Massage Techniques For Lower Back Pain

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Massage Techniques For Lower Back PainThere are a lot of self massage techniques for lower back pain sufferers can work with. If you need to know a little more about getting massages, then this is the right place to be. Take note of these tips and you’ll make your back feel that much better.

There are a lot of massages that you can do to someone if they have a bad back. Before you pick anything to try out, make sure you double check to see if it’s a proven method. You don’t want to follow along with random advice, because it may not do anything for the person or it could make problems worse in some cases. It’s smart to avoid trying anything out if you’re not sure about it. Massage is not something that you can just up and do after reading one paragraph about it somewhere.

The Best Lower Back Pain Massage Technique – Seek A Therapist

Your lower back should be taken care of as soon as possible. You may want to hire someone that is a massage therapist if you want to get things underway right away. This is the safest and best way to massage your lower back pain away. While someone may be able to give you a massage at home, it won’t be the same as someone doing it for you that is a pro. People with training know how to make pain go away without too much trouble. They know where to push and massage to get the best results, which is why they’re better than using someone at home with no training.

Unfortunately a massage therapist can charge you an arm and a leg without adequate insurance that quite simply many of us cannot afford. But when it comes to pain in the lower back, it’s quite important to get to the bottom of the problem. For temporary relief, I have used a Foam Roller designed for the back to relieve the chronic pain.


If it becomes quite a serious problem, then it may mean you must visit a specialist. So you need to work out how sever the pain is and whether you think it is going to require professional attention. Decide whether it is worth selling some items around the home to get a professional opinion if need be.

Treating A Lower Back Pain From Home

Treating A Lower Back Pain From Home

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When a massage therapist is simply out of the equation and you are left to disable the pain for yourself there are ways to help yourself. A moist heating pad could be part of the plan, especially for people that have limited movement due to intense pain.

This is the combination of heat and moisture treatment that works on you while you relax. This is better than traditional heat treatment on painful muscles as it doesn’t dry/burn the skin.

There are also massage tools you can use to treat lower back pain. As it is difficult to self massage the lower back, something like a foam roller suitable for back pain is ideal. With these massage tools you can put the device between you and a hard surface (Wall, floor) and let the roller penetrate deep into the affected muscles. This is a good technique as you don’t need to stretch to reach your lower back.

Avoid Overusing Pain Medication

One thing you can avoid when you get someone to use massage techniques lower back pain options is painkillers. You’ll no longer have to take a bunch of medication all the time if you’re not wanting to because that can be bad for you. A lot of people think that they can just take meds the rest of their lives and be okay but that is not always the case. You can get addicted to medications and have other problems and that’s why it’s so important to get to the root problem instead of covering the pain.

Self Lower Back Pain Massage Videos

Below you can find a couple good lower back pain massage videos to help you visualize the treatment needed.  Something as simple as a tennis ball or bouncy ball can eliminate back pain. It’s worth trying.


Lower Back Pain Massage TechniquesLower Back Pain Self Massage Techniques

See if you can find a school for massage therapists in your area so you can see if they offer any kind of deal on a lower back massage. Since they are training, you may be able to get someone cheap to work with you. Even if not, you can save sometimes if you look on the website of the therapist to see if they have any kind of coupon for those that follow them online. Ask about a deal if all else fails, especially if you plan on going to them on a regular basis to get massages done.

Getting regular massages may be the only way for you to deal with your pain. If you, for instance, work at a desk, then you’re going to need to have someone massage out the kinks regularly. You can’t just change your position when you sit because if it’s for work you get what you get in the way of seating. When you work with a massage therapist, make sure you tell them what you do in terms of how you sit and ask about what you need to do to make sure your posture doesn’t cause you more problems.

Talk to your doctor about what is going on with your back. While they may want to just give you meds and call it good, ask them if a massage is a good idea. They will probably tell you it is, but sometimes they may not because of one reason or another. If you think your doctor is just saying not to do it because they want to get paid and hand out prescriptions, go and get a second opinion. You shouldn’t have to worry because a massage is all natural for the most part and doesn’t have much in the way of side effects.

You need to avoid things like massage chairs if you want to get a regular massage. You need to have someone that is able to work on you specifically. The problem with something like an automatic chair is not going to be able to detect any tight spots and then get them out. You will probably find that it’s a little more to see someone in person, but it’s worth it. When you see how much better you feel and how little pain you now have to deal with, you’ll know this is the right way to go. By using a tool such as a foam roller, you can gently work the area without accidentally causing further damage. It’s good to start with a low density foam roller as a beginner to reduce the amount of pain caused.

When you use this information to find massage techniques lower back pain options for yourself, you can use them to make your life that much easier. Nobody should have to suffer if they don’t have to. Avoid things like painkillers and pain in general by utilizing the above information.




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