The Best Handheld Percussion Massagers Reviews

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The Best Handheld Percussion Massagers Reviews

My Very First Percussion…

A percussion massage is one of the more effective ways to relieve neck and shoulder pain fast, if not the best way. With countless trips to the Chiropractic or massage therapist, costs can skyrocket. Not too mention the hassle of planning and booking appointments. But there is an answer, that is to find the best percussion massagers on the market for 2017 and treat the muscle tension yourself. From the comfort of your own home with just a one off expense to buy a massaging device.

A percussion massage is ideal for those really deep muscle tissue tension that vibration massagers and even Shiatsu massagers are unable to penetrate. Some people have even felt huge relief for Sciatic pain after regular percussion massaging as a result. This is not to discredit these styles of massage as they both have their purposes. We all need a good kneading Shiatsu massage at times, but when a deeper more penetrating massage is required, there’s nothing better than a pulsating percussion massage in my opinion.

Think of a percussion massager like a hammer beating down on your muscles sending out vibrations deep into the affected areas to unlock the tightened muscle. Relieving pin fast and pinpointing the exact locations of discomfort is what a percussion massager is good for. Just like Geologists map whats underground by sending vibrations deep into the Earth, a percussion massager works in a similar way, but to loosen constricted muscle tissue.

Our Best Rated Percussion Massager For The Neck And Shoulders

Pure Wave CM-5 Vs Cm-7 Review – A Trigger Point Wonder

Pure Wave have a number of excellent massaging devices and the CM-5’s counterpart the CM-7 is one of our best rated neck massager of all time. The CM-7 has a few extra features over the CM5 model, but for the sole purpose of finding out what is the best handheld percussion massager, the CM-5 is the better choice as the extra features of the CM7 are somewhat irrelevant. However, if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for a vibrating handle and 3 additional facial and scalp massage attachments, then I recommend going with the Pure Wave CM-7. Both models are extremely beneficial for releasing trigger point pain.

Both models are cordless which I think is an amazing feature. I’m forever untangling and getting myself caught up in massagers with cords. Not too mention devices with short cords and the need for extension cord just to able to reach the middle of the back area. So no cord, no worries I say.

What makes the CM-5 such a good percussion massager and in particular, for the neck?. For starters the Pure Wave is very powerful, but also has variable speed control. So softer more gentle massages are possible with the ‘Air Cushion’ attachment. But for stiff necks and painful pinched nerves or knots. I highly recommend the ‘point- acupressure tip‘ attachment. Think of the point like a therapist digging there elbow right into the constricted muscles. Yes painful but very effective when combined with the percussion style massage. Got a stiff neck?. Use this acupressure tip attachment in the Trapezius area of the neck for fast relief from the stiffness.

Finally the ‘6 head’ attachment is the go to massager for sports people due to it’s size and deep tissue penetration. But not just sports people can benefit from the 6 head attachment, anyone with tight larger muscles wanting a deep tissue percussion massage will find great use of it.

Is the Pure Wave CM-5/CM-7 the best massager ever?. When it comes to percussion, then yes. We simply cannot recommend either model enough. Without a doubt the best on the market in my opinion. Save money on Chiropractor and massage therapy trips and give the Pure Wave CM-5 a go. You may be surprised.

Pure Wave CM-5

Best Deep Tissue Percussion Massager For Shoulders & Larger Muscle Groups

The Handheld Thumper Mini Pro 2 Review

Best Deep Tissue Percussion Massager For Shoulders
If money is not an issue and you want a professional standard deep tissue massage, then it’s hard to look past the Thumper Mini Pro 2. While it is the most expensive percussion massager on this list, it gives one heck of a massage.

With variable speeds of 20,30 or 40 pulses per second this double headed Thumper is a great all round massager for the shoulders, back, quads etc. While the Thumper Pro 2 is not cordless it does have a rather long cord suitable for most situations. Due to the amount of power the 2 bug Thumpers would consume, I don’t foresee a cordless version being released.

What does the Thumper Pro 2 do?. Well, it thumps!. The 2 big rounded heads on the device pound in and out to really thump your muscles and put large amounts of pressure on those constricted muscles. The Thumper provides a vigorous and heavy vibration to really target big muscle groups. I wouldn’t recommend this for the neck so much, but for shoulders its a godsend.

Is The Thumper Pro Mini 2 Right For You?

Watch this short instructional video and find out whether or not this it the best percussion massager for your needs.

Thumper Mini Pro 2


Best Budget Percussive Handheld Massaging Device With Heat

Homedics HHP 350 PErcussion Action

Back in the day, the older model of this HoMedics percussion massager was the first device I owned that wasn’t vibration. It was the sole reason for my switch over to percussion style massagers. It’s an incredible device that hammers away relieving muscles in its path.

This newer more updated model has 3 different massage settings. Gentle for softer more relaxation types of massage, firm for a faster more powerful massage and lastly heat. For obvious reasons, the heat option you cannot use with the included attachments either. The difference between firm and gentle is simply the speed of the percussion. Firmer may feel like it’s hitting you harder, but in reality its just hitting you more. In a good way of course.

The other notable difference is the design of the handle. It’s much better to maneuver around the body and reach those tough spots due to the handle design. Which is also comfortable and doesn’t hurt my wrists as much compared to grabbing onto a thick massager base like on previous models.

The covers or attachments that it comes with are quite handy. One is for a when you don’t want to heads to slide around too much when you simply want to hammer into one region. The other cover is great for massaging over the top of clothes as it doesn’t stick to the surface as much. Overall, we cant flaw the massager considering the budget price tag it holds. While not up there with the Pure Wave CM-5, it certainly makes for an affordable solution to neck and shoulder pain.

HoMedics HHP 350 Percussion Action




  1. Hello,

    Thank you for elaborating on some of the best handheld percussion massagers from your actual experience. I have to point out, you really explain in detail the important details that we need to know about percussion massagers. I have problems with my back and would definitely love to try this pulsating massage style. My bills are starting to get higher every year I visit my Chiro and She suggested I try out different home massaging devices to help with relieving the pain and hopefully cut down on the expenses.

    Thanks for sharing your recommendations, I think i will give the Pure Wave model a run for its money. Sounds great!


    • Hey Karlo, yea I work in both an office and as a painter. So my neck and shoulders cop a fair bit of stress on a daily basis. I simply wouldn’t be able to work without having massage tools available to me 24/7. That’s the reality of it. I hope you find the Pure Wave models to be as good as as what I find them.

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