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A simple search online and you can find a lot of massaging devices suitable for your feet. However, there is only one kind that truly are superior from my experience. Which is why I will share my reviews for the best infrared foot massagers for 2018.

While these infrared models offer various massage types which I will explain a bit further on, the biggest advantage to these foot massagers are the fact they utilize the best possible heat source for relieving stress, pain, cramps etc. That is infrared heat/light therapy.

Why Infrared?Best Rated Infrared Infrared Foot Massagers

For those in a hurry, here’s my #1 top rated foot massager with infrared. Zyllion ZMA 21 available on amazon.

Before I send you to my reviews for these best rated foot massagers, I want to make certain you are aware of what infrared is and why it’s the best treatment for relieving muscle pain and joint problems.

Infrared is an invisible (to the human eye) light source which is naturally produced by the sun, fire etc. Infrared is absorbed by the human body extremely well. Much better than traditional visible heat sources. So much so that the invisible energy waves heat up the core temperature of the body and not just the skin surface like traditional heat does.

So infrared heats from the inside out and can penetrate much deeper into the muscles, joints, tissues etc. Up to about 2 inches in depth. Once this invisible heat gets inside, it opens up the blood vessels and makes them wider. This allows the blood cells to flow and circulate better than before.

When more blood can circulate around the feet, it provides pain relief and relaxes the tired aching muscles/joints. This is achieved by the increased oxygen and glucose nutrient levels. The damaged or injured tissues can start repairing themselves at a quicker pace which brings you much welcomed relief.

So when you combine this treatment with a good old fashioned foot massage, you are pretty much in foot heaven. So please do enjoy!.

Brief Rundown On The Types Of Foot Massage Machines

Within these infrared foot massage reviews I will be providing a few different kinds of machines as well as products from different price ranges. This will help a greater selection of people that simply want a good foot massage with therapeutic benefits.

Not everybody can afford $100+ for a foot massager, as much as they are much better devices. For many of us, it’s impossible to afford. So I have found what I consider to be the best foot massager for the money in terms of quality, level of relief and durability.

Price aside, there are different styles of foot massage machines available. There are also different styles of massage. The two main massage types are kneading/Shiatsu and percussion/vibration. Both have there purposes and unique qualities about them.

Shiatsu is a intense fut rub style of massage that closely resembles the action of a real person pushing in deep and kneading out the foot. Whereas a vibration percussion massage is more of a quick punching over the whole foot kind of massage. Some massage devices combine the two styles of massage for the the ultimate experience.

Best Value Infrared Shiatsu Foot Massager

Infrared Shiatsu Foot MassagerShiatsu massages are a personal favorite of mine. My first ever portable shiatsu device was a seat back massager. Since then, I have been hooked on the relief the rotating nodes offer.

When it comes to using a shiatsu device on my feet, the Nekteck Infrared foot massager is my go to device. The first thing that caught my attention was the price. Who doesn’t like a decent product at an affordable price right. But I’m more than well aware of the dangers of buying too cheap.

However, this Nekteck massager turns out to be a great value for the price. This is my best foot massager for the money model. You can check to see the price is still the same on amazon. If it is, stop reading this review and go buy now!.

A Little About This Infrared Foot Machine

What I honestly love about the Nekteck foot massager is the simplicity of it all. If you hate dealing with an overload in technology, then this is the model for you. It’s a simple two button operation. On/Off is one button, the other is for turning the Infrared heat on or off. It doesn’t get any easier. Oh actually it does, you can use your toe to turn the massager on and off. No bending down required!.

Underneath the mesh like material are 6 rotating shiatsu massage balls. On each of these balls are 3 massage nodes. This makes in total 18 shiatsu massage nodes ready to take your feet to paradise.

These nodes rotate and move up and down the feet. If you put your hand on the nodes, you can see the amount of force they have behind them, fingers get pushed up as the nodes move and turn. So it’s quite an intense foot massage. Which I expect from a Shiatsu massage. If you think its ‘too rough’ for you, try one of the vibration infrared massagers below.

Lastly, there’s a height adjuster underneath. This allows you to raise the foot massger slightly so that its suitable for your body height. All in all I think the Nekteck is a great value for money foot massager. The fact it offers infrared heat therapy is a huge bonus to this massager. The only concern is that if you have high arches in your feet. The nodes may not reach all the way up. So adjusting your foot slightly will allow them to massage in the arch areas.

Nekteck Foot Massager Kneading Shiatsu with Built in Infrared Heat


High End Vibration Foot Massager With Infrared

High End Vibration Foot Massager With InfraredFor a different type foot massager, the iComfort IC906 offers an intense and variable infrared vibration massage. The IC906 is a more expensive model which offers more flexibility and features than that of the cheaper models. Whats great about the IC906 is that you can not only use it to get a relieving massage on your feet, but also on other parts of your body. To do this you can simply place it on the sofa or on your bed. Rest the back of your legs or lower back on the percussion massage nodes and go to town.

How Does It Work?

