The Best Electric Heating Pads For Back Pain Reviews

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The Best Electric Heating Pads For Back Pain ReviewsHeat therapy is a great alternative to medications to relieve and relax painful stiff back muscles. Heating pads are one of my favorite ways to relax, unwind and kick pain to the curb. In particular, an electrical device. Below you can find what I believe to be the best electric heating pads for back pain.

Heating pads are a natural way to relieve back pain without ever getting addicted to harmful drugs. Muscles can be injured from exercise, poor posture, general wear and tear while also be a medical condition. For muscles to heal, they need extra oxygen and the nutrients found in our blood. But when these back muscles are constricted from injury the blood struggles to flow freely to the rest of the body.

Using a heating pad on the back encourages proliferation, which is when new blood circulates to encourage growth and healing. This is all well and good, but how does an electric heating pad help relieve pain now?.

By applying an electric heating pad to the skin on your back region, you are effectively stimulating the sensory receptors found your skin. These receptors send messages to your brain, messages of pain. So by heating the affected regions of your back your are reducing the pain becasue the brain isn’t receiving these intense pain signals. So there’s clearly great reasons to use a heating pad for back pain. They not only promote healing, but also can relieve excruciating muscle spasms in the back.

Note: If it’s your lower back that is giving you grief, I recommend you consider buying a heating pad for the lower back as these models are designed specifically for treating the lower back region.


Best Extra Large Heating Pads For Back Pain

PureRelief XL King Size Heating Pad Review

Best Extra Large Heating Pads For Back PainThe PureRelief XL King Size Heating Pad is an ideal solution for anyone who is in pain and needing quick relief. It is one of the best moist heating pads for back pain going around. It offers both moist and dry heat to relieve pain and manage the symptoms associated with severe pains. On the other hand, the product is a convenient way to get rid of stress and promote relaxation.

It will give your body the pleasurable warmth that your might be craving at the moment. Whether you are suffering from muscle stiffness or tension, minor aches & pains, any type of tenderness or arthritis induced pain, this product is a great tool for your problems. Although some other electrical heating pads are meant only for the back area, this pad is ideal for any region of your body. In fact, you can use the pad on any area of the body including the back, arms, abdomen, legs, and shoulders. You can use dry or moist heat for the maximum comfort. There is multiple temperature setting to control how much of heat you need.

Here’s What I Like About This Electric Heating Pad

  • First and foremost I love the fact it can safely produce moist heat which is considered a better heat as it doesn’t dry/burn the skin
  • The heat pad is made of soft micromink-plush fibers which is just so soft and comfortable
  • There is an LCD controller to monitor the temperature settings. I find it to be very easy to use
  • The two-hour auto shut off feature helps conserve energy. Many models shut off after 30 minutes or 1 hour. So this 2 hour window will keep the folks that want a long heat therapy session happier
  • The 9-foot cord gives more flexibility to carry the pad wherever you go. Many models have a short cord which doesn’t make any sense to me for an electrical heating pad

My only gripe with this extra large heating pad by Pure Relief is that it isn’t cordless. This would make it the best hands down in my opinion. But all in all, when you consider the comfort, features and pretty decent price, I find the XL Pure Relief to be a welcome gift in my house hold anytime.

Pure Relief XL 6 Setting Heating Pad


Sunbeam 938-511 Microplush King Size Electric Heating Pad

Sunbeam heating pad reviewsSunbeam is a company that manufactures some of the best electric heating pads I’ve tried. The Sunbeam 938-511 Microplush King Size is another one of their top-notch products released to the market. I found that the product provides consistent heat to the affected area for relieving muscle & joint pains, improving the blood circulation in the area, and provide a soothing effect over time.It’s a really good size for wrapping around the lower back measuring in at 12″ x 24″.

The heating pad comes with two types of fabric on its covers such as SoftTouch and microplush. The SoftTouch side provides a better heat delivery while the microplush is specifically designed for comfort. It’s so comfy, you’re cat may mistake it for a bed. The controller has four heat settings such as warm, low, medium, and high. I found Med to be quite sufficient for most common muscle pains. However, some folks may need the high for greater impact. Also on the controller, there is a LED light to indicate the activation of the auto off feature which is 2 hours. The pad will totally cool off after about 15 minutes which is good if you have kids that just want to touch everything and anything.  The pad has the ability to deliver both dry and moist heat, which again is highly valuable to back pain sufferers.

