Heating Pads With Vibration Massage

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Vibration massage and heat therapy have long been go to treatments for all kinds of conditions from Arthritis to Neuropathy. When you combine the two into a neat little package, you know you’re in for a treat. Which is why many folks tend to look for the best vibrating heating pads as they offer the best of both worlds.

A heating pad has long been recognized as a standalone device used for increasing blood circulation and relieving muscle pain. When you think of vibration, you think of a vibrating massaging device which is completely different form a heat pad. So to combine the two is a stroke of genius if you ask me.

Problem is, not all manufacturers have caught onto this idea. So buying a vibration heat pad can be quite the challenge. Fortunately I have managed to find a few which are exceptionally good. Which are presented below. They are all available on amazon and by clicking on the relevant links you can get taken directly to the product page. So there you go, the hard work is done for you.

So Why A Vibration Heat Pad, Why Not Just Get A Heated Massager?The Best Vibration Heating Pads

While there are more choices when it comes to heated massaging devices, the appeal with a heating pad is that you can rest it on your body (or lay on it) and receive treatment while watching TV, working n the computer, eating dinner etc. It’s the lack of human interaction with the device that is so appealing. Whereas a massaging device typically requires you to hold and move the massager up and down your body.

Vibration is a great massage as it engages the tissues and can be used anywhere there are soft tissues. It’s a really useful technique. Vibration stimulates the muscles and contracts the muscles which can relax the entire muscle without much effort at all. It’s a great loosening massage style. Whereas other massage styles can be more intense, while rewarding is not always the technique required. For example, with osteoporosis you don’t want to be applying any pressure, so a vibration massage is ideal.

Combining it with the benefits of a heating pad you are ramping up the blood flow and circulating more oxygen and nutrients to the pain areas. When you apply heat to a painful area on your body, hemoglobin occurs and the blood vessels become wider and allow more blood to flow. Which allows an increase in oxygen and nutrients. These key ingredients are what make using a heating pad great for relieving aches and pains. So know you know why vibration and heat work so well together, lets have a look at the top rated vibration heating pads.

Best Vibration Heat Pad For Lower Back & All Round

Best Vibration Heat Pad For Lower BackWhen looking for a universal heating pad that vibrates where you can pretty much use wherever you like, there’s none better than the Sunbeam Soft Touch from my experience.

This unique 12″ x 12″ square heating pad can be used practically anywhere. It’s a good size for stuffing behind your back when the lower back muscles are screaming for attention, or its great for wrapping around the thighs after an exercise session.

What I especially like about this Sunbeam model is that you can control both aspects of the pad. With the handy remote you can choose between massage or heat. Or both at the same time with both having the ability to be changed between low and high.

As a vibration massage is intended to relax and loosen muscles, I find the high speed to be where most people will benefit. But the low setting also plays an important role over very sensitive areas or injured areas on your body. So don’t just go in blasting it on high immediately.

In terms of heat, it’s not the hottest heat pad on the market, but it’s a nice warm feeling. It also has heating coils all over the pad so it’s evenly distributed and not just heat coming from the center. Only one side of the heat pad produces heat. This is the side you place on your body obviously. The other side is more of a protection against the sofa or bed where you may lay on. This way all the heat is focused on you and not the bed.

While having a protective side, Sunbeam also engaged a 60 minute auto shut off feature. This is a safety feature and not an annoyance like you may think. Technically you should only use heating pads in 20 minute intervals as they can be dangerous. People actually die as a result of inferior heating pads.

Overall, It’s A Nice Vibrating Heat Pad

The bottom line is I like it for it’s handy size, vibration feeling and the ability to control either heat or massage. The pad is rather thick as well, about 1 inch thick. Which is nice for cushioning. But I still wouldn’t recommend sitting on it.

The only drawback is that the vibration massage is quite noisy. It’s certainly not a device you would start up in the middle of the night if you have people sleeping close by. If you can get over the noise it makes, it’s truly one of the best.

Sunbeam Vibration Heating Pad 12"x 12"


Best Vibration Heating Pad For Back

Best Vibration Heating Pad For BackThis massage heat pad by FitFirst is somewhat different to the above model. In that it straps around your neck and hangs from your back like a cape. It comprises vibration as well as heat. But the vibration is only in the upper back and shoulder region.

While it would have been the icing on the cake if it did vibrate all the way down to the tail bone, the rather warm heat makes up for it. It’s simply brilliant during the colder months. Warms everywhere from you neck down to the lower back.

What I found to be the ideal settings are by starting it out on the high temperature first. Leave this warm up your body for about 12 minutes. Then turn it down to low. At this point switch on the vibration massage and sit back and enjoy. Obviously you can tinker around with the setting you like. But I found that to be the best.

A Few Of The Specs

  • Two massage nodes which are located in the upper back shoulder region. Both can be turned to low or high.
  • The heat setting is either low or high. Low being 131°F which takes about 10 minutes to heat up. On high it gets to a maximum of 158°F which about 2-3 times longer to get to its full potential.
  • Comes with a easy to use remote that controls both the vibrations and the heat.
  • Has a 2 hour auto cut off for the heat and a 15 minute cut off for the massage. Which is why I like my routine as mentioned above.
  • I do love that it has an almost 10 foot long cord. Gives me a little extra moving around space.

