Infrared Light Therapy For Arthritis

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When it comes to arthritis, there are a variety of treatments available including infrared light therapy for arthritis. This infrared therapy is a relatively new treatment option and has worked well for many people all over the globe. Heat therapy is a popular method of relieving pain as an arthritis sufferer. It is not only natural and medication free, but also works extremely well if done right. The best heat therapy of course is Infrared, which we will go into more detail now and explain the benefits of using infrared for someone suffering from arthritis.

So What Is Infrared Light Therapy?Infrared Light Therapy For Arthritis

Very simply put, infrared light therapy is similar to the heat that a person would feel if they were out in the sun. It’s powerful and will penetrate deep into the tissues of the body. Technically speaking, the therapy uses a light that is between 600 and 1000 nm in wavelength. This is completely invisible to the human eye.

The body will experience this as a radiant gentle heat that will penetrate up to 1 and 1/2 inches beneath the skin. This naturally raises the temperature of the body. The heat, in turn, raises the body temperature in that region of the body and offers up relief from the pain by speeding up the blood circulation. But it is not a heat that you feel on your skin so much. It works by hitting at the pain areas of your body, but much deeper under the skin. So minimal risk of burning your skin with infrared compared to an ordinary electric heating device.

What Does The Infrared Therapy Do For Arthritic Pain?

The infrared light therapy for arthritis will offer pain relief to the body by bringing up the internal temperature of the body and thus increasing the circulation of blood. This is done without increasing blood pressure. When the circulation is increased, the body will begin to feel relief from pain and inflammation.

The infrared therapy works on arthritis by helping the body to naturally heal at a faster rate. This healing can be considered faster and better than pain pills becasue of the lack of side effects. It’s free of side effects that many pills are all to famous for. The healing attributes come from the extra oxygen and nutrients that are distributed to the joints and pain areas of your body. So by heating at a much deeper point in your body, you are allowing greater blood flow which brings in all the good stuff to get those joints and muscles feeling a lot better.

The Difference Between Regular Heat And Infrared?

Regular heating doesn’t help to relieve the joint pain in the same fashion because the heat isn’t able to penetrate the skin deeply enough to the joints and the muscles. The infrared wavelength, on the other hand, harnesses the suns power and helps the heat to penetrate more deeply.

In this article on infrared light therapy, you can discover just how it was discovered to be the hottest heat source from the sun, yet invisible to the naked eye. Technology has modified to adapt to infrared and now powers a lot of equipment to help society in more ways than just heating.

Additionally, a regular heating source can potentially burn the skin and cause dangerous burns to the body not to mention the fact that these devices can also ignite and start a fire. But as infrared light devices don’t heat the skin so much, there’s less surface burning to consider.

How Infrared Light Helps Arthritic Pain


Infrared Light Devices For Arthritis Pain Relief

As we evolve more into the world of technology, it won’t be long before there are even more incredible ways to feel the heat of infrared and receive the healing benefits that it offers. The increase for infrared Saunas is on the rise along with all the portable handheld devices down to the trusty heating pad. Infrared lights that can be used to pinpoint a problematic area in the body are just amazing. So I for one cannot wait to see how we use this relatively new technology to make relieving pain at home much more accessible.

Infrared Heating Pads are ideal for arthritis pain as it’s an ongoing condition and you will want daily relief. So a heating pad that incorporates infrared heat that can be used to relieve pain while reading a book or watching TV is priceless. There are various areas of the body which you can pin point on the body using heating pads. Infrared heat pads for the knees are a popular device as well as using heating pads for neck pain and shoulder pain to combat arthritis pain.

But when your whole body aches, there’s nothing better that laying in bed (or the sofa) with a full body infrared pad. These devices work overtime to increase blood flow to start soothing aching joints at a faster rate. Whats particularly good about these models is that you can wrap them around your body to contour to your shape. So if its your top half aching you can snuggle into one of the full body heat pads and start feeling pain relief almost immediately.

Infrared Light Therapy Studies?Best Infrared Heating Pad For Knee Arthritis

Infrared light therapy, also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy, is a natural treatment for arthritis pain other than NSAIDs or pain relief injections. It’s non-invasive which reduces the risk of infection and it’s pill free which reduces the incidences of side effects.

Patients suffering from RA have found a reduced level of pain by up to 70 percent in comparison to placebos. It’s greatly reduced morning stiffness by as much as 95 percent in many patients.

Arthritis is one of the few conditions in which infrared has been proven to be a viable treatment. As found in this study on ncbi, sufferers of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Low level light laser therapy was introduced in about 1990 for arthritis sufferers.