Some Reasons To Love The Sunbeam Back Pain Heating Pad

  • The 4 heat settings are diverse enough to suit most peoples needs. Like I said earlier, Medium is a good spot for me.
  • I love the fact the entire pad is machine washable. Some other pads you have to fight off the interior plastic to peel of the fabric. Not the case with the Sunbeam.
  • Super comfortable. I can’t get enough of how soft this thing is. Amazing to feel on your body and is rather flexible so can be used just about anywhere on the body.


My Complaints?

While I’m very satisfied with this heating pad for treating back pain, there’s just a couple of things that make it not quite as good as the Pure Relief above. One is that this model doesn’t have a LCD screen which is good for night time. The other is the 9 foot cord sometimes kinks up on itself which I find frustrating. But overall, I think it’s still a brilliant electric heating pad.

Microplush King Size Electric Heating Pad By SunBeam


Best Electric Heating Pad For Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Best Electric Heating Pad For Lower Back Pain SufferersSunbeam Body Shaped Heating Pad Review

The Sunbeam Body Shaped Hot & Cold Heating Pad is considered a total pain relief solution that can be used at home or on the go. The pad is ideal for lower back, leg, and shoulder pains. The removable gel pack makes it easier for you to get relief from back pains while you are on the go.

Because of the integrated pocket design, I found the gel pack is easy to use both hot or cold. There is an adjustable Velcro strap that extends up to 70 inches. You can conveniently wrap the pad around your body for a perfect fit thanks to the strap. It’s not too often you come across an electric heating pad that wraps around the lower back like this Sunbeam does, so if this is something you’re after. Then I suggest checking this pad out.

Why I Love This Lower Back Pain Reliever

  • Again, another 100% machine washable fabric on this pad. Super handy.
  • I was impressed to see a heating wrap like this has 5 heat settings. Very nice touch for the lower back.
  • The 2 hour safety cut off is present in this heating pad too. Which, I feel may be a little long for a smaller device like this.
  • I love how the control is detachable from the pad, this allows on the go treatment as well.
  • The 9 foot cord is just the right size, a little longer and it may become a nuisance.

Overall, I believe this Sunbeam to be the best electric heating wrap for treating the lower back pain. I just wish the controller has a digital display and perhaps the heat settings to be dialed down a bit. If you like heat, this is one of the hotter pads I have felt. So you’re in luck here. If you need to find alternative lower back pain heating pads, check out the link.

Sunbeam Body Shaped Heating Pad with Hot and Cold Pack


The Best High End Expensive Electric Heating Pad

WOW The UTK Infrared Heat Therapy Pad Review

The Best High End Expensive Electric Heating PadThe UTK Infrared Heat Therapy Pad is without a doubt the best device on this page hands down. But it does come at a cost. That cost may be too high for some folks, but boy are the rewards to die for.

It boasts both Jade stone therapy and Infrared therapy to provide one amazing experience. The pad actually comes in different sizes to cater to different areas of the body. But I found the medium version to be a great fit for laying on the back.

The Jade Stones have their own unique set of therapy skills like providing high negative ion, which also involves infrared. If you didn’t know, Infrared is the best kind of heat therapy. Well if you ask me anyways. While invisible to the eye, Infrared sends invisible rays deep into the muscles. Much further than a traditional heating pad can reach. So it is able to free up constricted muscles at the core and relieve a lot more tension and pain. All while not ‘heating’ up like a normal heating pad.

The UTK comes with a digital hand-held controller with a small screen (Yay). The pad transfers the heat into the body safely and naturally and allows the heat to penetrate deep into the muscle for quick relief. The pad provides dry heat for the maximum benefit of the user. Simply plug in the device, allow the pad to heat, and enjoy the relaxation and comfort provided by it. The digital controller will help the user to control temperature settings. The wrap is quite flexible so that the pad could be used for any part of the body. In fact, the mat has passed the FDA audit. Hence, the product could be described as one of the best heating pads on the market.

Just Some Of The Features To Adore

  • Very portable and pliable which is important for contouring to your back
  • Very deep heat penetration as mentioned earlier
  • There is no electromagnetic radiation present
  • Pass FDA Audit which is very important when dealing with electronics that touch your body. Not all brands have this approval.
  • There is a handy carrying case offered with the pad
  • Infrared and Jade Stone Therapy


While the pad is more expensive compared to other heating pads on this list, I think its worth the investment into your body. Pain and discomfort is not something to treat lightly. The UTK is a premium product and one you may have seen at your Chiropractors or massage therapists. The only thing I wish for is a slightly longer cord, but as is it is still a decent length for treating back pain via one of the best electric heating pads on the market.

UTK Jade Stone Infrared Heating Pad


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