The Best Foam Rollers For Myofascial Release

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The Best Foam Rollers For Myofascial ReleaseMyofascial Release therapy is a common treatment and addition to various surgical free care. In particular where people have a condition where pain control needs careful attention loose, warm muscles or joints. Many people use devices such as foam rollers to assist the treatment from home. But what is the best foam roller for Myofascial Release (MFR) in 2017 with some many on the market?. This is what we will be revealing after scouring through 100’s of products and 1000’s of consumer reviews to form a basis on what we think is the top rated foam roller going around. Whether you are an athlete, fitness junkie in need of an after workout cure or are recovering from an injury, these foam rollers are the top rated for Myofascial Release in our opinion.

Why treat yourself from home when there are numerous health professions which could offer Myofascial Release treatment?. For one, a foam roller won’t set you back much in the finances department. But your specialist may even recommended you to do additional treatment from home to assist in the longevity of the release as a quality foam roller is a method of Myofascial Release. The professionals such as Chiropractors, Osteopathic Physicians, sports and medicine specialists generally require very specific extensive training on Myofascial Release. So as you can imagine, they come at a high price. But if you have had previous sessions and they have already recommended a specific type of foam roller to use. Then I suggest listening to their advice.

These 5 top rated foam rollers listed below are ones in which we have seen or have knowledge of that are recommended by various Chiropractors and massage therapists. However, one persons recommendation may be completely different or another. So it’s of utmost importance that you check with your health advisor before beginning self treatment and or the type of foam roller.

The Best Self-Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Roller

The QuadBaller Review – Not Your Typical Foam Roller!

What I love about this unique roller is that it not like your typical foam roller. With many other foam rollers, once they have been used a few times they start to compress and become less effective. But with the TriggerPoint Self-Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage Quadballer Roller it just keeps on going and going. This is due to the Patented materials used by the company. This is not a typical foam roller and is latex free which is especially appealing to me.

Due to its smaller design, I wouldn’t recommend this roller for lower back tension. But for the calves and quads it’s simply amazing. While it can also be used on the neck, a tool designed for neck trigger points is preferred. However, using the actual wheels from this roller does wonders on knots in the neck. The more precise targeting of this QuadBaller is a great feature to have for these smaller areas.

What makes this quad roller a nice change from traditional foam rollers is how firm it feels. If you have been a avid user of foam rollers in the past, then you will know that they lack a certain firmness to give a deep enough massage. Because this isn’t your traditional foam version, it’s the firmest roller I have encountered. So getting a deeper more thorough experience is now achievable.

Why The QuadBaller Is A Top Rated Foam Roller

Apart from being nice and firm, it’s also very portable. Unlike bulky and awkward to transport foam rollers, this QuadBaller is quite user friendly. It packs away very compact for easy transport to the Gym, Dance sessions, sports events etc.

With it’s portability comes limitations in its actual size. The width of this roller is not as wide as you may expect. Most people shouldn’t have too much issues with rolling over their quads, but if you have what you consider to be large hamstrings. Then the actually rollers may bump into your legs every now and then due to it’s smaller width. This model is slightly lower to the ground as well. For some this may be a concern but for others, being lower gives an easier ‘roll’. Typically more advanced users prefer the lower to ground rollers.

Cons: The width may be a concern to some users with larger legs. The price may scare a few people, but to me it proves that it is a high quality device and will last longer than the cheap $10 foam rollers available.

The bottom Line: The QuadBaller is one tough roller designed to give a deep tissue massage. If you are someone fed up with foam rollers not performing, then the QuadBaller could be a great asset to you. However, if you are just starting out and yet to need a deeper tissue massage, then this may not be the product for you.

TriggerPoint Self-Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage Quadballer Roller

Best Value For Money Foam Roller

Grid Texture Foam Roller By King Athletic

One of the best lower back foam rollers on the market with an incredible King Athlete lifetime warranty which just seems like it’s too good to be true right. But when you actually handle the product you can immediately tell that this is not some disposable roller that will need replacing after a few uses. With a textured and smooth roller combination you can roll out many problems such as Myofascial release, IT Band Pain. chronic lower to mid back pain and in other smaller areas like the neck and arms.

Unlike other full foam rollers, the King Athletic roller has a textured outer surface and a smooth interior roller for smaller areas. The inner smooth roller acts as a support system for the larger textured roller. This will prevent the roller from getting worn down and out of shape similar to an hour glass shape. So the design is very well thought thru.

But the textured surface may hurt a little if you are use to all foam rollers. But this is because the textured roller kneads out the muscles rather than just compressing them like many other foam rollers do. But once you deal with the initial ‘ouch’ factor, you can feel this unique design getting to work straight away.

Cons: The inner smooth roller can be tough to squeeze out at first. Be gentle with it so you don’t end up popping the end off.

