How To Massage With A Foam Roller

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The foam roller is a lifesaver when it comes to massaging sore muscles after a strenuous workout, or relieving constricted knots and soothing stiff necks. But I must admit there is a learning curve. However, once you know how to massage with a foam roller, like we show below. You will find many benefits of this form of stretching/massaging that you never once knew existed.

If you have never used a foam roller to massage your body before, I feel you are going to love this new found tool. The vast amount of opportunities this one device offers is amazing. In fact, there are many ways of using a foam roller to massage your body. Even if you do yoga to stretch your muscles, a foam roller can complement your yoga practice. Here are some of the most effective ways of massaging your body with a foam roller.

Work Of Caution – Foam Rolling 101How To Massage With A Foam Roller

Like mastering any new massage tool or exercise device there, is a learning curve. With the foam roller you can cause some serious bruising and indulge in some intense pain if you don’t know what you are doing.  This is not a pleasurable pain either folks. This is why it is extremely important you start off with a beginners foam roller and work your way up to the more dense deep tissue therapy foam rollers.

Don’t push yourself too hard as a beginner. Gently work your way into this relatively new concept. Once your body is use to the rolling action and can handle a bit more pressure, then upgrade to a high density roller. Its also important to take particular care on the sensitive ares of your body like the lower back and neck.

Foam Rolling Massage Techniques

You can massage the thigh muscles with a roller quite effectively. In order to massage the front thighs, you should get into an “upward facing” dog position first. Now place the roller under the thighs with the toes on the floor. Press your hands into the floor while shifting the body backward and forward. This will let the roller massage your quads quite effectively.

In fact, it is ideal for quadricep release after a strenuous workout. On the other hand, if you have been working out the calves and hamstrings, you will need the foam roller to release the soreness of these muscles. Position the foam roller under the back of the thighs and straighten your legs. The heels should be off the floor. Press your hands into the floor and raise your buttocks slightly. Now shift your body backward and forward. This will allow the roller to massage the calves and back of the thighs.

Foam Roller Exercises For IT Band

If you need to release tension from the side of the thigh or IT band, follow these foam roller exercises for the IT band.  While it can also be considered wrong to use a foam roller on a already abused elongated IT band, many people still do. So do so at your own risk of further injury. Using a foam roller for IT Band Syndrome correctly has been proven to relieve the symptoms of the condition such as sore knees and painful outer leg muscles.

To start, you should position the roller under the outside of a thigh. Now straighten the legs and point the toes. Shift the body backward and forward while pressing your hands into the floor. Simultaneously, roll the unit along the side of your upper leg. Feel the release and switch sides for a better release. The foam roller can also be used to release tension from your upper back area. Place the roller under the upper back. Now straighten the arms and bend your legs. Press your hands and feet into the ground and lift the buttocks off the floor. You should come up to a bridge pose. Now shift the body backward and forward and let the roller massage your upper back quite effectively.

Foam Roller Exercises IT Band Release Video


Foam Rolling – Massaging The Lower BackThe Best Foam Rollers For Back Pain 2017

For massaging the entire back with a foam roller you will need a longer roller. One that can reach the lower neck all the way down to your backside. This is when the roller is vertical going up and down your back. Not horizontally like most massage exercises do.

Likewise, the roller could massage your lower back too. With the lower back, its important to use a foam roller suitable for the back region. This is very important as the lower back isn’t protected by the rib cage like the mid and high back region.So if you apply too much pressure with a high density roller, you could end up causing more harm than good.

Position the roller under your lower back while bending the arms and legs. Press the elbows and feet into the ground and raise the buttocks off the ground. Shift the body backward and forward while the roller massages your lower back. You can even use the roller to release tension in the buttocks – glutes. First, place the roller under your buttocks. Now bend the legs while placing the feet flat on the floor. Shift the body backward and forward while the roller does its job.

Foot Massage? Why Not!

Best Foot Foam Roller

Our #1 Recommended Foot Foam Roller –

If you have been wearing uncomfortable shoes for a long day, your feet will need a nice massage. The foam roller is best for this purpose. First, stand on the ground with the foam massager under the arch of your foot. Apply gentle pressure onto the arch by rolling the foot back and forth. Hold onto something sturdy for the ideal balance. There are also foam rollers specially made for the toes.

The roller can even be used to work your triceps. Lay on one side while placing the roller under the armpit. Stretch the arms overhead to be parallel with the body. Now roll toward your armpit. You may pause at any tender spot if required. Roll back down and repeat the process for both arms.


To massage your thoracic spine, lay face up on the floor. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and flat on the floor. Now center the roller beneath the shoulder blades. It should be perpendicular to your body. Extend the arms out at a forty-five-degree angle. Reach your arms back toward the floor and raise them up again. You should keep the sacrum planted on the ground at all times.

Foam Rolling Massaging Tool Of 2017?

In conclusion, the foam roller could be used for many stretching and massaging exercises. There are several kinds of foam rollers used for various massaging tasks. So its best to buy the ones you need and not expect one roller to do your whole body. For a relatively cheap tool, these massaging devices can last a fair amount of time. Provided you buy a reputable and quality brand. So by buying a few to cater to certain areas of your body is what I consider a long term investment in your body.

What do you think, is the foam roller the best neck and shoulder massage tool for 2017?.



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