What Are The Best Cervical Neck Traction Devices

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What Are The Best Cervical Neck Traction DevicesFor chronic neck pain sufferers, life can be seriously difficult to manage at times. The constant migraines and inability to turn the head sideways affects the quality of life more than some people realize. Not to mention the excruciating pain associated with neck problems.

Fortunately there are ways us neck pain sufferers can ease the burden, one of the ways is through neck traction devices. But what are the best cervical neck traction devices available in 2017, for someone who’s never used one before?.

Well, this will vary from person to person due to various medical reasons. But we have complied the ultimate buyers guides. Aka a list of our best rated neck traction devices, from high end products to affordable at home use to over the door neck traction devices. These devices should cover a variety of patients whom have the desire to rid the pain once and for all.

Neck traction, also known as cervical traction can be a controversial topic. Some experts believe that they only temporarily work at best, while others believe that a high quality cervical neck traction device is the best thing for aligning the vertebrae back into position while relieving the associated pinched nerves often associated with sore necks. Whatever the case is for you, consult your Doctor before attempting to use neck traction devices from home. Especially if you have recently had surgery or been in an accident. The last thing we want is to make the situation worse and cause further neck problems.

With that said, lets move into the results from our research into finding the best neck stretching devices for home use.

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ComforTrac High End Professional Expensive 10/10 ComforTrac Review
Gideon Inflatable Affordable 8.5/10 Gideon Review
Instapark Inflatable Cheap 8/10 InstaPark Review
UTC Over The Door Cheap 7.5/10 UTC Door Review


The Very Best High End Home Neck Traction Device

#1. Comfortrac Home Cervical Traction Unit Review

Best Expensive High End Home Neck Traction Device
Made in the USA, this new model of the ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Unit boasts a number of useful features. The design of this particular model has been influenced by a desire to provide maximum comfort for the user, coupled with providing a device which is not complicated to understand and use. We firmly believe that this is the best home cervical neck traction device on the market. IT is a little costly, but how much is pain relief worth anyways?. So lets see why many Chiropractors and Physiotherapists have recommended the ComforTrac to clients and why I believe it’s the top rated device out there.

What I like in particular is how comfortable this device is. This is due to the memory foam head rest in which contours to the shape of your head. Anything to do with memory foam is a positive for me as it is so darn comfortable and molds to my unique shape. Whether it be, shoe insoles, pillows and even neck traction devices.

Both acute and chronic pain can be treated with this ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Unit, in fact use of this home device can bring the same relief and benefits as a session with a physiotherapist. So with buying just once, I have found the trips to the physio have reduced. This device was actually recommended to me by the Physio, even tho it resulted in less business for him.

A few of the features which the device boasts are a quick release button for ease of use, the ability to adjust the angle of incline, as well as a memory pillow. Having the simple incline adjust feature is certainly a winner for me. It allows the neck to be in the position you feel it needs to be in. Not just set in a permanent position.

The device certainly has a well-built feel to it. While you may initially be surprised by the size and weight of the unit when you receive it, once in use it becomes clear that the size and weight are due to the quality and design of the device. So don’t be put off by this fact as it is actually quite nice to use.

Just to mention one small negative area to this device – the strap. When increased pressure is is placed on it, it does seems to struggle to cope. It’s certainly only one small stroke against this otherwise very well-designed unit. One way the issue can be corrected is by simply sowing a piece of Velcro onto the strap to hold it in place.

But if you can afford to shell out for a more expensive neck traction device, then the ComforTrac Home Unit is certainly the best on the market in my opinion. Especially when you consider the relief it can bring and reduced number of expensive visits to the Chiro/Physio. But if you are on a strict budget, the next model below are more affordable.

ComforTrac Premium Neck Traction Device


Most Affordable Inflatable Cervical Traction Unit For Home Use

Gideon Inflatable Model Review

Most Affordable Inflatable Cervical Traction Unit A common solution to relieving neck pain on a budget is to use temporary inflatable devices. Without having to break the bank, you can get a similar effect to that of the ComforTrac. With an inflatable neck traction unit you may be able to use it when laying down in bed to correctly align the vertebrae and get a better nights sleep. But being inflatable there are going to be downsides.

The Gideon Cervical Neck Traction Device offers a way to relieve chronic neck and shoulder pain without costing you the earth. Conditions which can receive relief are neck arthritis, herniated discs in the neck, strains in the neck and other similar conditions.

The device works to increase the circulation of blood within the cervical spine which in turn can improve the condition of muscles, nerves, tendons and so forth.

This device allows you, the user, to control the way the device fits be pumping in the appropriate amount of air for your specific neck. This device certainly seems to have the potential to bring relief from the pain caused by neck arthritis and migraine from herniated discs.

Let’s quickly discuss a couple of slightly negative points. Firstly, the device may take a little time to fully master the use of. Secondly, this product may not last forever, especially with regular use. Problems with inflation following regular use can be an issue, although in saying that, the very reasonable price makes it certainly worth trying, even if it doesn’t last as long as it’s more expensive competition.

The Gideon Inflatable Cervical Neck Device


The Best Cheapest Inflatable Alternative – Instapark Review

This Cervical Neck Traction Device by Instapark is another affordable inflatable option for giving instant relief for people suffering from chronic pain. The device is all about improving posture, stretching out the neck and easing the pressure placed on your nerves. The unit boasts an adjustable strap as well as a hand pump, this allows the user to customize the device for their own personal comfort.

