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Heating Pads Made In The USAIf you want to buy heating pads made in the USA, you have to look far and wide. Like most products these days, it seems they are either made in China or Bangladesh. But this is not to say that there aren’t American companies making heating pads right in in the United States. Because there are, just not too many to choose from. This is the biggest problem.

When you can, it’s always good to buy from local companies that design and manufacture their products in the USA. While patriotism was once the leading reason for doing so, today it’s more about building the local economy. Ensuring the country has a positive future and money is kept within US borders. Building a sustainable economy for our kids kids.

This all starts by investing in the small items such as a heating pad. Most people won’t even think about the origin of the product. But for the ones that do care and want to sustain the American Dollar, we have found what we believe to be the best heating pads made in America.

When it comes to choice, especially electric heating pads, there are not many options at all. While there maybe more available offline, there is only one electric heat pad I could find that is actually made in the USA and available to purchase online. With microwavable pads, there is a vast number of choices to choose from. As these don’t require electronic parts, they can be easily made in the USA without having to abide by strict manufacturing terms like an electric would.

Electric Heating Pads Made In USA

Made In The USA

The only brand I could find online that makes the products locally is Thermophore. While it doesn’t sound too ‘American’, it is certainly 100% USA made. The term Thermophore is actually an item used for conveying heat. So completely relevant to a heating pad. So lets have a look at just one of tha vast selection of Thermophore on Amazon. The ‘MaxHeat’ model.

Thermophore MaxHeat electric heating pad is a wonderful way to help relieve pain or symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis. We all know how much better it feels when we apply heat to a painful area. The pad heats up very quickly to intense moist heat with an automatic switch that turns the heat off after about 20 minutes. In this way, you can run a few cycles until the tension or pain is released without running the risk of burning your skin.

The temperature can be set to low, medium or hot to suit your comfort level. It is not recommended for use on a bed to lie on, but rather for use in a chair. You can place a towel over the back of a comfortable chair or recliner and lay the pad on it for back problems, or you can sit in the chair and cover the front of your body from hip to knees.

The pad is wide and large and the heat has a wonderfully moist feeling that adds to the relief. A smaller unit is available for areas such as a knee, a shoulder or the abdomen and is very easy to take along when you travel. The automatic switch gives you peace of mind so that you never have to be afraid to fall asleep during a treatment.

MaxHeat Deep-Heat Therapy from Thermophore

American Made Microwavable Heat Pads

American Made Microwavable Heat PadsThis Hot Therapy Pack is another USA made heated pad by My Heating Pad. This is one of the better quality products available in the microwavable category. This pad provides soothing comfort and natural heat and is ideal for use in hot therapy treatments. This multi-purpose rectangular shaped bright blue heat pack can be used to relieve pain in any part of the body and is great to promote relaxation.

Simply place it in the microwave oven for a couple of minutes to heat the rice on the inside and place it on your aching painful parts. The 2.5lb weight of the pack applies gentle pressure on muscles and contours naturally around body parts to relieve painful conditions such as arthritis, stressed muscles, tendonitis, sprains and strains, and any other discomfort you may have. It is a great remedy for PMS and other abdominal issues.

The cover is made of soft fleece on the one side and natural cotton on the other and is wonderful for staying warm and cozy during winter. The pack is hand-made in the USA from 100% natural materials and is Eco-friendly and pet safe. The soft outer material is what I love the most along with this pads ability to retain heat longer. Soft and warm and goes the distance. Brilliant combination.

The compact size of 6 inches by 12 inches makes it easy to take along on holiday and is great to keep your muscles warm and flexible during a long trip. It needs no electricity to heat it up and it keeps its temperature for a long time, providing moist, healing heat to painful or stressed areas of the body. Great buy in my opinion.

My Heating Pad - Hot Therapy Pack


Best Heated Wrap Made In The USA

For Neck And Shoulders

Nature Creation Upper Body Wrap is an ideal way to relieve muscle strain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back area. It provides hot or cold therapy for the relief of pain and discomfort as well as body relaxation for tense and stressed muscles. For hot therapy, you can simply place it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and use it to target sore muscles, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and aching joints. For cold therapy place it in the freezer for a time and use it for sprains and strains, inflammation, and any other condition that requires cooling down.

It is also great for use on hot days to cool down the temperature of the body and for sports use when it can get extremely hot to prevent sun-stroke. A small Velcro patch in the front secures it to your clothing to keep it snugly in place. The pack is filled with a blend of 10 natural herbs and grains that gives off a wonderful healing aroma that is soothing and relaxing.

The heat pack is made in the USA from all natural materials which is Eco-friendly and pet safe. It comes in 6 colors with a marble-like pattern. The thing I like most about this neck and shoulder heating pad is how the pad is designed. Instead of being just one big pad, it is sectioned off into channels. This keeps the rice in position for a more even heat distribution. It stops the rice from falling from one end of the pad to the other end. Higher quality heating pads generally have these multi sections. So it’s easy to tell the cheap ones from the good ones.

Nature Creation - Made In USA
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    I am looking for an electric heating pad not made in China, as none of them work and have to be sent back. I don’t need more rice packs. I need an electric pad, regular or infared – just working please.

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