The Bottom Line

While is a good heating pad, its a better vibration massager if you experience back and shoulder pain. Having the ability to just sit back on the sofa and feel the soothing vibration massage away constricted muscles, pinches nerves etc is amazing. It’s soft and very fuzzy on your body, so comfort is certainly not an issue.

If I had to pick an issue it would be that it’s not ideal for taller people. Especially if you want the heat all the way down your back. Anyone over 6 foot may find it be too short on their backs. Plus the fact it has a magnetic clasp means that people with pacemakers etc wont be able to use it unfortunately.

Full Back Heating Pad With Vibration Massage


Moist Heating & Vibrating Pad For Neck And Shoulders

Moist Heating & Vibrating Pad For Neck And ShouldersMoist heat is another level of heat whereas the moisture in the air is used to act as a steaming method on your skin. It prevents your skin from drying out, possibly burning and just feels really nice.

This Sunbeam neck and shoulder heat pad does just that, while offering a nice vibration massage. If the area in which you need relief is between the neck and shoulder region, I highly recommend you take a look at this Sunbeam.

Similar in design to the above full back model, this Sunbeam concentrates in a more distinct region. Where you find yourself constantly needing stress relief. In the shoulders. It’s held around your neck with a magnet, so again it’s not recommended for people with a pacemaker.

There are two bullet like massaging nodes that provide the vibration function. This works rather well, but it you consider yourself bony then you may need to adjust the heating pad so its not digging into the bones in your shoulders.

The vibration and the heat settings work like the rest, low and high. With the vibration it has 4 settings ranging from low constant to high intermittent. So more control over how hard you like the vibration. But with this heating pad you can use moist heat, which is unlike the others. It’s a simple as spraying a tiny bit of water on the inside of the pad. This will get the moist heat activated. The cover is also washable in case you’re concerned about bacteria.

The length of the cord is about one foot shorter than the above full back model. But I still find it quite adequate for most settings. Overall it’s 9 foot. 7 foot to the control and a further 2 foot from the controller to the pad. Overall its a quality massage and heat pad designed for the shoulders and upper back. Just don’t go laying completely on your back or you will feel the massage nodes dig into your body. It’s intended for use when sitting upright.

Sunbeam XL Heating & Vibration Pad For Neck & Shoulders


Best Full Body Vibration Heating Pad

Full Size Extra Large Vibration Heating PadThe last kind of heating pad that uses the vibration massage that I want to share with you is one that I consider a must have. Especially if you ‘need’ to lay down a lot during the day. It’s a full body pad meaning it can treat your entire body at once. From the feet to the neck. This is not a pin point targeted vibrating heat pad.

It’s made by Snailax. Weird name, but one of the best products I’ve come across for full body relaxation. The amount of massage options and heat options seem to be endless which can really make the end of your day seem like heaven. Or if you wake up in the morning feeling like you have been hit by a bus and a train, jump straight onto this god like product. Ok, maybe a bit over the top. But it’s one highly appreciated product in my household.

Whats great about the Snailex is that you can set it to target specific areas of your body. For example, I get a really bad lower back after standing for longer than 30 minutes. So I can set the Snailex to target the mid back or lower lumbar back region. The heating pad has an impressive 10 vibrating massage nodes which all serve a purpose.

In terms of heat, the Snailex delivers. It has four heat pads that cover your entire body. But to be more specific, there are heating pads in the upper back regions as well as the lower back, on the thighs and lastly on the calves. These areas target the most common muscle pain regions and are effective in producing the heat to be effective. This creates a flow on effect which helps relax the whole body from blood circulating throughout the body and bringing the needed oxygen for pain relief.

It’s Comfortable & Portable

Some full body heat pads are firm and dense. Meaning you can’t maneuver them into position like you would want. This is frustrating when you want the pad to contour to the shape of your back and legs. But with the Snailex, it’s made from a soft plush material which is fold-able and moveable. So you can position it on the sofa, or in your bed. Lay down and the pad will contour to your body shape. Meaning you get the full effect from the vibration and heat therapy.

If you have a zero gravity chair or even a recliner, this pad is just too good not be used on them. The zero gravity position is ideal, but even when just reclined while watching TV, the amount of shear relaxation is incredible. Plus being able to target certain areas of your body that are sore with either vibration or heat (or both at the same time) is especially nice.

All while controller it from a handy remote. Oh and it has built in massage programs for when you want to be completely emerged into nothingness. Overall, I really don’t think you can get better than the Snailex for the amount of money it costs. See how much it costs for yourself on Amazon.com. A trip to the massage therapists alone outweighs the once off cost for the Snailex.

If you are tired of waking up in the morning in pain and aching it’s time to treat yourself. Or if you come home from work, sit down and then 30 minutes later you feel like you cant move, do something about it. A full body vibration and heat therapy may be all that’s missing in your life. I highly recommend you check it out.

Snailex Full Body Vibration & Heat Pad


Should You Buy A Vibrating Heating Pad?

Absolutely. While there are other styles of massaging devices witch incorporate heat such as shiatsu neck and shoulder massagers which do a heck of a job. Nothing is as relaxing as a vibration and heat treatment. Especially if you decide to go with the full body version. It’s a great detox from the stress and the pressures life forces on us all.

Combining any type of massage and utilizing the benefits of heat therapy is always a good combination. All of the above devices achieve this and have their own purposes. So whether you need to focus on just your back, your neck or if you want the full body treatment. You can be sure that these are the best vibrating heating pads I have come across.

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