On top of the actual machine are two foot prints which contain 96 percussion nodes. These nodes have been specifically set in positions to maximize reflexology pressure points. These nodes create the vibration massage and are quite hard. So they certainly apply plenty of pressure to the bottom of your feet. However, if your feet or skin is sensitive I would recommend wearing a pair of socks over your feet until you get use to the intense but nice vibrating motion.

What I Like About This Infrared Massager For Feet

  • Multiple functions including a manual massage which is better suited to lower back and the calves. For the feet, you can use one of the 4 pre programmed massages.
  • You control the massage. With 15 speed adjustments you can set how intense you need or want the massage to be.
  • Infrared heat therapy can be controlled from up to 8 levels of intensity
  • Comes with a handy remote controller which allows you to choose your massage (sport, relaxation, reflex and vitality), intensity level and the infrared heat.
  • The unit is slightly angled so you don’t need you feet perfectly flat. Which doubles as a great footrest too.
  • Can be used to relieve pain in other areas of the body, however as this is best suited to feet. That is my primary target.

Any Cons?

  • As the remote control uses infrared light to connect to the foot massager, it can be a tad annoying having to directly aim at the receiver on the massager.
  • Can be noisy on timber floors and vibrate around a bit. So I recommend a blanket/rug underneath this foot massager when using on timber floors.

While there are other foot massage models out there like this one, the thing that stands out for me are the infrared features. Having a wireless remote is very cool and all. But the main benefits come from the infrared light/heat therapy the device. The whole foot absorbs this infrared and stimulates and circulates blood with the best of them.

iComfort IC906 Infrared Vibration Pressure Point Massager


More Affordable Vibration Foot Massaging Machine

Affordable Vibration Foot Massaging MachineThe Lawei is similar to the above iComfort model with a few lacking features that make it a more affordable option. Being cheaper, does this make it less quality?. No not necessarily. This foot massager is still very high quality, it just lacks a couple components that would have pushed it up into the 3 digit price point.

So What Does The LaweI Foot Massager Offer?

Like the above iComfort model, this version by Lawei is also a vibration and infrared type of foot massager. The nodes are strategically placed to apply massage to the pressure points in the feet for the best blood circulation and pain relief for reviving your feet.

This exact foot massager has been used for people with Diabetes, Neuropathy pain and much more. It’s a simple device which offers what you expect from a vibrating foot massager.

But The Infrared Doesn’t Get Hot Enough.

I hear this all the time, regardless of the product. “The heat doesn’t get hot enough”. Let me tell you know, this is not an error in the product. Infrared heats the core of your muscles, joints etc. It isn’t like conventional heat which heats the skin surface (the warmth you feel) and does bare minimal for your blood circulation. So no, infrared heat doesn’t warm your skin so much. But what it does for your healing and health is far better than having your feet feel warm. Just thought I should straighten this out.

What The Lawei Foot Massager Lacks Compared To The iComfort

It’s important to understand that this model is significantly cheaper than the high end models. So there will be some sacrifices made. But nonetheless, for what this foot massager is, it offers a great foot massager without all the bells and whistles.

  • Only 2 levels of vibration intensity. High and low when compared to the more expensive iComfort which has 15 levels. While low and high vibration is quite sufficient for most people. The ones that need total control won’t be happy with this lacking feature.
  • One level of infrared compared to 6 on offer but iComfort. This may be where the ‘heat’ benefit of the iComfort dominates, but in regards to infrared, the Lawei uses far infrared light so is just as good.
  • No remote control which I feel is not a huge disappointment. This is because you can quite easily use your toes to bush the big button on this foot massager to turn on or off the infrared and change the vibration setting.
  • Noise!. This is actually an advantage the Lawei has over the iComfort foot massager. It’s much quieter when in use and you can easily use it while sitting on the sofa watching TV and not have to turn the TV volume up.

If you want a vibration foot massager that offers the benefit of infrared energy without spending a fortune, then the Lawel is a very good option. For most people, I find this device is a great option. However if you want the best of the best which gives you ultimate foot massage control, go with the above iComfort.

LAWEI Infrared Vibration Foot Massager


The Best Full Foot Massage Experience

best full foot massagerStepping outside of the above styles of foot massagers, we have this new breed of foot massage experience. This is probably something not too familiar to you, until now. Prepare for relaxation with the best full foot massager Zyllion ZMA-21.

What is it?. It’s the complete foot massage experience. This one device that you slip your feet into provides multiple styles of massage while also applying a soft gentle air pressure massage. Throw in the soothing effects of infrared, and wow. Just wow!.

A Little About This Unique Foot Massager

Unlike other massagers on this page, the Zyllion ZMA 21 really is an out there experience. You completely submerge your foot and ankle into this device. It does kind of feel as tho you are stepping into the future here. From there you are left to choose how you want your foot massaged.

So you get full control over the intensity, speed and type of massage. There’s also combinations of massage that you can set to maximize your custom massage.

Types Of Massage Available

  • The classic Shiatsu that resembles a hand kneading your feet. Each foot has a staggering 8 nodes.
  • Rolling massage which feels like hard foam rollers being rolled up and down the bottoms of your feet.
  • Pressurized air massage. This is similar to when you sit on a massage chair and the sides of the chair massage your thighs and hips.
  • Combination massage – Combine rolling massage with the pressurized air. Either slow or fast rolling with the option to choose only bottom of feet rolling massage.

