Best Heating Pads For Lower Back Pain Sufferers

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Most people suffer lower back pain throughout their life, in many cases it’s a chronic condition that takes the quality out of life. Finding the right tools and products to relieve the pain is just as important as finding the cause of the problem. Many so called ‘back pain treatments’ simply don’t work as they are described. Fortunately when you use the best heating pads for lower back pain, you are applying a technique proven to be successful.

A heating pad is one form of heat therapy, which is ideal for most cases of lower back pain. As this form of pain is often a result of injury or a medical condition that involves muscles and connective tissues, heat is the best treatment. Cold therapy is not a often technique used on the lower back unless there is some form of inflammation.

How Heating Pads Help Relieve Lower Back PainBest Heating Pads For Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Heating pads offer heat therapy as I previously mentioned. Heat therapy allows blood to flow better in these pain areas. When it comes to the lower back, the muscles and soft connective tissues around the lower spine become tight and constricted. This blocks the blood flow to the lower back to a degree. This sends signals to the brain that your lower back needs attention, in the form of pain of course.

So to loosen up the constricted muscles and increase the blood flow, heat therapy is used. In this case a heating pad. Heat therapy works best when you can maintain a consistent warm temperature for a scheduled period. Many heating pads have a cut off time for this reason and also to prevent burn out of the machine.

It’s important to not get the heating pad too hot, a constant warm temperature for the whole treatment time works much better. The warm temperature being applied to the lower back assists in increased flowing of blood. When the increase of blood flows, along comes more oxygen and nutrients to help heal the painful lower back muscles and connective tissues that may be injured from exercise, poor posture etc. By applying a heating pad to the lower back over a period of time, you are helping heal and relieve the back pain we all suffer too much.

Microwaveable Vs Electric Heating Pads?

Below you can find our top rated heating pads for the lower back region. These include both microwavable and electric heating pads. Ideally you want to go with an electric pad as they can maintain a consistent heat compared to a microwaveable heating pad as they will causally loose heat as time progresses. But non electric heating pads have their advantaged as well, like cheaper, usually last longer and no need to be near a power source when relaxing.

The Best Microwaveable Heating Pad For Lower Back Pain

My Heating Pad Review

Best Microwaveable Heating Pad For Lower Back Pain

My Heating Pad Available On Amazon

Made in the USA, the My Heating Pad gets our vote for best microwaveable lower back pain heating pad. Because of the unique design, the My Heating Pad is perfectly suited to the Lumbar and lower back region. The main advantage this heating wrap has over the electric models is that it can be worn anywhere without restrictions. You can be preparing lunch, hanging the clothes out, sitting at the office chair and always have this heating pad work on freeing up blood cells. But becasue it’s not electric, it will naturally cool down and will need to be heated up again in the microwave.

But in saying that, I found this non electric heating pad to really hold its heat very well. After just a couple minutes in the microwave, I found it provided sufficient heat to my lower back for a good 30 minutes. So it’s not one of those cheap and nasty pads that feel cold almost immediately.

What I do like about this pad is that it’s universal. Both me and my partner can use even tho there’s over 10 inches difference in waist size. The pad by itself is 20 inches long and it has a Velcro elastic strap that is 22 inches long. Because it is elastic, it can stretch to fit larger waists without compromising for the smaller waist sizes.

Do I Recommend This Natural Heating Pad For Lumbar Support

Overall, I find this microwaveable heating pad to be a great alternative to when a electric model is simply not feasible. I like having the freedom to walk around and do day to day things with the benefit of heat therapy working on my painful lower back. It’s a very soft nice finish that feels good against my body. The material is a soft fleece like material which is the side that connects to your body. While the other side is cotton to help retain the heat inside. It’s a great addition to our family that I have no hesitation in recommending.

Microwaveable My Heating Pad For Lumbar Lower Back


Best Infrared Heating Pad For Chronic Bad Backs

UTK Review

Best Infrared Heating Pad For Chronic Bad BacksThe UTK infrared heating pad is a top-quality heating pad on the market in 2017. The product is ideal for anyone who is suffering from lower back pains. The UTK pad is made of jade stones and uses infrared therapy which is the best possible heating therapy in my opinion.

It consists of negative ions too and uses a far-infrared heat delivering method via the jade stones. When the stone is heated, it will deliver far-infrared heat that penetrates deeper into the tissues of the lower back area. The product comes with numerous health benefits such as improving blood circulation, reducing tension, relieving pain, and improving the flexibility in the region. Since jade stones provide a steady stream of positive energy, it helps to boost the depleted life force of the patient. Jade is also known to improve the overall health and well-being of the person, including longevity.


There are many scientific studies that show the benefits of negative ions to the human body. These ions are prevalent at mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and the environment after rainfall. Once these ions reach the bloodstream of the patient, they can induce a calm feeling and reduce the stress levels. They also improve the functions of the immune system of the individual.

The Jade Stone Infrared Heating Pads Features

The heating pad comes with a smart digital controller including an adjustable timer and heat settings. There is a memory button to remember the heat settings that the patient used the last time around. This is especially good if you’re like. Once you find the right temperature, you pretty much use that same temperature time and time again. The pad can be folded easily to wrap it around any part of the body. Which is good for when you need to wrap it around your lower back to relieve chronic pain. You can carry it anywhere you travel due to this reason. The Velcro strap helps keep the pad in place for the entire duration of the treatment.

