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Best Infrared Massagers Light TherapyWhat are the best Infrared Massagers on the market in 2017?. Too often people confuse the handheld percussion massagers with heat with the more advanced infrared massage devices. There is a huge difference, and when possible you should always opt for the infrared variety.

But what are the top rated massagers with infrared and what are their benefits?. A common question many of us face when first realizing the true benefits of this kind of massage treatment. So to make the burden of searching through hundreds if not thousands of reviews, we made it our mission to pinpoint the best infrared massagers currently on the market in 2017. But first lets look at why you should take advantage of infrared compared to just a typical heated massaging device.

The Benefits Of Infrared Therapy Massagers

  • Unlike the practice of heated stones, heat packs and hot bottles, Infrared massagers won’t loose heat. The previous methods of heat therapy are short term and will quickly loose the desired heat. Plus there is no temperature control. With a quality massager you can control the temperature and pinpoint the exact location to target.
  • No other source of heat therapy can penetrate as deeply into the muscles as a Infrared massager can.
  • Infrared therapy releases a colorless gas known as Nitric Oxide in the location of treatment and surrounding areas. Nitric Oxide allows the the blood to flow better in affected areas which increases nutrients and oxygen to assist in a faster recovery from aching muscle tissues, pain and swelling. Combine this with a high quality massaging device and you are giving yourself the best chance of a speedy recovery. Plus one heck of a massage.
  • 30 minutes of Infrared treatment can increase the amount of blood flow by up to 400 times. This not only temporarily provides relief, relaxation and warmth, but it can also be longer lasting and you will feel great for several hours.
  • Ongoing Infrared therapy is the best option. By being able to do this kind of favor to your body daily from the comfort of your own home is in many cases a life saver.
  • A Infrared massage device can be used to assist in many conditions, not just tired sore muscles. Conditions such as Arthritis, Kidney Diseases, Sciatica, neck pain and even headaches can benefit from Infrared therapy.

The Complete Neck Therapy Treatment – Our #1 Recommendation

Infrared Vibration Infrared Massager

Portable massagers with heat This complete massaging and therapy device by Massage Therapy Concepts uses Near Infrared Heating Technology which is amazing for the reduction in swelling and inflammation. Voted one of our top rated massagers in 2017, It’s ideally for relaxing neck and shoulder muscles due to it being a neck brace style of massaging unit.

While it’s great at reducing pain discomfort, increasing blood flow and promotes overall cell health, the electrical therapy side of the Massage Therapy Concepts device adds an extra benefit. This kind of therapy helps to stimulate and encourage circulation in nerves, the spinal cord and the vertebrae. It’s possible you may have seen this device at your local Therapy or Chiropractors office which is generally a very good indication of how well this device works.

Top Rated Infrared Neck Brace MassageSo this device is wireless and has a rechargeable battery. So no need to fight off the annoying cords when trying to fix a stiff neck, or simply relax after work. The unit comes with a handy handheld remote which you can use to play with all the settings and styles of Therapy.

In particular I like the vibration feature which has 6 different levels of intensity, going from weak to strong. My favorite aspect of this device is how it acts like a Tens Machine. Start at the low setting and gradually increase the intensity to relieve soreness and inflammation.

While I haven’t been in an accident which resulted in neck problems, I have heard from many folks that swear by the Massage Therapy Concepts neck brace for it’s amazing ability to stimulate muscles to contract then relax. Such problems could include: two level cervical fusion, problematic migraines, whiplash, long term neck problems and simple neck pain from computer usage. 15 minutes of this therapy can do wonders for a very tight and stiff neck when used as a cervical neck relaxation method.

I love this device for it’s near infrared technology, multiple massage settings and being portable and rechargeable suits my lifestyle to a tee. My only word of advice is to be wary of the intense pulse setting. It is very good, but for some people they may find it too high. So avoid putting the settings on too high. Work from low up to a higher setting to get a feel for what suits you best.

Massage Therapy Concepts Neck Infrared Device


The Best Handheld Infrared Massager For Neck & Shoulders

Angel Kiss Percussion & Infrared Hand Held Massaging Device Review

The best handheld infrared massaging devices for shouldersLooks a little bulky, but in fact turns out to be just the right size for me. Anything larger and it would be strenuous to reach the back of the shoulders and lower back region. The Angel Kiss gets our top rated handheld massager with Infrared for 2017 tick of approval.

Percussion massagers are among the best you can buy for home use, so with the Angel Kiss you get that and the benefits from Infrared therapy. This type of device is suitable for chronic pain suffers, Arthritis, Athletes and just about anyone who suffers muscle stiffness or pain.

The Angle Kiss massager is especially good for deep tissue massaging. The dual oval shape heads push out an impressive 2-3k RPM. This is controlled by the circular knob on the face of the device. I find it a great solution for freeing up stiffness in the neck and shoulders and having the variable speeds allows easy transition between the neck and shoulders. The heat form the Infrared is sufficient enough to do the job well, but it’s how it sends the heat directly into the areas of the body via Infrared that are of the most benefit. Comes with a few attachments that are handy for alternative massage styles.

If I had to complain about the Angel Kiss, I would think that some may find it a little too heavy and a longer cord could be more helpful. While minor complaints, still worth noting. However, what I especially like is that with the Angel Kiss you get 3 areas which produce Infrared light. Not just on the 2 massaging nodes like many other brands, but with the Angel Kiss there is 3rd Infrared panel just beneath the neck of the massager.

Angel Kiss Infrared Percussion Massager


Infrared Light Therapy Alternative

Personal Care Plus Review

While this is technically not a massaging device with infrared, it is a Far Infrared light therapy device. So don’t expect a massage while under going this treatment. This device takes the massage out to focus solely on a therapy of deep penetrating infrared.

This kind of handheld device is a great alternative to a massager as it can create almost instant relief for minor muscle and joint pain. This Personal Care Plus model has a low and a high setting which is good for treating different levels of discomfort. Such as painful wrists,hands, knees and using the higher infrared heat to penetrate into the deeper muscles of the shoulders, back and legs. But be careful when using the high setting as it gets very hot. Too hot to even place the bulb on your skin. To me this is one minor flaw in the design. However it’s still a very good deep penetrating heat source.

Many people use Infrared light therapy all over the world as means to reduce and eliminate many kinds of issues. Muscle tightness, pain and swelling are just one area. Using the powerful heat from infrared is known to kill viruses, infections and is even considered in the use of killing cancer cells through Near-infrared photoimmunotherapy.





  1. Hi, thanks for this information. I’m looking to buy a massage device for my wife who suffers from shoulder pain from time to time. These I/R massagers look great and she can use it at home any time she wants, instead of having to make an appointment.

    The Angel Kiss is my preference I think, the other one is specific to the neck area so that won’t really do. Also, do you think she could use this herself to reach the shoulder area? It looks like it could be feasible.

    • Hi Craig, yes the Angel Kiss would be a great fit for being able to reach over the shoulder. Having the long handle compensates for any if any lack of reaching over the shoulder. Hope this helps

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