How To Massage Your Own Feet

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Getting a foot massage after a long, hard day at work would be heavenly, but only if you had someone willing to do it. Even if there is a potential candidate, enthusiasm may simply not be there. So learning how to massage your own feet is a valuable skill to possess for the longevity and comfort of your feet and your overall health and wellness.

In this day and age, we are all so busy ourselves that we don’t have time to give our partners a good old fashioned foot rub, especially if they aren’t willing to replicate the favor. Fortunately, you are reading this step by step guide and it will help you stop feeling down if nobody is willing or available to give you’re a foot massage and instead do it yourself the right way.

The Easiest Way To Get Foot Pain Relief YourselfHow To Massage Your Own Feet The Right Way

In the following guide, you can access videos and step by step instructions to manually giving yourself a foot massage. However, if you are anything like me and strapped for time and foresee yourself spending 30 minutes a day rubbing your own feet, have you considered a portable foot massager?.

In 2018 technology has evolved and a foot massage machine is no longer a ‘last case’ scenario. Some of these high quality machines can produce amazing Shiatsu and percussion massages to both your feet at once. Offering very similar results to a manual massage, but without the work.

I find myself lazy, well not really. I feel I have better things to do when I can get a foot massage from an infrared foot massager. Such as write this guide for you right now. That’s the beauty with these machines, you can watch TV, listen to music, read a book all while receiving a much needed foot massage. But if that is not to your liking, lets get into the manual art of giving yourself a foot rub.



Myofascial Release Technique On Your Feet

Myofascial Release Technique On Your FeetThis self foot massage method is a very basic approach to self foot massaging, yet very relieving. It uses Myofascial release therapy. This is a popular method used on many areas of the body. Thus possible to target other painful areas of the body such as muscles, organs, or bones using the Myofascial release technique and targeting the reflexology pressure points. A foam roller is a popular and cheap way to really benefit form Myofascial Release, especially on the feet.

You can refer to reflexology charts available freely online to identify the pressure points on your feet. It is important to know the exact points to apply pressure to and relieve the pain especially when giving yourself the massage. After all, nobody else can feel you the way you feel yourself. The benefit to following the reflexology pressure point are that you can potential increase healing in all areas of the body through stimulation on the feet.

The greatest advantage of this technique is that it leaves the hands free to do other things. You could be reading a book while you give yourself a foot massage. It is very relaxing and it allows you to carry on with your schedule without interruptions.

Step By Step Directions For Self Foot Massaging

1. Gather Massage Essentials

Find a comfortable seat where you can reach your feet and gather everything that you will need i.e. massage oil, water, towel, soap, washcloths, golf/tennis ball etc. Take off the shoes, use hot water to wet your washcloth, wring it out, apply some soap on it, and sit in the comfortable chair.

2. Wash Your Feet

Use the warm washcloth with soap applied to wash your feet. When washing your feet, enjoy the warmth and rub the feet as you do it. You are basically acting as your own foot massager. Once you finish, rinse the feet using a different warm washcloth. Use a towel to dry the feet gently and thoroughly.

3. Use Foam Roller/Ball On Soles Of Feet

Place a foam roller or tennis/golf ball on the floor, under the ball of one of your feet. Next, move the foot over the golf ball and roll it up and back for 30 seconds. Roll the ball under the feet in circles for an additional 30 seconds. Adjust the direction and pressure of the golf ball for areas of your feet that are particularly achy. Repeat this procedure on the other foot.

4. Oiling Up The Feet

Apply some foot lotion to the feet. Apply some lotion on both hands then rub them together. Grab the foot using the thumbs to grasp the sole. Massage the sole of your foot firmly with the thumbs while rubbing on the foot lotion. Grab each toe then rub the pad of each. Repeat this procedure for the other foot.

Self Massage Own Foot

5. Massage Your Feet

Gently start massaging the top of your feet. Take special care to reach out between the grooves of the bones in your feet. Start at the point where your foot meets your leg and use tender circulating motions to massage the feet working your way outwards towards the toes. It is advisable to use oil for this procedure.


Tips For When Massaging Your Own Feet

When massaging your own feet it can be a awkward chore to say the least. Especially if you’re not as flexible as you once were. So it can be difficult to raise the feet into a comfortable position as well as being tiresome on your thumbs. However, there are some tips and tricks that can make the task a little easier. The tips below will help you have a wholesome experience when massaging your own feet:

  • Pay close attention to any areas that feel tender. Use the thumbs to massage those areas in a circular motion.
  • Rub the arch of your foot starting from the heel to the ball of the foot. It is guaranteed to be relaxing.
  • A good stretch can be an excellent way to end the massage especially if you have been wearing tight shoes all day. Grab your foot on either side then pull it outwards. Do it for several minutes and you will notice how better it feels immediately.

Post Foot Massage Exercises

Once you have finished giving your feet a massage, it’s important you do a little stretching. Perform the following stretches to ensure a successful foot massage.

  1. Lay back on a flat surface then pull the feet backwards as hard as possible and maintain this position for 10 seconds.
  2. Push your feet outwards then try to hold them for a further 10 seconds.
  3. Wiggle your toes and away you go. Mission complete.

What Massage Oils To Use On Your Feet?

To some people, massage oils might seem unnecessary when massaging your own feet, but you should consider using essential oils. Essential oils are very important especially when massaging the top of your feet. The upper part of your feet has delicate skin and essential oils are guaranteed to offer the ultimate relaxing experience with their therapeutic qualities.

Essential oils have numerous healing properties, which will be beneficial not only to the feet but also the entire body too. Certain Massage oils can offer a relaxation effect to the muscles. However, I only recommend using these top 5 massage oils for relaxation.

Below you will find a list of the most highly recommended oils to use when giving yourself a foot massage:

Rosemary Essential Oil: It is great for achy feet.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: It is great for people with sweaty feet and swollen ankles.

Thyme Essential Oil: It is great for deodorizing the feet.

Peppermint Essential Oil: It has a cooling effect on the feet and helps with smell too.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: It has anti-fungal properties

Lavender Essential Oil: It is very relaxing and has a soothing effect

Grapefruit Essential Oil: It is said that it helps build and boost immunity

Time To Take Action – Massage Your Feet Today!

Massaging your own feet is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. If you are feeling stressed or anxious about something, whether it is work related to related to your personal life, a foot massage is an excellent way to pamper yourself and watch the tension flowing out of your body. A foot massage is an excellent way to revive your energy and offers numerous health benefits in the long term.

Now that you now how to massage your feet the right way, you should go give yourself some love next time your feel stressed out and tired of life. It is something quite simple, but it’s very powerful.

The great thing about it is that you are not relying on somebody else to bring pleasure to your body. It also won’t cost a cent. Alternatively, you can try out a foot massager designed to target pressure points for reflexology as a completely hands free approach. Don’t wait any longer and get to work. You will start noticing results almost instantly.

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