The Best Vibrating Neck Massagers And Pillows For Travel 2017

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The Best Vibrating Neck Massagers And Pillows For Travel 2017Vibration is one form of massage that can benefit the neck and while Shiatsu massagers and percussion work great as well, we are going to be listing only the best vibrating neck massagers due to their less physical impact on a sensitive area. There’s no balls or shiatsu nodes with these kinds of massaging devices just the classic vibration massage. Which is extremely beneficial to your health and amazing at soothing the smaller and tight constricted muscle of the neck.

Because vibration has no rolling massaging nodes, you can expect a more gentle massage. But still firm enough to penetrate the tissues of the affected muscle fibers. The Levator Scapulae is one of the more common muscles affected in the neck region. It runs along the side of the neck around to the back and can be very painful when obstructed. Not to mention the roll on effect cause pain between the shoulder blades and back. A good method to relieve this intense pain is to roll along the muscle with a vibrating massage device.

But because the neck is such a sensitive and small area in contrast to larger muscle groups like the quads, biceps etc, caution needs to be executed. Using a Thumper style massager would be overkill and could actually be causing further damage down the line. A massager suitable for the neck should be able to give a precise massage to hit in just the right areas without vibrating on bones like the jaw and spine. So after much research from personal experience and consumer reviews, below you can find our results for the best vibrating neck massagers and vibration enabled pillows for travel and more.

Lightweight Electric Vibration Massage Device For The Neck

The Style 2 Unknot And Tone Machine

Many of the hand held massaging devices these days have turned to percussion style of vibration which is more powerful and deeper penetrating pulses. Which can be an issue for the smaller neck muscles. However, the Styles 2 Unknot and Tone massager remains to be a true vibration massaging device suitable for the neck.

The Style 2 massager works a treat on the shoulders too, which is often associated with the neck. It has a big enough head to cover the shoulders nicely while being gentle enough to soften and loosen up constricted neck muscles.

The device itself is rather lightweight considering the build of it. I have very weak hands and often wake up during the night with painful wrists etc. Naturally I would assume that a massager like this would cause serious discomfort, but to my surprise it’s very ergonomic on the hands and wrists. The rubber handle fits nicely in the hand for precision accuracy on hard to reach areas of the neck.

Being very portable due to its size and the lightweight (Approx 2.2 lbs) make this a great all round massager. The 4 different massage attachments and variable speed control make this one of the best vibrating massaging devices on the market.

My only cons are that while there are 4 attachments which are great for many parts of the body, a more narrow head attachment would have made my day. I do have big hands and the handle is snug, so a little extra handle length would be appreciated. It’s not wireless which can be debated as both a good thing and a negative. I will leave that up to you.

Style 2 Unknot And Tone Massager


The Best Cordless Waterproof Neck Travel Massager

April 14th Mini Massager Review

April 14th, strange name…One heck of a portable mini massager. You can’t get much more accuracy when trying to pin point pain areas in the neck than with the April 14th wand massager. The wand style design allows you to hold the device in your hand and direct the massaging head into all the tight areas of the neck muscles.

The head of the massager is flexible and can bend to drag along the tough muscles like the Levator Scapulae without having to twist and get into a awkward position when reaching behind the head.

The vibration function of this mini massager helps to stimulate the nerve endings just under the skin which creates those lovely relaxing Endorphins. With the April 14th massager pressed firmly against the neck, you can pulsate up to 25 speeds. Which is rather precise for a custom massage.

A nice feature that you don’t get with other larger style massagers is it’s water proof feature. This device can be used in either the bath or shower for the ultimate relaxing massage. The heat of the water streaming down the back of the neck combined with a vibrating massage, sounds rather relaxing to me.

Overall, this is a great little portable neck massager that can be charged just about anywhere via a USB slot. Takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge from a completely flat Polymer Li0on battery and has quite a substantial usage time. My only gripe with it is the buttons are black like the device which makes them hard to see. Small but worth mentioning.

April 14th Cordless Waterproof Wand Massager

Best Handheld Portable Massager

Homedics PM- 50 For The Budget Minded!

At just 4.1 inches the Homedics PM 50 can fit in the palm of your hand and really gives the back and side of the neck a good rub. This thing take 2 x AAA batteries and would you believe it pumps out a very nice vibration massage. This massager is one to be kept in the purse, bag, office or car at all times. Buy rechargeable batteries and you can attack those constricted muscles at any time.

The 4 little legs are what give the vibration massage, so when pressed against the back of the neck you can reach those 2 common pain areas running up behind the ears without having to move the device. You hold the massager by the comfortable contoured handle and gentle move the legs around to tender areas. There’s a oval shaped button which turns the device on and off. There’s also a little plastic slip which you MUST remove when you first put the batteries in. If you don’t do this, you will have to manually hold down the button for it to vibrate.

A such an affordable price, the Homedics PM 50 should be a mandatory piece of any neck pain sufferer’s tool belt!.


The Best Vibrating Neck Pillows For Travel & Home Use

These are not your typical Shiatsu kneading style of neck massaging pillows. They are vibrating pillows ideal for relaxing around the home, office or when traveling for on the go relief.

Best Portable Cordless Vibrating Neck Pillow

With just 2 x AA batteries you can get a cord free stress relieving vibrating neck massage. The battery slot is hidden away under a zippered pouch and the on/off switch is conveniently position for easy access. This is a very nice neck pillow design that has 2 types of vibrating massages. Slow relaxing massage and a faster more intense massage.

What I love about this neck pillow is its wrap around design. This is perfect for the neck area as you can be specific to exactly where you want to vibrate. Plus its very soft so is very easy to use while relaxing on the sofa or working behind the computer. It can also be unfolded to use as a straight vibrating pillow. But do note when you use it like this the outer ends don’t vibrate.

Because of the unique design, this wrap around vibrating pillow can be used virtually anywhere on the body for a soothing massage. However, I find it’s neck benefits the most appealing aspect of the pillow.

Vibrating Travel Neck Pillow Solution

A bean bag style of neck pillow with a vibration function powered by 2 x AA batteries. Like the above pillow, this one has the on/off conveniently position on the end with the battery slot hidden away inside the pillow. This is a fixed position neck pillow that you commonly see people traveling using.

Very soft on the neck, this ‘u’ shape pillow gives a soft vibration massage to the neck and shoulders. It doesn’t naturally reach under the chin area as it’s designed to be a neck pillow. But a slight movement of the pillow and you can massage the front of your neck.

My biggest complaint about this u shaped travel vibration pillow is that the outer casing material is not removable. So it can’t be machine washed. However it is easy to clean with a baby wipe or damp towel. Other than that, the vibration is nice, the micro beads are super comfortable and the u shape sits perfectly behind the head to support it in a ergonomic way.


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