What I liked About This Jade Infrared Heating Pad

  • The pad is very effective and portable
  • It provides far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into the tissues and offers instant relief.
  • No electromagnet radiation present
  • Solid construction in multiple sizes
  • It has a handy carrying case
  • Passes the FDA Audit which is very important to me for electrical components


The Drawbacks

  • It is a tad expensive, but you get what you pay for. A high quality Jade Stone heating pad.
  • I would have liked it more had the cord been a foot longer.
UTK Jade Stone Infrared Heating Pad


Best Value For Money Infrared Heating Wrap

TherMedic Pro Wrap Review

Best Value For Money Infrared Heating WrapThe TherMedic PW150L far infrared Heating Pad is an ergonomic and breathable pad that could be used on any curvy part of your body such as the knee or ankle. Hence, the pad is ideally suited for chronic pains of the limbs.

The pad emits infrared heat via a carbon fabric element. The heat pad comes with three temperature settings with a 30-minute auto shut off feature for added safety. The product comes with FDA and CE certifications that testify to the quality of the heat pad. Which again is a good indicator to the quality.

This pad uses a patented far infrared technology for better penetration into the tissues of the body of the patient in order to effectively heal chronic pains. The pad consists of a reusable extremely low frequency or ELF electromagnetic wave to ensure the safety of the patient.


  • Extremely low electromagnetic waves for the safety of the patient.
  • Includes a handy travel bag
  • Has Velcro straps to stay in place which is good for strapping around the lower back
  • Affordable option compared to the high end models the UTK


MY mates have complained to me that the pad doesn’t get hot enough at times. While I do agree to a point, but it’s also important to remember that you only need to warm the muscles and tissues. Not burn them.


TherMedic Infrared Pro Wrap


Best Cordless Rechargeable Infrared Heating Pad For Lower Back Pain

BriteLeafs Far Infrared Therapeutic Wrap Review

Best Cordless Rechargeable Infrared Heating Pad For Lower Back PainThe BriteLeafs Far Infrared Heating Pad is a wireless pad that dilates the blood vessels in the affected area to relieve pain in the lower back, stomach, shoulder, and other muscles of the body. The shape of the product makes it perfectly fit these areas in the body.

It is ergonomically designed to contour the very part of the body that the pad is supposed to heal. The pad can be used in a car, at your office, or even in the street since it is a portable model. The power source of this pad is a rechargeable battery which adds to the usability of the heat pad. This helps rid the patient of using inconvenient cords. The battery can work for 2-4 hours on one charge – but it may depend on the heat setting you choose. The far infrared technology provides a deep penetration over the area treated. If you need a reliable heat pad to carry with you, there is no other product to beat the BriteLeafs Infrared Cordless heating pad.

Why I love The BriteLeafs

  • Portable which makes it great for work and play.
  • Highly effective due to its infrared technology that penetrates deeper into connective tissues and knots.
  • Cordless which is just brilliant and a great alternative to the microwavable heating pads.
  • Works with a long life rechargeable battery so there’s no need to be on the look for spare batteries all the time.
  • Affordable option for such an amazing tool to combat lower back pain

A negative that needs clearing up is that this device doesn’t get hot enough. It’s important to understand that infrared treatment is unlike regular heat therapy. You don’t essentially feel the heat on your skin. Infrared works via invisible rays the heat underneath the skin where it matters most. So that is the reason for less heat on the skin.

BriteLeafs Far Infrared Therapeutic Cordless Wrap


Relieve Pain From The Entire Back With Pure Relief XL

This pad offers effective heat therapy to manage most types of pains. It also provides a convenient way to relieve stress and induce relaxation at the same time. Whether you suffer from minor aches and pains, muscle tensions, or arthritis related pains, this may be the best heating pad for you.

The Pure Relief XL offers a full-body relief which is a salient feature of this pad. The size of the pad makes it possible to use it wherever you desire. You have the option of using moist or dry heat to heal most of your aches and pains thanks to this pad. With the multiple heat settings, the patient has the option to control how much heat he or she would be applying to the affected area. The heat pad is made of soft micromink-plush fibers for maximum comfort and relaxation. It heats up so quickly in order to provide maximum comfort to the user.

A Little About The Pure Relief I Like

  • I find it to be very effective on the whole back region due to its size
  • Quite affordable for such a great heat pad
  • Has a 2-hour auto shut off function for safety
  • I like that it comes with a LCD controller that is not only easy to see, but also simple to use as well


Pure Relief XL 6 Setting Heating Pad


Which Heat Therapy Tool Should You Buy?

Now that you have seen my personal top 5 heating pads for lower back pain suffers you may be stuck deciding which one to buy. Well to put it bluntly, ll the above devices are well suited for this problem. But if it were me, I would buy both a microwaveable version and an electric.

The microwave heating pad comes in handy more than you may think and is great value. But it lacks infrared therapy which I highly encourage. It is the best kind of heat therapy for getting into deep muscle tissues and warming up the inside. Now that narrows it down to either a wrap style or a pad style which you can use on other parts of the body too. If you have the extra money to spend, a Jade infused infrared like the UTK is without a doubt the best option. Alternatively, if you experience muscle related pain over the whole body, I recommend you check out the infrared whole body pads. They work great at heat therapy for the entire body. But as it can be costly, it may not be a viable option for every back pain sufferer.








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