The Bottom Line: Being a much bigger roller than the QuadBaller (13″ x 5″), you can achieve much better muscle tension relief on larger muscles. Very easy to use and comes with a carry case which can be handy for taking to work and rolling out back pain from standing all day. A fanyastic price for such a great foam roller which also comes with the lifetime warranty and a free PDF called the Simple Meal System. Instructions and exercises can be found on the back of the King Athlete box.

Grid Texture King Athlete Foam Roller

Relieving IT Band Syndrome With Foam RollingBest Foam Rollers For It Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome can affect anyone and it can occur in three main areas. Pain in the knees, the out leg and up near the hip. There are two main muscles which can pull on the IT band causing this condition. If one of these muscles is either not strengthen or is tight, it can cause extra stress on the supporting muscle. This therefor cause the IT Band to pull and cause pain in the knees.

Strengthening these muscles with simple exercises that involve putting a band around the ankles and moving your legs in and out can gradually build stronger IT Band supportive muscles. When any of these areas are tight, sore or painful it’s best to use a foam roller designed for IT Band Syndrome to get maximum relief.

The Best Foam Rollers For 2017 – 3 In 1 Combo

Freory One Stop Massage Spot

When you talk about a foam roller with multiple purposes, you can’t look past this 3 in 1 by Freory. The price is also something that has to be seen to be believed. Much wider than the other foam rollers on this list, the Freory is a huge 18 inches wide.

The width is one element, but the shear quality of the foam is also a huge buying influence for us. Because this roller is on out top 4 list after all it must be high quality right. So unlike cheap and nasty foam rollers, the Freory boasts a high density Eva foam which is very durable, water resistant (Sweat) and can take a beating.

The 3 rollers included all fit together in a nice compact sleeve. The largest roller is the firmest of the lot, feels quite similar to rolling on a PVC pipe. Ideal for trigger points in the back, gluts, hamstrings and larger muscle groups. Inside the larger roller is a medium firmness blue ribbed roller (Color varies on the color selected). Great for Myofascial Release on the arms, waist, underarms, neck and more. Finally the thin but contoured precision rolling stick which is awesome for pinpointing trouble areas and reaching areas that are typically harder to reach when rolling.

Overall, the Freory 3 in 1 foam roller is a hard one to look past. Great for beginners and experienced self massagers alike. While the included carry case is not the best in the world, the 3 things that matter are top of the range. Great value for the very moderate price tag.

The Widest Myofascial Release Foam Roller To The Smallest

TriggerPoint Therapy Delivers 500 Lbs Weight Capacity

One of the more popular recommendations by some Physicians, Massage Therapists is the TriggerPoint Foam Grid Roller which in our opinion is the best for home use. Available in various sizes from The Mini (4 inches wide) all the way up to a whopping 36 inches wide. The mini being the ideal portable on the go Myofascial Release foam roller. Where the 36 inch Core Roller is great for supporting the entire spine during Yoga, Pilates and for general recovery sessions.

The Original Grid Roller is 13 inches wide with a 500 pound weight capacity. So no matter how big you are, the TriggerPoint foam rollers can withstand a great deal of pressure. All bar the Mini roller have a 500 Lbs weight restriction. Made from high quality Eva foam over a hollow coil, you get a dense and intense massage experience.

Overall its the best in regards to quality from our experience. We have become quite fond on the TriggerPoint Performance range and highly recommend you check it out. While there are many YouTube videos in which can give various foam roller exercises etc, with the Foam Grid range of rollers works deceptively easy. But in any case TriggerPoint Performance have included for free instructional online videos when you buy their product. But the general concept is to slowly roll along the fibers of the muscles until you hit a pain point. Gently work it out with the contoured roller. For fitness and exercise purposes, a foam roller like this can be used before the work out to assist in warning up the muscles while speeding up the recovery time after a session.

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller 13"







  1. Hey there! I found your article very informative and enjoyable to read. I’m looking for a foam rollers for a while now and I can’t find the best one for me. After I read your article you gave me the ideas and information that I need to know. This is a very good start for me when I pick a foam roller. I might buy one from your listed items. Thank you for sharing this information

    • Thanks John. A Foam Roller is a great tool and is one that is often over looked when it comes to muscle pain relief. I hope you get a nice roller for yourself.

  2. I’ve got a roller that looks similar to those King Athletic ones and I have to say they worked wonders for me, I used to have lower back pain but after using it for a good few weeks they began to go away. These are definitely worth buying folks!

    Also have you even heard of a Rumble Roller? I seen it in Tem Ferris’ book and I though it sounded interesting and I kinda want to give it a try.

    • Hi Lyle, yes foam rollers are a great massaging tool that not everyone is aware of!. The Rumble Roller is a great roller as well. They have varying degrees of stiffness and entail these pointy bumps which are meant to replicate the feeling of fingers massaging deep in the muscle. Just be sure to check how hard the roller is as the hardest roller can be quite painful if you are not use to it and not expecting such a rough massage. None the less a great foam roller. If you are looking to buy Amazon currently sells the Rumble Roller.

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