What Is The Best Sitting Position For Lower Back Pain

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In the US alone, it is estimated that almost 80% of all adults will suffer at least one or more episodes of lower back pain in their lifetime. Almost one-third of men report that low back pain has an impact on their ability to work. I work in the construction industry and its painful just watching some of the 40 year old plus workers getting from point a to point b. Whether it be via a ladder, foot, plank. The shear amount of discomfort these people are in is saddening. Whats even more disheartening is that their posture is doing a lot of the harm. Unfortunately, some people don’t want to know what is the best sitting position for lower back pain as they consider it too hard to ‘change’. But they are open to the idea of relieving lower back pain with suitable devices.

With the increase of technology usage in the workplace, more and more people are falling victim to bad posture while sitting. When you consider how many new jobs have been made available since the birth of the internet, it’s no wonder many are ill prepared. Too many workers are sitting in a chair in front of their computer for long periods of time and this is leading to chronic low back pain due to improper posture while sitting. So to make things much easier on the newbies to the office positions, we will take a look at the best sitting position to prevent low back pain.

Does Incorrect Sitting Posture Cause Of Low Back Pain?What Is The Best Sitting Position For Lower Back Pain

There are a number of causes that lead to temporary and chronic low back pain. One of the most common is poor posture. Most people think that posture is related to standing but it’s also how we sit. If we spend long periods of time sitting in a chair hunched over with our shoulders lowered and our back bent and tilted forward, this is a very poor sitting posture. For most people, it will be necessary to train themselves to maintain good posture when sitting, standing, walking, or lifting heavy objects.

Many of today’s business chairs are designed to keep its users back positioned in a straight up posture. This is the position that most people believe is proper posture and yet they are mistaken. With the use of MRI technology, studies have been done that have shown definitively that sitting at about a 135-degree angle provides the most support for a person’s low back and decreases the likelihood that the person who spends the majority of their time sitting in this position will experience low back pain.

How Does Good Posture Help With Treating Back Pain?How Does Good Posture Help With Treating Back Pain

Whether sitting or standing, good posture will help ensure that joints and bones stay in alignment. Which in turn, allows muscles to function maximally. Good posture will also help to reduce unusual wearing on the surfaces of joints and this reduces the likelihood of developing arthritis. This will also mean that ligaments experience less stress. The spine is susceptible to developing abnormal positions that become fixed and lead to pain.

Because of lifestyle, the average person over time develops poor posture. When they’re walking they may develop a particular style of standing and moving that is difficult on their spine and low back. But today for many office workers the problem is sitting for extended periods of time with a posture that will ultimately lead to stress on the spine and areas of the low back. This, in turn, leads to pain. Anyone who is going to sit for a long period of time needs to train themselves to always be aware of their posture while sitting to protect their body and to prevent low back pain.

How To Sit Properly So You Don’t Get Lower Back Pain

A good way to find the right posture is to follow these suggestions. Begin by sitting at the edge of your seat and allow yourself to slouch as much as possible. Then slowly raise your upper body as much as you are able and allow the curve in your back to be accentuated as much as you’re able without pain. Hold that position for just a few seconds and then reposition yourself from a straight-up position of 90 degrees to about a 135-degree angle. As well as adjusting your body it may be necessary to adjust your chair where possible.

Anyone who is unaccustomed to working at a computer while sitting at a 135-degree angle will find it uncomfortable at first. It will take effort and determination to get yourself comfortable with this sitting position. But just like with exercise and other things that you might do for your health, this too will greatly assist in keeping your body aligned and your low back free of pain.


What Else Helps With Sitting In Your Chair Correctly

In addition to the things mentioned above you will also want to keep your feet flat on the ground and your knees should be at about the same level as your hips. Some folks like to have the chair up high and this means that the knees are at a slight angle and lower than the hips. Ideally, the knees will be curved at a 90-degree angle with the feet flat on the ground and the knees level with the hips. Anyone who follows these suggestions is likely to see a reduction in low back pain due to poor posture when sitting.

If You Suffer Lower Back Pain From Sitting, Here’s What To DoThe Best Electric Heating Pads For Back Pain Reviews

First and foremost, you need to improve your posture and make the office as ergonomic as possible. If you spend a third of your life sitting, you may as well do it correctly. Perhaps investing in a standing desk to aid in reducing the amount of hours sitting.

But if it’s too late and you suffer from lower back pain already, there are tools you can use to help relieve the pain. If you can afford to see a massage therapist, or a Physio then that is the best port of call. But if you can’t spend that sort of money on a 30 minute consultation. Perhaps one of the tools listed below can help.

  • Heating Pads For Lower Back Pain: These are the ideal solution to relieving lower back pain while working behind the desk. You can wear them and receive heat therapy to increase blood flow to the painful lower back.
  • Foam Rollers For Back Pain: Foam rollers are becoming the best relatively new trend on the massage and fitness circuit. Why? Well, they are excellent for massaging tired sore muscles. Freeing up constricted muscles and healing injuries much quicker.
  • Car Seat Massagers: Hit the source of pain directly to and from the office. These awesome massaging seats attach to your office chair, or your car seat. They then send you to heaven. Warning: Can lead to being less productive!.

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