Massage Techniques For Shoulder Pain

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Massage Techniques For Shoulder PainShoulder pain can come on suddenly from an injury, jerk, from sports heavily shoulder involved like tennis or other acute causes. For some people however, the pain is chronic with causes ranging from arthritis, torn cartilage and torn rotator cuff, to pinched nerves, tendon issues or unknown conditions. Learning to master the best massage techniques for shoulder pain to eliminate knots etc is the first step to recovery.

Whatever the reason for your shoulder pain, the main focus is towards doing anything within your power to get some relief. For people who currently suffer shoulder pain, or have had to cope with it in the past, the significant impact on mood, stress levels and everyday life, is far too well known.

One method that many people benefit from is massage therapy. That’s why, when you attend your primary health car practitioner with shoulder pain, one of the first things they may do is refer you for physiotherapy. Unfortunately, the waiting list to see a physiotherapist can be considerably long, and paying for private treatment is often not an option.

However, what the majority of people are unaware of, is that there are a number of massage techniques for shoulder pain that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Of course, you should always check with your primary health care practitioner before attempting any new method of pain relief. In fact they may be able to demonstrate a few of the massage techniques to you, ensuring that you carry them out safely and effectively.

Whilst the range of massage techniques for shoulder problems is wide and varied, we are going to take a look at a few of the most basic options.

Shoulder Blade Self Massage TechniqueShoulder Blade Self Massage Technique

This is an excellent choice for a stretch technique that can be carried out pretty much anywhere. Here’s how to do it:

– Roll the shoulders a few times, then swing the arms in circles to loosen things up.

– Try to reach your arms behind your back, clasping your hands together if possible.

This technique is quick and simple, but can be very effective. In essence you use your own body to massage the area of pain. Just be sure to make sure you are nice and loose before you start. This is a good technique to use when you first start getting shoulder blade pain.

Use A Tennis Ball As A Cheap Massaging Device

Tennis balls are a very cost-effective way to give yourself a deeper massage. They allow you to reach areas that are tricky, if not impossible, to get to yourself. Here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of your tennis ball massage:

– Place the tennis ball on the floor. Now lie with your shoulder on top.

– Next, move around with the tennis ball under you, allowing it to massage your muscles and the area of discomfort.

Finding Your Shoulder Blade’s Triangle Is Key To Success

Knowing how to locate, and massage, your shoulder blade’s triangle, can bring a high level of relief to many people. The triangle is the area between the top of your shoulder, the lower shoulder blade and the upper shoulder blade. Here’s how you can carry out a good self massage on your shoulder blade’s triangle:

– Use your hand to massage all around your shoulder blade’s triangle.

– This is only a small area so use your hand to massage all over your shoulder and shoulder blade until you locate the area. Once you hit the spot it should give immediate relief, a sure sign that you’re on the right area.

Whilst you can carry out this massage with your hand, it is also effective to use a handheld massaging device.

The Effleurage Technique For Shoulders

The Effleurage Technique For Shoulders

This is a massage technique for shoulder pain that someone else can perform on you. The method involves using the whole hand to gently massage the back. The following points should be kept in mind by the person performing the massage:

– Your hand should be used to gently stroke the shoulder blade and surrounding area.

– Start gently, then gradually increase the amount of pressure that you apply.

– Use your hands to warm the area up.

– Keep exposed areas warm as you massage.

This Effleurage technique can be carried out with the person lying down on their stomach on a comfortable, flat surface. The person carrying out the massage can stand facing the head of the person they will massage, ensuring that their hand movements are always upwards, away from the head and down the back.

Take Shoulder Pain Seriously

Certainly, suffering from shoulder pain, whether it is acute or chronic, can make life miserable. Your first port of call should always be a visit with your primary health care practitioner. If they are unable to diagnose and assist you, they will likely refer you to a specialist for further examination and treatment.

In the meantime you may find much relief in performing a variety of massage techniques for shoulder pain, as outlined above. Just remember to check with your health care practitioner first, before attempting a new technique.

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