What Is The Best Shiatsu Neck Massagers Reviews

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What Is The Best Shiatsu Neck Massagers ReviewsShiatsu translates to finger pressure which is a form of massage originated in Japan and is used widely in Chinese Medicine. It’s a very popular form of massaging offered by clinics and therapists the world over. But when it comes to hand held devices, what are the best Shiatsu neck massagers and what makes them so good.

Before we get into Shiatsu device reviews for the neck it’s important to understand a few things about the neck region. While the neck is a often over looked area for massaging it plays a very important role. While being small in comparison to shoulders, back, legs etc the neck is very fascinating in terms of massage. There’s a couple techniques you can do using a neck massager, or even with just your thumbs that can really enhance the Shiatsu massage.

Simple Neck Massages To Practice With Or Without A Massager

The neck is a very delicate part of the Human body which often gets taken for granted. When you think about how important it actually is, you will come to realize it shouldn’t be neglected. A shiatsu massaging device is one way to pay gratitude to the part of the body that allows food, air, speech, water to pass through to the rest of the body.

So when it comes to massaging the neck, it’s very important to work slowly and gently. Before massaging your neck you need to relax the muscles. One can do this by rotating the head side to side slowly which will encourage the head to let go of the tension and let the neck be free.

Once you have relaxed the neck you can use your thumb or one of the below massaging devices to create a wave like massage. By pressing in at the base of the back of the neck and pushing the skin upwards in a wave like motion. Repeat a few times and reverse the direction. This is a great way to lengthen the cervical spine and give some space between the torso and head.

Next just tilt your head to one side of your shoulders and gently rub up and down the side of the neck with a massaging point. Use one of the Shiatsu attachments to pinpoint the area at the base of the skull, just beneath the ear. Apply tension to this are and slowly rotate the head in a circular motion. This is a great way to release stiffness while rotating the head.

Homedics Shiatsu Massager Reviews

Best For Pinpointing Deep Painful Neck Muscles

The Best Shiatsu Heated Massager For The Neck
The Homedics NMS 375 model is one of our top rated heated neck massagers which also offers an amazing Shiatsu massage. It’s almost like this device was designed with neck pain sufferers in mind by pinpointing the most common painful areas of the neck.

I am a big fan of heated massagers and the Homedics has one of the best heated massages I have experienced. Although I tend to use Deep Heat as an extra deep heat treatment which I also recommend. But the nodes on this Shiatsu combined with the well heated feature should be sufficient for most pain sufferers. I get many a migraines and I find that massaging the neck more harder and deeper tends to relieve the majority of my headache.

But whats really good about the Homedics NMS 375 is how it penetrates even the smaller areas of the neck. Other more bulkier massaging devices are too big to reach and get in deep enough. But this model does a superb job. You can pin point the locations on your neck and even shoulders by pulling on the straps and adjusting the shiatsu nodes until they hit the pain point.

Having the straps makes using this neck massager possible from just about any situation. You can lay down on them and push your head into the massaging nodes for a more in depth massage. But my favorite part is that you can even use them while sitting on the sofa. Sit back and watch a movie while getting a Shiatsu neck massage. Really amazing feeling and a great way to finish off a hard days work.

My Gripes With The Homedics Shaitsu Neck Massaging Device

It requires power to use, so it’s not the most portable device on the market. However, a portable rechargeable device relies solely on a built in battery an once the battery is dead. So is the massager. In the beginning the device is a bit tight around the neck. Over time it loosens up and has a larger neck capacity. But if you have a rather thick neck, you may feel discomfort from this model.

Homedics NMS 375 Heated Shiatsu Neck Massager


Our Top Rated Portable Shiatsu Neck Massaging Device

Incredible 12 Premium Nodes Massager By Sunlit Life

The Best Portable Shiatsu Neck Massager
Our overall number one top rated neck and shoulder massager is by Sunlit Life. This beast of a device offers an amazing 12 shiatsu massaging balls that offer the most life like massage from our experience. The deep penetrating shiatsu massage is reversible for an even more life like massage.

The Sunlit Life is a premium massaging device and will set you back a few more bucks than a regular massager. This will have to be a factor if money is tight. However, for the amount of relief this device can offer. I couldn’t really put a price on it.

I found that this neck and shoulder massager is remarkable at removing painful knots. This comes down to the unique shiatsu nodes and the ability to control the tension. I have never felt a deeper non Human massage before. But in saying this, the Sunlit Life massager is very intense. So it may not be suitable for very small framed people or if you don’t like the rough massage style.

But as I like to get in as deep as possible to remove knots, loosen muscles and relieve pinched nerves, I can’t help but recommend this model. It’s my go to massager for bad aches and pain when on the go. As this model uses a rechargeable battery (Built In) I could take it with my to swimming, sports events etc and have relief on hand at all time. This is a major buying decision for me as I have a very on the go lifestyle. My only complaint about the Sunlit Life is that it doesn’t offer a heat treatment. So I have to make sure I got a tube of deep heat on hand before leaving home. Other than the heat function, I simply cannot fault the Sunlit Life Shiatsu Massager.

Sunlit Life12 Node Portable Shiatsu Neck Massager


The Best Shiatsu Neck Pillow Massager By Gideon

Best car and computer shiatsu massaging devices
To be honest with you, this device can do more than just the neck. I actually get very sore feet from being on my feet all day working as a Painter. So when I get home form work I can barely walk my feet are that sore. While maybe not so hygiene friendly you can actually use this neck massager on your feet as well. Just put a piece of cloth between the feet and the Gideon for very nice and soothing foot massage.     car and computer shiatsu massaging devices

What I like about the Gideon Shaitsu is that it has 8 massaging nodes. Many other models only have 4, so with the Gideon you can actually get a rather good massage that feels very similar to getting a neck massage from a Human. The nodes can be heated or left off depending on how you are feeling. There’s a mesh like durable material that contains the Shiatsu balls and gives a soft feel when pressed into the back of the neck. I’ve noticed it’s not as thick as other models, but I actually like this because the massage feels more emphasized.

While the Gideon is technically called a massaging pillow, I wouldn’t recommend using it as a sleeping device. However, with the included Velcro straps you can strap this pillow to the front of your office chair or car seat. For more car seat massagers click here.

If you do take long drives and get a stiff neck, this device will become your favorite car accessory. It even comes with a car charger so you just plug it into your 12v socket. But I prefer to use this type of neck massager when when working on the computer. As I hunch over a lot, the back of my neck gets really stiff. So every hour or so I like to sit back and take a break. Switch on the Gideon and relax my neck muscles. The power cord it comes with is very long, so attaching to a computer chair is absolutely not an issue.

Gideon Neck Pillow Massaging Device


See More Of The Gideon Pillow Massager Review

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