How To Stretch Muscles Between The Shoulder Blades

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How To Stretch Muscles Between The Shoulder BladesLearning how to stretch muscles between the shoulder blades effectively can be your best defense against potential trigger points causing knots, pinched nerves, myofacial etc. But sometimes the muscle fibers can become constricted no matter how much you stretch before a workout, sporting event or even while you are sleeping.So whats the best way to deal with this awkward part of the body when you don’t have anyone around to massage.

There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing pain between your shoulder blades. Perhaps you spend too many hours hunched over the work desk staring at your computer? Or perhaps you are tensing your upper back and shoulder muscles while you struggle with your daily worries. Pain between the shoulder blades is distracting, but there are a number of exercises you can do anywhere, anytime to try and dull the ache you are experiencing. Keep this list of five exercises handy for the next time those particular muscles start to make themselves known.

It’s not uncommon to massage the muscles before and after a workout. This will help increase blood flow and warm up the muscles before stretching them. After the workout a good way to relax them is by giving them a deep tissue massage using a handheld device.

5 Simple Ways To Stretch Away The Pain Between Your Shoulder Blades

1. Overhead Arm Shoulder Blade Stretch Technique

This type of stretch is simple to do and requires no exercise equipment. It is also very effective in quickly stopping the stiffness you feel between your shoulder blades.

Stand up from your desk, and move to an area where you can stretch up your arms without touching anything (as in don’t do this exercise underneath a circulating ceiling fan!) Take your left arm and point it straight upwards. Then bend the elbow downwards so that the arm and hand extend down your back towards the opposite shoulder. Using your right hand, reach over to your left elbow and pull it downwards so you are stretching the muscles between the shoulder. Hold this pose for 10 seconds, and then switch to the other arm. Do this stretch each time you feel the tightness begin between your shoulders.

2. The Best Foam Rollers For The Shoulders

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Rollers - Great For Shoulder Blades

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Rollers – Great For Shoulder Blades

Many people use foam rollers as a after workout treatment to relieve tires aching muscles. But they can also be a great way to stretch out the muscle fibers before doing any sort of physical activity. They are very easy to use and can be done by your self. No need for a second person or any sort of structural support when using a specially designed foam roller.

Simply lay down with a extra wide high quality foam roller beneath your shoulders. By pushing down you can monitor the amount of pressure required. From there its just a matter of gently rolling back and forwards over the required muscles. The more advanced rollers will have textures and or materials for a deeper tissue massage. These types of rollers are ideal for the back region and the quads. But be warned, these are not your spaghetti noodle pool foam types of rollers. They are designed to pull and stretch the muscles out, in a good way.

3. Behind Back Arm Technique

This type of stretch can also be done simply by standing up from your desk. However, unlike the overhead arm stretch, you don’t need to move away from ceiling fans etc.

Stand with your feet slightly apart, and correct your posture to make sure you have a straight back. Reach both arms behind your body until your hands are clasped together. While your hands are laced, push them away from your body until they are a 45 degree angle with your back. Hold them in this position for 30 seconds before gently returning them to your back. Repeat this five times before releasing your hands from each other. This exercise also should bring quick relief from shoulder blade pain.

4. Stretching The Shoulders Using Door Handles

If you want to add variety to your shoulder blade stretches, look for the closest door handle or office chair.

For this exercise, reach out and grab the door handle or the top of the chair with both of your hands. Make sure your arms are kept nice and straight as you back away until you can move back no further. Keeping a tight hold of your chosen object, bend down your back until it is at a 90-degree angle with your legs. As you bend, continue to move your body back so the extension of your back and arms puts you as far away from the object you are holding as you can get. Hold this position for 30 seconds before you start to slowly stand back up. As you stand upwards, walk slowly towards the door or chair and roll your body gently back up until you are standing upright again.

5. Shoulder Massage Devices

Best Shoulder Massaging Devices

Naipo Neck & Shoulder Massager On

Massaging tools are generally used as a way to relieve shoulder pain after strain and injury due to working conditions, physical activity, accidents, bad posture, sleeping problems etc. We often use neck and shoulder massagers on a day to day basis as a way to rectify these issues. They work beautifully too. But not often enough do people consider these devices as a stretching option and a preventative to sore painful muscles.      Best Shoulder Massaging Devices

Loosing up the muscles and getting them warm before daily activity can be the only way to get through the day for many folks. Getting a deep tissue massage for just a few minutes in the morning can drastically assist in the process. Since implementing a early morning massage consistently, I have found my body can cope much better after a hard days work. Typically I would get home and my muscles would be so sore and tired I could barely move from the sofa. But since incorporating an electronic massage to my back and shoulders every morning, life has been much easier.

What Do You Think?

These 5 exercises to stretch between the shoulder blade muscles can be done anywhere, and they should be performed as soon as you start feeling the tension building up between your shoulder blades. The longer you maintain bad posture, the worse the pain will be. If you find that the pain keeps returning on a regular basis, make an appointment to see your doctor so you can be sure nothing more serious is occurring. You don’t have to put up with pain between your shoulder blades for long when you put these stretches to good use. Implement a strategy to your daily routine to allow for a quick shoulder blade massage routine and you may start feeling the difference rather quickly.

Relieve Pain Between Shoulder Blades Video

Watch as Physical Therapists reveal 3 ways to stop the pain between the shoulder blades in under 6 minutes. Informative and entertaining video.




  1. Hi very informative article, i have a frozen shoulder and there is times when it is quite painful, and very stiff to move. I am going to try Your exercises for my shoulder, on reading your article i can see how these exercises will help.
    In your opinion do you think i will always have this problem or do you think that exercise will eventually stop the shoulder from stiffing up?

    • Hi Gareth, unfortunately a Frozen Shoulder can vary from case to case. While some people find relief after a year, others can still suffer from a very stiff shoulder for multiple years. In general I would say about 2 years is the expected lifespan of a Frozen Shoulder. How long have you currently suffered from a stiff shoulder?

  2. These are some great ways to be relieve of shoulder blade pain. Many persons are facing this issue (Including myself) and have tried ways and methods of seeking to bring comfort, but what you are suggesting here are some great tips I’m sure to try. I will explore this site some more to get a greater understanding of relieving my shoulder and back pain.Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Norman, glad you found these 5 ways to stretch the muscles between the shoulder blades helpful. Another idea, which is rather common is to put a tennis ball between the sore muscle and a wall. Rub up and down in the affected area and pressing into the wall for a deeper tissue massage. This works great and is releatively cheap. Free if you already have a tennis ball.

  3. Ugh it’s so good to find someone who knows what they’re talking about.. especially with all the phonies online. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find some good help.
    Just about every time I work out my back or shoulders, I get very sore and all knotty in uncomfortable ways in my upper back. I’m hoping these techniques help! Thanks

    • Thanks for you kind words. I’m forever getting pinched nerves and knots in my back and shoulders. Finding a solution is the only option because they cam be immobilizing at times.

  4. Hey there! This is very helpful especially to me. I work 8 hours a day sitting down in front of a computer. My breaks are only lunch time and if I go to the restrooms. Sometimes I feel pain in my shoulder blades. Probably because of the poor posture when I sit down. I’m going to try this to relieve the stress on my shoulder blades. Thank you for sharing this information.

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