According to studies its been used for skin treatments among other things. It’s also been proven to increase movement in the joints and increase the flexibility and the endorphins in the blood which results in a greater pain relief for all of the joints that are affected by arthritis.

Risks And Side Effects Of Infrared Light Therapy

Since infrared therapy is completely non-invasive, it works very well for those who don’t tolerate the side effects of pills and injections for arthritis pain relief. According to studies just a mere decade ago, it’s been shown that infrared light has zero side effects with minimal risks. In fact, it’s so safe that hospitals today use infrared light to heal newborns with jaundice.

With studies backing this kind of therapy, that there are minimal side effects and that the therapy actually reduces pain and inflammation throughout the entire body, not just the area where the treatment was applied it makes sense to invest in a infrared light device to help relieve pain as an arthritis sufferer.

How Does The Infrared Light Therapy Work?Does Infrared Light Therapy Really Work

The light is emitted via LED bulbs that are installed in special lamps or handheld devices, or transmitted via natural jade/amethyst stones that are in infrared heating devices. These special incandescent bulbs are able to produce infrared radiation that is invisible to the human eye. The light goes through these bulbs which come out as an invisible heat source which penetrates deep within the body to begin the infrared treatment from the inside out.

When it comes to heating pads, the best kind are ones with Jade Stones as these stones act as a transmitter of the infrared heat. So it is distributed more evenly over the entire heating surface.

What these invisible rays do is basically take the beneficial components of the sun and pack them into a handheld device or similar. Because infrared is on the far end of the visible color spectrum and uses energy waves, it’s a very safe effective pain treatment plan for arthritis sufferers. While its not a miracle cure, it sure is a welcomed pain relieving device you can use while at home.

Infrared Light Therapy Treatments Available For People With Arthritis

There are several routes that a person can go about getting infrared treatment. They can go to a center and pay a lot of money for such treatment. Or, they can relax in the comfort of their own home and use their own device.

For a one time cost, they can purchase their own choice of therapy lights and use them in the comfort of their own home. They can relax, watch television or read or even just take a nap while enjoying the infrared light therapy. All they have to do is plug the unit in and use it for a few minutes each day to find relief from their pain and inflammation.

The price you pay for a light therapy device is nothing compared to the pain it can possibly relieve. The best part is, they are not over the top expensive. So testing one of the best today won’t cost you your home.

How Long Does A Treatment Session Last?

Treatment sessions can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the severity of the pain. It’s a painless treatment and you can do just about anything relaxing while you’re undergoing your treatment session.

Studies show that treating arthritis at home in this fashion is just as effective as going to a treatment center for treatment. The only difference is that it may mean treating a smaller area of the body at a time. Always use a timer on your therapeutic infrared light therapy for arthritis device to ensure that you’re not overdoing it.

  1. Hi there I really enjoyed the read on your arthritis article. I have never heard of Infrared Light Therapy before but sounds like a great treatment. The pain and inflammation release is a very neat process and makes sense, bring up the body temp to increase blood flow and this process is better than taking pills because of the no side effects. This sounds like a miracle lol thanks for the read

    • Hi Jeremy, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Infrared therapy is simple amazing. The next time you suffer from a muscle injury, pinch a nerve or have a pain in the back just remember ‘infrared’. It is the best heat source available to use at home to treat these conditions.

  2. This is fascinating that infrared light is being used to help people with arthritis. My aunt has rheumatoid arthritis and has been crippled by the drugs her doctor has given her, more so than by the arthritis, so I definitely hear what you are saying about that. These drugs are powerful and dangerous. You mention that the price is worth the pain relief and I believe that, but what kind of range are we in for this?

    • Hi Doug, I’m sorry to hear about what has happened to your Aunt from the medications for arthritis. MY Grandma died a young age from this horrible condition. So anything we can do to better protect ourselves the better. A heat pad or infrared heat lamp won’t cost you more than $200 for a pretty good product. I would avoid the really cheap ones tho.

  3. This is the first time I’ve heard of using infrared light therapy for arthritis pain. I really like that it is non-invasive and can be done in your own home. There are a lot of different treatments out there, I believe you need to try different ones to find out what works best for you.

    So, with minimal side effects, it seems to make sense to try out this method of pain management. I really dislike putting anything in my body, and massage therapy has been to expensive, so this sounds like a great solution.

    Thanks for sharing your insights on this new type of therapy.

    • Hi Jen, glad that this article has enlightened you to the world of infrared light therapy. It’s great that we can manage pain from home without needing to rely solely on medications as I know many people are against this kind of thing.

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