The device is designed to improve spine alignment and release tension felt in the neck and surrounding areas. It comes with a set of step by step instruction for optimal and safe use.

Problems with slipped discs in the neck, as well as squeezed and pinched nerves may certainly find some relief with the use of this, very reasonably priced, device. Since some therapists, such as chiropractors, specialists and doctors, recommend such devices for pain management, it seems that their use may be very well worth trying. In general, one main advantage to this traction device is that it seems to provide excellent value for money.

On a negative point, you may find with time that the device will start to leak. A few thin spots may start to bubble and then cause a leak, something which isn’t the easiest to fix. But in saying this, for such an affordable price, it’s not the end of the world if the Instapark doesn’t last forever. At the end of the day, it does the job well and can be customized to suit your neck and relieve tension and pain almost instantly. Great buy for the budget minded when the ComfortTrac is financially out of reach.

Instapark Inflatable Neck Traction Device

The Best Over Door Neck Traction Device – By OTC

Best Over The Door Neck Traction Device
An over the door neck cervical traction device is a different solution to the above devices. Some prefer these over the door models better due to the convenience of being located behind a door for everyday use. It’s a good idea to face towards the door when mounted rather than facing outwards. Pick up  book for 15 minutes and have a read while gravity does its job on your neck.

For neck relief, the OTC Over Door Cervical Traction Kit may provide a cost efficient solution to manage pain. The device can be used at home and comes with a stable metal bracket which is fitted over a door.

This device is designed to give pressure relief to the nerve tissues and muscles in the neck. Conditions which can be treated with this device are muscle spasm, nerve pain (coming from herniated discs), loss of spinal motion, vertebral joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as other similar conditions.

For treatment following injury, such as an episode which has resulted in a herniated disc, this device may provide a cost efficient way to recover. In addition, this device can be useful to manage pain while an underlying problem is being treated. For example, for people attending a specialist to correct an issue such as a pinched nerve, the specialist may see much benefit in using a device such as this over the door unit one to manage the pain as the problem is being treated.

On a slightly negative point, it seems the water markers on the bag may not be accurate. Since using the correct weight is very important when using this device, it is certainly worth double-checking the actual weight being used before commencing with the exercise. In addition, we should perhaps also mention ease of use. While the use of this device does get easier with time, it is certainly a two-man job and does take a little effort to fully master the correct use. However, once you’ve got the hang of it, you may find that it does give you a significant amount of relief.

OTC Over The Door Neck Traction Device


The Benefits Of Using Neck Traction Devices

Before you rush of to buy any of the above devices, remember to check with your Doctor or therapist first. While we believe that using cervical traction machines do actually work, both temporary and long term, your specialist may feel it interferes with your current treatment plan. So please check first.

With that said, lets look at a few of the proven benefits of cervical neck traction. Whether you choose to go with a professional home use device like the ComforTrac, or a inflatable option or even the over the door variety. We hope this buyers guide has helped you make the right decision to ease the tension and pressure on your shoulders.

Benefits Of Cervical Neck Traction

Always Consult Your Doctor First

Relieves Pinched Nerves In The Neck

When the vertebrae is not lined up correctly, its not uncommon for nerves to get trapped. This causes them to be ‘pinched’ and can cause extreme pain, not only in the neck as nerves run throughout the body. When using a neck traction device, you are ultimately relieving the stress and pressure on your neck. Basically putting the neck into the normal position. This can allow the pinched nerves to reside. Alternatively, percussion style neck massagers with ‘point’ attachments work well to get into the affected nerve and release the blockage.

Soothes A Pounding Headache

Chronic migraine sufferers are well aware of the relief a neck massage can give for a thumping headache. But not everybody is aware of the way stress and tension in the muscles can cause a side affect such as a headache. The same thing goes neck traction devices, they can relieve the pressure and strain on certain muscles, nerves, tendons etc to allow the pain to reside, resulting in a reduced headache almost instantly. A great alternative to over the counter drugs for severe headaches.

Improves Posture For A Better Nights Sleep

If you have ever tried falling a sleep with a crocked neck you know all to well how difficult it is. The constant pain and feeling of breaking is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Inflatable neck traction devices are designed to assist the neck when sleeping. These are not like pillows as they are designed to help stretch the neck during the night and relieve the pressure and pain that currently resides. When its impossible to get to sleep, I highly recommend checking out the inflatable variety.

A awesome side effect of using cervical neck stretching devices is that it can help improve your posture. This happens naturally because we tend to put out bodies into harmful long term positions due to the shear amount of pain we indulge. So whatever position that hurts less is acceptable when we are hunched over the computer, trying to sleep, watching TV etc.

But when you relieve the pain from using a neck traction device, we don’t have to put out bodies into these altered positions to escape the pain. So it helps encourage good posture by relieving the neck pain and having a flow on effect.




  1. I once had a pinched nerve in my neck that lasted for an entire year. I went to several healers, tried several tens units and got little results if any. I wish I had happened on your post then. I honestly didn’t know what to do to relieve the pain. Eventually, it was time that healed, but seriously it took several. If it ever happens again, I’ll know better thanks to your post.

    • Wow Jackie, an entire year is crazy!. Pinched nerves can be excruciating for just a few days. I can’t imagine how you dealt with it for that long. As soon as I start to feel a pinched nerve coming on I start massaging the area and doing whatever I can to minimize the impact.

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