Infrared Heating Pad VS Regular Heating Pad

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Heat pads have been around since the 1900’s and have evolved to what they are today. In recent years, technology has evolved even more so, allowing the humble heat pad to become a hot commodity in the pain relief sector. This is why many people are now wanting to know the differences between: Far Infrared Heating Pads VS Regular Heating pads.

Both the infrared heating pad and an electric heating pad claim to do the same thing. They both are pieces of equipment that are often used to control muscle spasms while at the same time relaxing tight muscles and easing pain. Women use both kinds of heating pads as a natural menstrual cramp pain reliever. There are many people who also use these devices to enhance the blood flow to other affected areas or to simply provide comforting warmth during a winters day.

When you place either of these heating pads on your skin it will stimulate thermal receptors. A thermal receptor is basically a responder to your body’s temperature and their primary task is to eliminate pain transmitters from reaching your brain. There are a wide variety of heating pads on the market and you can purchase these pain relief solutions at most retail outlets, pharmacies, or by going online. However, many people may wonder which heating pad is better to use?.

Comparing Heating PadsInfrared Heating Pad VS Regular Heating Pad

Infrared Explained

The far infrared heating pads are the more recent entry into the heating pad market. With this type of heating pad you will receive an infrared energy that produces the heat. The heat will not be directly from the pads surface so to speak. When you use an infrared heating pad it is similar to receiving infrared rays from the sun.

The infrared rays from the pad have the ability to penetrate deeper beneath the skin then any other type of heating pad available. The difference between far (FIR) and Infrared is just that the far infrared pads can penetrate even deeper than infrared. Not recommended for pregnant Women however.  These type of heat rays will provide beneficial healing to your entire body, both back to front.Infrared heating pads are safe to use and are usually the number one recommendation from therapists all over the globe.

Infrared heating pads come in a variety of shapes and styles to cater to different conditions and body parts. Here area  few common types of infrared pads available: Some heating pads incorporate the uses of healing gems such as Jade Stone and negative ions as a way to improve overall wellness, healing and a way to conduct the infrared rays even better.

A Regular Electric Heating Pad Differences Difference Between Infrared And Regular Heating Pads

A traditional electric heating pad is designed to heat from the outer side and therefore it will barely penetrate the skin. It acts as a warmer compared to a deep heat therapy that infrared heat pad offers. However, a regular heat pad certainly has its uses.

An electric heating pad is primarily used to relieve any aches or pains that you feel in various parts of your body. The pad has several elements that heat up when you turn the heating pad on. One of the advantages of an electric heating pad is that you can adjust the heat temperature by a thermostat. When used properly, these type of heating pads are very safe because of the insulating material that the heating coils are covered with.

Both electric heating pads and infrared heating pads are popular and many people will purchase one of each. The electric heating pad is constructed of a strong insulating material that completely covers all of the inner coils of the pad. The insulated cover can be easily removed for washing. The key advantage of an electric pad is that it will produce an equal amount of heat all over the pad. The electric heating pads also come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can find whatever size suits your needs.

The Best Kinds Of Regular Heating Pads

  • Moist Heating Pads are the best as they offer both dry heat and moist heat which is the better of the two. Dry heat can burn your skin as the pad absorbs the moisture in your skin. Moist pads provide moisture so that your skin doesn’t dry out and potentially burn.
  • Microwavable pads. But not just any, only use the best if you want a heat pad that will distribute heat evenly and for a longer period of time.
  • Electric neck and shoulder heat wraps. These pads are designed for the most common injuries that relate to the neck and shoulders.


Advantages Of Infrared Over A Regular Heat Pad

The advantages of using an infrared heating pad are many. Most infrared heating pads are capable of providing a steady and tender pulse of heating energy. There are also many studies that have shown that an infrared heating pad will strengthen the body’s filtration and cleansing system. This type of cleansing and filtration will actually help to eliminate toxins from your body. An infrared heating pad also can improve the lungs, heart, immune system, thymus, and kidneys. It is also beneficial for relieving back pain, clearing cellulite, burning calories, reducing stress, reducing high blood pressure, and promoting a good night’s sleep.

Not Sure How Infrared Works?

Should You Buy A Regular Or Infrared Heating Pad

My recommendation is to always go with the best, and in this case it’s the infrared varieties. But infrared can be more expensive than a regular heating pad. So if the budget doesn’t allow for it, get a high quality electric heating pad. Don’t settle for a cheap and nasty pad. It won’t last long nor will it provide the heat you so desire.

As with anything that you decide to purchase for the benefit of your health it is wise to spend some time and do some investigation and research into the product. One of the more important things to consider when purchasing a heating pad is to make sure that you choose only approved heating pads. Otherwise, heating pads are relatively low in price and therefore you may want to try one of each to see which one works best for you.

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