof, but surprisingly soft. So it’s not uncomfortable to lay in. The inner material is a PVC product which is used to make many household items such as airbeds.

The blanket itself can heat up hotter than the body suit above, measuring in at 77 to 185F. According to the brand, you can sweat out up to 500 calories in a 30 minute session. I don’t know how accurate that statement is, but it sure does get you feeling you have just done a long workout.

One thing I do like about this infrared heat blanket is that it does have a automatic shut off time. The maximum being one hour. Which is quite a lot, so I wouldn’t let it run for too long every time. However, you have the safety of knowing id=f you do fall asleep you won’t wake up as skin and bones due to the safety shut off feature. I recommend a good 30-45 minutes per session. Especially if you are just starting.

Another cool feature is the three zone controller. It allows you to set which areas of the blanket you need heated. I find that having this amount of control is great for people with muscle injuries or pain like back pain sufferers. Focus the whole session on the mid or high back region to get a great infrared therapy session while laying in your own bed. If you have suffer from arthritis, this blanket is a godsend. Makes you feel like the joints have been sprayed with lubricant. Amazing.

Gizmo Supply Co. Infrared Body Blanket


Outside The Box Thinking – A Sauna?

If you are OK with getting a great and beneficial infrared heat treatment while sitting down and watching TV, then something like this portable Sauna by Serene Life may be the answer. It offers all the same beneficial treatments of the body wraps, but for some can be classified as more comfortable. As you don’t need to lay down, or wear a constricting outfit.

How this sauna works is by you sitting down on the included sauna chair. Have the sauna temperature and timer set, close it up with your head sticking out the top and relax . Oh, expect to be soaking wet after 20-25 minutes. The infrared heat on this sauna work very fast. Especially when you compare it to the old fashioned steam saunas.

The auto shut off time is again one hour. While the maximum temperature is 140F. Which is lower than that of the other products above. But, with this Sauna you get the benefit of a more even and better distributed infrared session. The conductive far infrared heating elements surround your body, so there’s no escaping it. The foot pad even has the infrared conductors built into it.

The chair that comes with is is a pretty solid camping style of a chair. You can easily change it if you don’t like it. You can even set this sauna up over carpet if you wish. As Infrared energy is absorbed by the body, it doesn’t heat up the elements around like carpet. However, if you sweat more than most, than you may think twice. All up it’s a very good infrared sauna at a price (Check Price On Amazon) that will probably have you screaming at your local sauna clinic for ripping you off. After you buy this Serene Life, you won’t be going back to pay top dollar for another sauna session again.

Serene Life Portable Infrared Sauna


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