Why Buy The premium Zyllion Infrared Foot Massager

Sure this foot massager is a premium model and sure it’s going to cost a little bit more money upfront. How much exactly?. You will have to check price on amazon for the most current up to date price as it can change daily.

The first given sign that this is a high end ‘for real’ device is that it has been FDA approved. Meaning it has passed an electrical inspection as is deemed as safe. Which unfortunately doesn’t happen on all products. It’s not mandatory, so the companies that do pass the FDA approval, means the company cares about it’s product being safe for consumers.


  • How deep is each foot pocket? 12 inches deep and 5 inches wide. So fairly large feet sizes can fit into this model.
  • How much foot does it massage? From the tip of your toes all the way back to the top of your heels/lower ankle depending on foot size.
  • Voltage? It comes with a 110 to 240 Volt adapter
  • What about the arches and top of foot?. The top of the foot, sides and arches receive the pressurized air massage. The shiatsu nodes also reach your arches in the feet. The rolling massage gets the flat areas of the foot. It’s the complete foot massage.
Zyllion ZMA 21 Full Foot Massager


Full Foot Massager On A Budget

Cheaper Full Foot MassagerIf the price tag of the Zyllion scares you a little, I have a solution. Kendall make a similar model which is a cheaper alternative. Although in the description is says “infrared physical therapy” I’m not totally convinced it is infrared. Either way, it s a nice warmth heat massage on offer.

As with the Lawei vibration model which is cheaper compared to the iComfort, this Kendall also lacks a couple features. This is why it’s cheaper than that of the Zyllion.

While it has some seriously good massages on offer, there are on two intensity settings. So if either of them don’t suit you, then tough luck basically. But as I mentioned earlier, I think the two settings chosen will make the majority of people very happy.

As for massage types, the Kendall offers pretty much the same styles as the Zyllion. But are they as powerful, in my opinion. Not quite. But for the price, it’s more than acceptable.

My only gripe for the Kendall would be that it doesn’t reach as high in the arch as the Zyllion and I have heard some bad stories about customer service. However, what company hasn’t had bad customer service reviews written about them online. Most of the happy people are too busy being happy with their purchase to leave a happy review. That’s how I see it sometimes.

Kendall Full Foot Massager


The 5 Best Infrared Foot Massagers RundownFoot And Heel Massaging Device

So there you have it, 5 of the best foot massage machines with infrared heat/light therapy. Is it mandatory you buy one with infrared?. No, is it recommended?. Yes!. I don’t need to go into the benefits of infrared again, but I highly encourage you heat down this route of therapy for your feet. Infrared light is quite interesting, and once you understand the benefits, you won’t second guess yourself again. If you want, you can learn more about infrared light here.

I cant tell you which foot massager of the 5 listed above to buy, but I can tell you which one I personally think is the best. That is the Zyllion ZMA 21.

The reason being. I sit down on the sofa to watch TV, an hour passes. I get up to walk to the fridge and me feet feel like I have just ran a marathon. The lack of blood circulation is obvious and my feet feel it quite a bit. So, with the Zyllion foot massager I can take advantage of the infrared and air compression massage as frequent as I want. This really helps to get the blood circulating so that when I do stand up, I don’t almost fall over. As I have a power recliner sofa, I can plug the foot massager into the same power socket and really sit back and relax. Life is very good in this situation.

While the Zyllion is a little more expensive, I kind of enjoy having the best of the best. This assures me that I am making a quality purchase and won’t regret spending $50 on something that ‘may, or may not’ work. I’ve been burned far too many times in the past buying something purely based on the price tag.

I’m too old for inferior products these days, so I make sure I know what I am buying is high quality and up to my standards before I hand over my bank details. Especially when it comes to blindly buying online. This also helps you guys out. Now you know that what I am presenting is up to my standards and hopefully you and me have similar high quality standards when it comes to pain relief and overall well being.

  1. I use a water based massage bath for my feet and came across your post when I was researching for foot massagers.

    As its a dear friend of mines birthday coming up soon, I think this would make a lovely present for her.

    However, she is a diabetic so I was wondering whether this will make an ideal gift or will this not suitable for her.


    • Hi Jacqueline, anyone that has nephropathy in their legs and feet then it’s important to look after them as best possible. The risk of burning or injury could be be too much. If this no the case with your friend and there are no visible scars, cuts etc, a foot massager can be great for circulation. Some Diabetes consultants will tell you to carry on as per normal, but I feel its best to check first hand and ask the consultant first.

  2. Hey Josh,
    Thanks for this very informative article.
    I have never quite understood what infrared was all about and your explanation about internal heating and opening blood vessels made a lot of sense to me.
    I never knew that there’s infrared specific for foot massage and as an avid fan of foot massage this has entered my “to purchase list”
    I’ll keep it close.
    thanks. Eli

    • Hi Eli, glad you found the information on infrared useful. Once you know the benefits of infrared, t really is hard to go back to just the warmth of a traditional foot massage. 

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