Is Massage Therapy Good For Arthritis Pain

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The whole body hurts, the joints are swollen/ache and it’s very stiff to move. These are just some of the pains someone suffering arthritis can experience daily. For the typical person, a good old fashioned massage sounds like it would do the trick. But is massage therapy good for arthritis pain?. My Grand Mother would swear by applying pressure and giving the troublesome spot good firm rub. So to this day, it has been a family treatment for the troublesome condition.

These days we have all sorts of tools and massaging devices that could assist in relieving pain for arthritic pain. While self massaging the whole body is pretty much impossible, being able to relieve some of the pain without using drugs or needing the assistance of another person is much welcomed relief.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Arthritic PainIs Massage Therapy Good For Arthritis Pain

When you have arthritis, massaging has a few benefits that most people could endure. However, as everyone is different and may have a different condition. Do consult your Doctor before undertaking anything of concern. Much like using a heating pad to relieve pain, a massager provides similar benefits in that it will: reduce pain, free up the joints for greater movement and helps you relax so that getting a good sleep is possible.

While it is tempting to apply minimal pressure to the painful areas, I’ve been told that applying a medium firm amount of pressure to produce better results. As this reduces the heart rate and blood pressure whereas applying light pressure does the opposite.

The Purpose Of The Earliest Forms Of Massage

When a typical person thinks of massage they will often think of an athlete being massaged after a strong workout or someone who is going to the spa to be pampered for a day. These types of examples are certainly among the popular types of massages. There are, however, massages that are for conditions such as reducing arthritis pain. When used correctly could help relieve joint and associated pain. Massage can be used daily in many cases for arthritis sufferers to improve their quality of life.

The earliest forms of massage that we know about from ancient times were all used for the purpose of relieving physical pain and stress. Very often those techniques combined certain methods of physical manipulation along with techniques that were designed to help the person relax mentally and physically. Depending on the technique used, it may accompany the use of cold and heat that is applied to the skin and other times the use of lotions or oil may be used. Here we will take a look at the types of massage therapies for arthritis pain sufferers.

Self Massaging For People With Arthritis

This is a basic message that one can perform on themselves in between going to a professional masseuse. It is the simple practice of learning to manipulate sore joints and how to massage pressure points that help to relieve pain in a person’s knuckles, knees, elbows and other areas where someone may be suffering from arthritis pain. It is also possible to use tools that aid massage and create hot or cold applications that can further relieve pain.

Massage is something that has been around since ancient times and has been used effectively to reduce pain and tension found in muscles, joints, and other parts of the body. There are many techniques that are available and some of them work very well for arthritis pain. Chronic pain caused by conditions such as arthritis can cause an increase in anxiety and this can further exacerbate other conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, and other negative results.

Tools To Help Relieve Arthritis Pain At Home

  • Heated Neck Massagers – Neck Arthritis (cervical osteoarthritis) and associated neck pains. These massagers work specifically to treat the neck region.
  • Trigger Point Therapy Tools – These tools are great for reaching trigger points and hard to get into areas.
  • Shoulder & Larger Muscle Groups – There’s at least 5 types of arthritis that can form in the shoulder. These percussion style massagers are great fro giving a more firm massage.
  • Knee Heating Wraps –  These infrared heat pads won’t massage, but will circulate the blood within the knee joints to encourage blood flow which leads to increased healing.

Getting a professional masseuse or practicing self-massage is a great way to alleviate tension and pain in the areas where arthritis pain often exists. As massage has become more and more popularized it’s prices have come down and the places where it is available has increased. Learning to do self-massage is not nearly as difficult as a person might expect.


Types Of Massage Therapy That Are Good For Arthritis

Swedish Massage

The techniques used to perform what is known and labeled as Swedish massage involve methodic muscle and tissue manipulation that is designed to lessen the amount of stiffness and soreness that one might feel in their joints and muscles. This type of massage helps to improve overall circulation and to reduce anxiety. Because this type of massage helps joints that are often the area of discomfort for those who suffer from arthritis, it is a good choice of massage for the condition.

Anma Massage Technique

This is a Japanese technique that uses no oils and is performed by kneading the soft tissues and muscles that are experiencing pain or stress. This technique is based on the idea that there is an energy that flows throughout each person and that energy can be blocked. The techniques used are designed to unblock the flow of that energy and thereby reduce the pain and inflammation that leads to the condition of arthritis.


Lomi Lomi Massage

This is a technique that combines massage along with other healing treatments that are designed to work in conjunction with one another to heal the body and by curing the underlying issues, it is believed that the conditions will disappear. Very often this technique combines massage together with meditation, prayer, and the implementation of a healthy diet. Because arthritis is often a condition that is caused by inflammation in the body, using the combination of these techniques and health strategies often brings about a very positive result in its followers.

Massage Therapy Is Good For Arthritis

Using techniques such as these is a great way to reduce the over-the-counter medications someone might be using to reduce pain. It often helps to heal underlying issues that cause or exacerbate the condition. In modern times, many in the west look to modern medicine and overlook the great value that ancient techniques can bring to someone who is suffering from arthritis pain. Go ahead and arrange for a massage today or check out the available self massage tools that you can use from home.

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